Fatal Shot

Chapter 313 - Slot Machine, Lottery!

Chapter 313: Slot Machine, Lottery!

Feng Luo accepted back his Mission Chip from the hand of an NPC staff in the Storm City No. 10 mission hall, and a sweet female voice spoke.

[“You have completed Level 50 Elite Promotion Mission, Merit earned: 100. Reward earned: one chance at a random lottery!”]

[“Congratulations, you have leveled up to Level 50. Your overall attributes +2, all Energy resistance +2%, your HP +200, MP +100!”]

Right after, a level up aura flashed through him.

This was an even more eye-catching white light than typical level-ups. It was as if he was entirely engulfed by the dense white level-up light!

“Finally, Level 50!” Feng Luo took a deep breath, smiling.

The days of his level dragging behind everyone else’s were over. And as far as equipment, he had finally gained the ability to use the Ghost Weep military knife and had thus surpassed most of the top players in War!

Over the last two weeks, almost 100 pieces of Legendary equipment had appeared in War, so he was not the only one who had one.

No one could forget the Huan Yu auction two weeks ago, where that “Desert Crown” had sold for a godly price of a billion credits. In addition to satisfying the star player Gone with the Wind, whose popularity had surged into War’s top 10, it had also given countless people new hope and motivation. Therefore, these days, there was a new piece of Legendary equipment exposed by someone almost every day on the forum!

Eye of the Oasis, War Song, Death-G600…

Most of the Legendary items were coming from large-scale organizations or guilds, obtained by gathering large numbers of players to gang-kill unique-type BOSSes of Level 55 and above.

Also, there were a few pieces found by players on large-scale Hidden Missions.

These people were undoubtedly lucky fellows, since after the “Desert Crown” had been hyped up by Glory Group and Gone with the Wind to the godly price of a billion credits, the auction prices of Legendary equipment had been sky high!

Even though the subsequent auction prices of Legendary items were not as horrifying as the Desert Crown, they still sold for breathtaking amounts!

Getting a Legendary item in the game really could make one rich overnight!

“But even though almost 100 have been released, realistically speaking, Legendary equipment is still really rare. If there’s an average of 10 billion players online in War, then there would be just one Legendary item among 100,000,000 people. It’s already rarer than the godly devices in typical games…”

Feng Luo smiled, after which put his focus on the “lottery chance” that the system had mentioned.

Level 50 was the current level cap of War, and it also required a promotion mission, so naturally it was different from the normal level-ups. In order to entice people, the game system had deliberately created the additional attraction of a lottery!

Just completing an Elite-Grade Promotion Mission would grant a chance to participate in a random lottery.

The prize items were from the lowest ranked E-Grade Energy Crystals to the highest quality Level 50 Rare equipment. It was completely random!

Of course, most people received items in the middle range—there were very few people getting E-Grade Crystals or Rare equipment!

So, it’s up to luck! Feng Luo thought, then walked from the hall to a different part of the building. In a corner of the mission hall, he found a line of slot machines to be used for the lottery!

Yes, they were actually slot machines, and furthermore, the tension lever type! Why was there a lottery facility with such Earthly characteristics in War? But thinking of all sorts of connections between this game and Earth’s culture, Feng Luo was not surprised.

“F*ck, so unlucky, getting just 200 credits!”

When Feng Luo walked over, there were many people standing around outside the virtual isolation doors of the line of slot machines, spectating with excitement! Occasionally, there were also people walking out of the lottery region with disappointed expressions.

Of course, there were those with rotten luck, but also those with bursting luck. A Scout player laughed heartily as he walked out of the lottery region.

“Haha, not bad! A Level 48 Fine Alloy Longsword. If anybody wants, I can sell it.”

“Give it to me, I’ll offer a high price!”

“I’m from the Tianfeng Equipment Trading Company, do you need to auction it?”

Subsequently, many players among those standing outside came up to the Scout, some of them looking like Merchant players from Huan Yu, Starry Sky, or similar companies.

“These Merchant players really know how to jump at any chance they get.” Feng Luo glanced at them with an amused expression, then stood waiting at one side.

Since Level 50 Elite Promotion Missions were only a little troublesome rather than being really difficult, many people were able to complete them. But since every player only had one chance at the lottery, there naturally weren’t too many people queuing here.

And so, in not more than two minutes, it was Feng Luo’s turn!

When he walked in, the glass door which could not be seen through from outside closed automatically, and then he saw the slot machine at the center of the room with three pictures and a red lever!

“Indeed, the design is almost the same as what I remember. Alright, it’s all down to luck!”

Feng Luo rubbed his hands together. Back when he was on Earth, he was an expert at slot machines in the casino.

But there was no way of increasing your odds in this situation, and it was not the type of machine that would only give a prize if the three pictures were the same.

“I’ll start!”

After rubbing his hands, he heavily pulled down the red lever at the side.

Following that, the three pictures on the slot machine’s virtual screen started spinning rapidly. Five seconds later, the speed of the first picture became slower, then gradually came to a stop, showing a Chip-type item!

“Which means, the last prize will be a Chip? Don’t know if it’ll be a Skill Chip, a Control Chip, or a Biochip…”

There were too many types of Chips in War. Feng Luo immediately shifted his gaze to the second box. Another five seconds later, the second box had stopped as well—a symbol representing a Skill Chip appeared!

“It’s a Skill Chip? Please don’t let it be a normal Skill Chip; those are only worth a few hundred credits at the market!”

Feng Luo hoped that his luck would not be so unfortunate, although the chance of that happening was seemingly very high!

Five seconds later, the third picture had stopped as well, and on it was a symbol representing a general skill!

Right after, the three pictures spun and fused together. There was a beam of white light, and a Level 15 silver-colored Rare Skill Chip appeared on the virtual screen!

“A Rare Chip! But it’s only Level 15?”

Feng Luo’s eyes lit up, but seeing that it was Level 15, his forehead creased as he was a little disappointed. After all, to most of the professions, the Level 15 basic skills were difficult to replace, and so the market prices of Level 15 Rare Skill Chips were more average!

But then, when he had truly seen the attributes of this Chip, his eyes lit up once again.

“My luck… still seems decent!”

“Brother, what did you get? Anything good?”

“My luck isn’t good, it’s just a General Skill Chip!” Feng Luo said, shaking his head.

He pretended to be dissatisfied, immediately shaking off the first person who tried to strike up a conversation with him.

Naturally, seeing his response, the other Merchant players who had started to crowd toward him lost interest.


However, just as he walked out the exit of the mission hall, a message voice sounded from his Communicator.

“Mu Wu?” Feng Luo paused when he saw the name of the person on the Communicator and reached out to pick it up.

“Old Feng, have you already reached Level 50?”

Mu Wu’s voice, which he had not heard in a long time, came from the Communicator.

“Yup, just reached full-level!”

“Oh, then do you have any immediate plans? If you have nothing on, could you do our club a favor?”

“Ah…oh…okay, understood!”

Ten seconds later, Feng Luo ended the call and reached out a hand to call for a hovercraft.

“To No. 1 Landing Point!”

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