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Chapter 991 - Gossips

Chapter 991: Gossips

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An Family village was a very poor mountain village in a remote and inaccessible ravine.

The poorer a place was, the more closed and backward it was. This was especially true for people with backward thoughts, who preferred sons over daughters.

An Xiaohui was born in such a place.

In this ravine, the girls basically did not go to school.

When the nine-year compulsory education was not universal and compulsory, the girls here were basically illiterate. People only focused on boys.

Later, when the nine-year compulsory education was compulsory for every child, the villagers were very unhappy. This was because if the girl went to school, the family had one less person to do the work. Moreover, going to school also cost the family money. In addition, the family had a son who had to go to school, so the burden on the family suddenly became heavier.

Therefore, many villagers were still unwilling to let the girls go to school. When the authorities realized it was useless to persuade these people, the authorities fined them. They caught a stubborn parent and locked him for days. This made the villagers afraid and had to send their girls to school.

However, these girls could only go to school until they completed their nine-year obligations. After that, no matter how good their grades were, their families would not give in anymore.

In their minds, no matter how clever these girls were, they were wastrels. They would be married off anyway.

Therefore, basically, after the girls of An Family village went to junior high school, the younger ones would work at home for another two years. The older ones would already be match-made. Then, they would get married. That was how life was for the girls.

An Family village was such an ignorant and ignorant village.

An Xiaohui could be said to be the only exception in An Family village.

She was the only girl who went to junior high school, continued to go to high school, then went to university, and flew out of An Family village.

Father and mother An also valued boys more than girls. Why was she able to go to senior high school?

This was all won over by An Xiaohui and her teacher.

An Xiaohui had the best result in the entire town for her junior high school graduation exam.

After An Xiaohui got her results, she knew that her parents, no, the An family, would definitely stop her from going to school again. Therefore, she directly went to the teachers and principal, hoping that they would persuade her parents.

An Xiaohui’s good grades had brought glory to the school. When the principal learned of An Xiaohui’s situation, he spared no effort to persuade An Xiaohui’s parents to continue studying in high school.

Under the principal’s persuasion, An Xiaohui’s parents wavered. However, An Xiaohui’s grandparents were still alive at that time, so they did not agree to let An Xiaohui continue studying. They even said that they wanted An Xiaohui to get married directly.

An Xiaohui was angry and anxious. She threatened to kill herself if she was not allowed to go to school. After all, there was no hope for her to live like this.

The grandparents were immediately frightened by An Xiaohui’s vicious move. They agreed to let An Xiaohui continue her education, but they would not pay a single cent. At the same time, they would not allow their eldest son to pay a single cent to support their daughter’s studies.

Because the eldest son’s money would be left to their only grandson, An Yang, in the future.

Hearing such a request, the teachers and the principal’s faces turned livid.

Finally, the principal said that he would support An Xiaohui’s studies.

At this moment, An Xiaohui’s grandparents stopped making a fuss.

An Xiaohui knelt down and kowtowed on the spot. “Principal, teacher Liu, I will never forget your great kindness. In the future, I will definitely repay you.”

The principal pulled An Xiaohui up on the spot and said, “Student An, when you become successful in the future, just don’t forget about your alma mater!”

“I won’t, Principal!” An Xiaohui choked with sobs.

Later on, An Xiaohui went to high school.

After she went to high school, the school learned about her situation and told her, “If you can get first place every time, not only will we waive your tuition and miscellaneous fees, but we will also give you a scholarship.”

This encouraged An Xiaohui. From then on, she worked even harder. Just as the school and the teachers hoped, An Xiaohui got first place every time she took an exam. She even got a good result ranking in the city, which made the school and the teachers very happy.

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