Fatal Shot

Chapter 20 - Military Knife Draws Blood

Chapter 20: Military Knife Draws Blood

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The group tactics displayed by the rebel army truly exceeded Feng Luo’s expectations. He had initially thought that although the rebel army had more people, and while there were also several Elite-grade captains of middle and small squads, they did not really have a high chance of winning when faced with a team of players who had a unified command, were familiar with all kinds of battle tactics, and could continue to replenish their health and treat themselves.

However, now that he saw the actions of the rebel army were no different than that of the players—or perhaps were even more familiarized with tactical cooperation—Feng Luo knew that he had underestimated the AI of the humanoid monsters.

Based on the current situation, the players held no advantage. On the contrary, they were at a great disadvantage! Because although they were ahead in terms of level and equipment, a player over Level 40 did not have the combat strength to deal with two Level-40 rebel army soldiers at the same time. Additionally, the incredible combat strength of over ten Elite-grade captains further emphasized the disadvantage of the players.

In fact, just as Feng Luo thought, on the battlefield at that moment, the players were already at a serious disadvantage. White light flashes of death kept on appearing.

“Looks like have no time to waste!” muttered Feng Luo. Noticing that the tide was turning, Feng Luo knew that time was of the essence. “No… My line of sight is completely blocked!”

Looking through the scope of the M110, he saw that the alloy shield was still between him and the body of the Fire Manipulator. A look of anxiety flashed across Feng Luo’s face.

Forget it, he thought. I’ll switch to another target.

With no other choice, Feng Luo could only move his muzzle and search quickly for a new target. The Elite-grade captains of the rebel army had practically all joined the battle. As such, from the position he was hiding in, Feng Luo could see the captains of five small squads and two captains of medium squads.

The two medium squad captains were a Heavy Armor Warrior and a Light Armor Warrior, respectively. The Heavy Armor Warrior holding a thick shield was the first one he excluded. The remaining target was the Light Armor Warrior.

At that moment, the Light Armor Warrior was just about to cast the Level-35 Warrior skill “Raging Slash.” The alloy longsword made the leaves on the ground fly into the air as it slashed violently against the shield of a Heavy Armor Warrior player.



Even if the player was a Level-45 Heavy Armor Warrior, this hit dealt over 3,000 damage, and the alloy shield in his hands was almost cut in half.

As the Light Armor Warrior pushed the Heavy Armor Warrior back, he created a gap in the defense perimeter of the players. It was a good thing these players were not just a motley crowd. Seven or eight of them immediately focused their firepower on him. Whistling bullets and skills of all sorts of colors instantly stopped him in his tracks.




Faced with the concentrated firepower of the players, the Light Armor Warrior captain instantly lost around 3,000 to 4,000 HP.

Hold on, thought Feng Luo. I seem to have forgotten something.

A problem suddenly occurred to Feng Luo just as the muzzle of the M110 locked onto the head of the Light Armor Warrior captain and he was about to fire. Since the start of the battle, this Light Armor Warrior had remained on the front lines of the battlefield. He had already received quite a few attacks, and now, he had even lost around 3,000 HP.

“Then just how much HP does he have left?” muttered Feng Luo.

Even if I were to kill him, is there any guarantee that I will be able to reach the 50 percent contribution needed to complete the mission?

Feng Luo was a little dumbfounded. In a situation like this, the problem existed not only for the Light Armor Warrior; in fact, any other captain of a medium-sized squad would present the same problem because all the captains of the rebel army had already joined the battle. Moreover, they had already been attacked by the players. Even if Feng Luo were to switch and find another target, the same problem would persist.

Unless… he killed the Fire Manipulator with low HP.

It was the only way to guarantee that he would complete the mission!

“F*ck!” Feng Luo cursed. He struck the ground with his right fist, depressed. He then immediately got up and moved through the forest with his body bent.

He had no choice. His only recourse was to find a position where he could hit the Fire Manipulator. Otherwise, he couldn’t guarantee the completion of the mission.

After shifting his position by around 25 degrees, Feng Luo finally found a position on the periphery of the battlefield where he could barely see the area behind the shield. His position was actually slightly behind the rebel army. Since the area was covered by trees and plants, and because Feng Luo moved cautiously, the rebel army did not notice there was a player who was so daring as to approach them from the rear.

“I have no choice,” whispered Feng Luo. “To kill the Fire Manipulator, I must take a great risk to gain a high return!”

Feng Luo gritted his teeth. The current position wasn’t all that much better. Around 150 to 160 meters away, his field of view was almost obscured by dense vegetation. Even if he were to zoom in to the maximum, he could only see half of the Fire Manipulator captain’s head—barely.

However, if I can see the head, there’s a chance!

For an Energy Manipulator who didn’t have a shield on, the head was the biggest weakness!

Although Gunners and Manipulators were professions with weak defense, their defensive equipment was comprised of headgear, combat uniform, boots, and belt, as well as gloves, for a total of five pieces of equipment. However, a Gunner could wear an iron helmet with decent defense while Manipulators usually just wore decorative headgear with low defense.

