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Chapter 993 - Discussion

Chapter 993: Discussion

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The villagers asked An Dabao to do a search on the internet. This search instantly shocked the entire An family village.

“That girl from An Dachun’s family really works in a big company. It’s a big company worth tens of billions. Dabao used his phone to search on the internet. Xiaohui actually appeared in it too.”

Some of the villagers did not believe it at first. “How is this possible? Didn’t An Danian say that that girl works in a big hotel? How did it suddenly become a big company? What does a big company do?”

To the villagers, a big company was a big company. They did not know what a big company did.

“I heard from Dabao that it is a tourism company. It also produces and sells vegetables, right?”

“How is that possible? A vegetable seller can create a big company worth tens of billions?” Some villagers could not believe it.

“How is that not possible? If you don’t believe it, you can ask your young children to look it up online. Doesn’t your Xiao Ming also have a mobile phone that can go online?”

For a time, many searches were done on the Green Fresh Group.

Then, they all confirmed that An Xiaohui indeed worked in this multi-billion dollar company. Moreover, she was a manager in this company.

“Who would have thought that the daughter of An Dachun’s family would be so promising? She’s working in a large company. Her salary should be at least ten thousand, right?”

“That must be it. I asked my son at home, and he said that An Xiaohui works in a large company and works as a manager in an office. She’s a white-collar worker. I heard that white-collar workers are usually paid at least ten thousand.”

“10,000 a month. In a year, it’s more than 100,000. Her one-year salary is equivalent to our life savings.”

“I don’t have this many savings in my lifetime.”

“So what?” Someone said sourly, “An Xiaohui is a girl. No matter how much she earns, it’s only for her in-laws, not for An Dachun. This is what a daughter is like. No matter how well she’s raised, she’s going to be given to her in-laws. Daughters are a waste of money.”

Many of the villagers immediately fell silent after hearing this.

To them, this was indeed the truth.

No matter how well this girl studied, when she had a bright future and earned a lot of money, she would be serving her in-laws.

The only thing they could earn was a little dowry when their daughter got married.

For families that valued sons over daughters, as long as they had sons, they would leave the money to their sons. If not for fear of gossip, they wouldn’t have given out money as dowry when their daughters got married.

Just as everyone was discussing An Dachun’s daughter and what a waste it was, a villager ran over with a shocked expression.

“An Dafa, what’s wrong with you? Look at you. You look so scared.”

An Dafa panted as he said, “I just came out of An Dachun’s house. Do you know what An Dachun said to me?”

“What did he say to make you look like that? “Someone said disdainfully, “He must be bragging about how his daughter is doing well in a big company. TSK TSK, didn’t he think about it? His daughter is getting married. No matter how good her daughter is and how much money she earns, it has nothing to do with her family.”

“That’s not it!” An Dafa said, “Dachun told me that Xiaohui is getting married, but Xiaohui and her husband’s first son is surnamed An. He’s their biological grandson. Also, do you know how much dowry the man gave for Xiaohui’s marriage?”

“How much?” A villager asked curiously.

Some villagers had already heard about An Xiaohui’s first son having the surname An, so they weren’t too surprised.

But An Dachun hadn’t talked to anyone about the dowry.

An Dafa raised a finger.

“10,000?” One of the villagers frowned and guessed. “The man is already generous enough to have their first son take the surname, An. It would be reasonable to give him another 10,000 as a dowry.”

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