Fatal Shot

Chapter 315 - Dark Night Stars’ Invitation

Chapter 315: Dark Night Stars’ Invitation


The bulletproof energy SUV’s tires drew a huge arc on the ground and stopped firmly between the two opposing groups of players.

When Feng Luo opened the car door and exited the vehicle with Mu Wu, the smaller group of players burst into delighted greetings.

“Brother Feng!”

“Brother Feng!”

Boss Meng, a Light Armored Warrior weighing over 250 pounds hefted a huge, stylish golden broadsword onto his shoulder and greeted Feng Luo, “Young Brother Feng? So the cavalry Manager Mu promised is you!”

“Sweet! With you on our side, we’ll have no problem taking care of these pawns in front of us!”

“Heh, Old Meng, you’ve never been classy when speaking, so it’s very rare for you to be able to say something that captures the heart of everyone here. Nice!”

Naturally, the one who spoke after Boss Meng was the extremely thin Earth Manipulator, Chairman Jiao. He spoke with a bright smile.

Standing beside Chairman Jiao was the club’s gold-medal female boxing coach with tanned skin and great style. She was also Chairman Jiao’s girlfriend, Rose Thorns. She glared at Chairman Jiao as she said, “Is that a compliment or an insult?”

Chairman Jiao instinctively shrank back, looking like a henpecked husband. He looked to the others for help. “I’m definitely complimenting Old Meng! Of course it’s a compliment! Isn’t that right, Little Snow? Don’t you think that Brother Jiao here is right?”

Standing across from Chairman Jiao was Little Snow, who was carrying the medical kit on her back. She covered her mouth to hide her laughter.

“It has been a while!” Feng Luo smiled.

He had worked with half of these people back during the city building mission. They should have no difficulty working together during the mission! The only unfortunate matter was that Sister Rui was no longer there, though the team still had a Machine Gunner. He was a tall and silly-looking player.

In contrast to their small squad, the team from Lu Conglomerate’s HQ had more than twice as many people.

Among them, the most eye-catching person was undoubtedly Lu Chen, ID name Dark Night Stars. Fully equipped in Rare Grade Fire Manipulator gear, he was smiling as he chatted away with the others around him.

Four Heavy Armored Warriors wearing the same sets of black Level 50 Excellent Grade armor stood beside him, following his movements closely!

The car behind him was a vehicle that cost around five million credits in the game. It was the top-end ZS-9 bulletproof combat vehicle nicknamed the “Heavy Fortress,” with three shooter seats and an energy shield.

Furthermore, in a hidden location somewhere closeby, Feng Luo knew even without looked that there would be a couple Snipers scanning the area constantly for threats, Rare Grade sniper rifles in their hands.

One of them might even be Sha Lang, the Sniper who had worked with him previously in Roguetown and killed multiple players from Roaring Dragon Mercenary Group.

As the young master of Lu Conglomerate as well as the acting chairman who held real power, he certainly seemed more important than Mu Wu, who acted as the driver himself and drove all the way there!

However, one thing that puzzled Feng Luo was that there were people wearing the badges of a different guild than Lu Conglomerate.

“They are from Storm City’s September guild. They ambushed Mu Zi and the others earlier. In addition to the people from the HQ, a few are from September Guild, and from what I hear, one of them is the son of the financial group supporting September Guild.”

“Lu Conglomerate has been working with September Guild a lot lately. It looks like they aren’t even trying to hide it anymore. Not only did they allow their own to be bullied, but they have given outsiders three spots to join their ruin-exploration team. It’s just ridiculous!” Rose Thorns explained to Feng Luo with a cold laugh.

“Otherwise, why would I say that they are pawns?” Chairman Jiao added.

“September Guild?” Upon hearing this name, Feng Luo seemed dumbstruck for a moment.

After all, he had operated in Storm City for a while, so he was very familiar with the name.

He had even killed the superstar player of the September Guild, September Night Rain, and auctioned off all his dropped items.

However, he did not have a problem with any of the other players from September Guild, which was why he only frowned and looked at the two people from September Guild after hearing Rose Thorns speak about them.

However, though Feng Luo did not pay much heed to the people across from them, someone from the Lu group walked towards them.

“Mr. Feng, it has been a while. My father brought you up just a few days ago and asked me to invite you to our house sometime!”

Dark Night Stars said to Feng Luo with a very confident smile.

Faced with a situation like this, Feng Luo naturally did not back down. He smiled and said, “I appreciate the chairman thinking about me. Has his health improved?”

“He’s doing a lot better now… Thank you, Mr. Feng, for asking!” Dark Night Stars responded. “Oh, that’s right. Mr. Feng, you managed to rank number one last time in the city building mission, beating the rest by a large margin, so based on the reward rules set by the board of directors, you can get a residential and a commercial lot.”

“We’ve just opened up selection for the commercial and residential lots. Do you want me to have someone take you there so you can choose your reward?” Dark Night Stars smiled as he changed the topic.

Feng Luo was stunned.

Only then did he remember that Lu Conglomerate had given out amazing deals to attract expert players to join them during the city building mission.

He was ranked first in the mission, so he was eligible to receive a residential lot, a 200 square meter commercial lot right beside the street, and two million credits!

The two million credits had been credited to his account immediately, and Feng Luo used most of the money on materials for creating the Eye of the Thunder rifle. As for the residential and commercial lots, since the city was still in the planning stage, he had not yet received them.

However, there was no need for Dark Night Stars to mention it now. His choice to do so made things interesting!

The Nightless Club players didn’t seem very happy. It was only due to Dark Night Stars’ position that they did not say anything.

“Well…” Feng Luo became silent.

Truth be told, due to the W-virus Enhancement Potion and T-750, he had decided to move permanently to Storm City.

As for the two pieces of land inside the Lu Conglomerate city, he would have to get rid of them.

At the time, Dark Night Stars had told Feng Luo that he could exchange the commercial and residential lots for credits. He had said that to keep Roaring Dragon Mercenary Group and Veterans Tribe from thinking it was a recruitment offer.

However, right now Feng Luo was trying to decide if he should reject Dark Night Stars in front of everyone!

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