Based on the name “decorative headgear” alone, one could guess that the main use of the equipment was not for defense. In truth, this sort of equipment was mainly used to increase the casting speed and the recovery rate of a Manipulator’s energy. In terms of defense, it was fragile.

As such, to a Sniper, the head of a Manipulator was the best target!

Feng Luo’s finger squeezed the trigger. The crosshairs of the scope were zoomed to the maximum and focused on half a head wearing flame-colored headgear through a dense forest.

For this shot, his focus heightened to the maximum!


The gunshot rang out, and a double armor-piercing bullet burst out of the gun barrel at a speed of 800 meters per second. It flew over 100 meters through the tiny gaps between the trees and branches—as well as the rebel army soldiers—and accurately struck the right temple of the rebel army Manipulator.

With a bang, the Manipulator’s head was blown off.



Red-colored numbers appeared above the Manipulator’s head. Super-high lethal damage!

The HP of the Fire Manipulator, which had just been recovered thanks to the Doctor, was reduced to nothing by Feng Luo’s shot. This was, without a doubt, a kill shot. It completely stunned the rebel army female Doctor, whose face was splashed with red and white matter.

“Phew!” Feng Luo breathed a sigh of relief.

Truth be told, this shot had been quite challenging for Feng Luo because the environment and the angle of the shot were dreadful. At such a distance, even if it was a static shot, hitting the vital area was extremely difficult. That was because there was a multitude of trees in front of him, and there were many people too. If the muzzle were to have moved even a little, it would have been highly likely to have caused this shot to miss. And it was a given that he would not have had a chance to fire a second shot.

Killed the Level-46 Rebel Army Medium Squad Captain. Contribution 65.4%. Received 2,300 experience.

After reading the information that appeared at the corner of his visual field, Feng Luo nodded in satisfaction. Over 60 percent contribution was enough to clear the mission.

However, at that moment, Feng Luo’s expression suddenly changed!

Without any hesitation, Feng Luo threw the M110 on the ground as his right hand quickly unsheathed the ATAK military knife hanging at his waist. He then swung his hand back and slashed at a particular area.


The “Mad Dog” military knife and a military stiletto dagger known as the “Sanleng Thorn,” emanating a blue light, clashed together, creating a bright spark!

The impact that came from Feng Luo’s wrist pushed his entire body forward as he fell to the ground. However, he also used the momentum to roll across the ground two times to widen the distance.

The ambusher holding the stiletto that emanated a blue light was clearly stunned. He had no idea how Feng Luo could have accurately blocked his sneak attack from behind—a lethal thrust to the heart.

Does he have eyes in the back of his head? wondered the attacker.

After a slight daze, the ambusher quickly reacted and did not allow Feng Luo the chance to adjust. A vicious look appeared on his face as he raised the stiletto in his hand and swung it viciously at Feng Luo, who was just turning around after he got up from the ground.


A mass of dried twigs and leaves were thrown into the face of the ambusher as Feng Luo kicked with his right leg, causing his action to pause for a moment.

Not only did Feng Luo not retreat at that moment, but he moved forward with a similarly vicious expression on his face. He held the military knife backhanded with his left hand and lunged at the ambusher.

He had clearly seen the face of the ambusher. He had a small body with a bright leg and a green combat uniform, which was very similar to the appearance of the Reconnoiter from the rebel army who had tailed the group of players earlier. The only difference was that this one was not barefoot; he wore a pair of brown combat boots. Apart from that, on his shoulder, there was also a symbol that signified that he was the captain of a small squad of the rebel army!

Of the three main Gunner professions, Snipers were clearly meant for long-range kills, Machine Gunners were defined by their suppressive firepower from mid-range, and Scouts were a bit different, with combat powers that were more well-balanced. Apart from having quite a few recon and hiding skills, this profession could also use mid-range harassing attacks using submachine guns and assault rifles. They also possessed decent close-quarters combat abilities that were not all that inferior to Light Armor Warriors. This was especially true when they used a stiletto or a military knife, with which Scouts possessed extremely high attack bonuses. Compared to the other Gunner professions, they had a distinct advantage in close-quarters combat.

The rebel army Reconnoiter was also a type of Scout profession. And the small squad captain was an Elite-grade monster. In terms of equipment and attributive strength, it was in no way weaker than high-level players. Which was to say that if Feng Luo were to engage in close-quarters combat against this rebel army Reconnoiter, it was very likely that he would be at a disadvantage.

So why did Feng Luo actively close the distance?

It was because Feng Luo’s real choice was…


Feng Luo extended his right arm and grabbed the left wrist of the opponent that held the military stiletto. After that, he pressed his entire body against him. The force generated from being tackled by someone one head taller knocked the rebel army to Reconnoiter captain off-balance. He was thrown to the ground by Feng Luo.

After that, Feng Luo’s left hand, gripping the Mad Dog military knife, quickly followed. With a whistling sound generated by the knife slicing through the air, the snow-white blade of the “Mad Dog” knife slashed violently at the neck of the opponent.

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