Farming Space Makes Me Rich

Chapter 7

Chapter 7: True Betrayal

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Even though Chen Ran and Zhao Wenman set Xiao Lingyu up with the man, he was incensed by the betrayal when Chen Ran saw the hickey. He was so angry that he slapped Xiao Lingyu! It felt like Xiao Lingyu had really betrayed him.

His anger overshadowed his rationality. His palm waved towards Xiao Lingyu.


“Who are you?” Chen Ran asked angrily when a man stopped him. He had not seen the man before, so he was not their colleague. Everyone who saw Yan Siming would have remembered him with his handsome appearance and extraordinary bearing.

‘That means that he could be a company client.’ Chen Ran held back since he didn’t know the man’s real identity.

Yan Siming grabbed Chen Ran’s wrist and sneered, “To think that a grown man would actually hit a woman. You’ve really broadened my horizon today, bastard!”

Chen Ran’s expression turned ugly.

He and Xiao Lingyu were a couple. Xiao Lingyu had betrayed him and left behind photographic evidence. Chen Ran was incensed by the betrayal, so he wanted to slap her. Everyone would think that he was right and he hadn’t gone too far to smack the unfaithful bitch.

Chen Ran needed to solidify his position as the victim. Then everyone would buy the story further. However, he was called a jerk and a bastard for no reason. Chen Ran was really angry.

He gritted his teeth and asked sternly, “This is between her and me. What does it have to do with an outsider?”

He purposely emphasized the word, outsider.

A playful smile appeared on Yan Siming’s handsome face. He adjusted his sleeves, “Oh, but this is my business. Because I’m this woman’s… friend from yesterday night.”

Since he had accepted the job, he would play along.

Yan Siming had already guessed that things were not that simple. The private life of an inconsequential company employee shouldn’t grab the whole company’s attention. Or did the workers here spend their time gossiping all day?

“What?!” Everyone was shocked by Yan Siming’s admission.

Lin Xiangyu was the most surprised. She blurted out, “Impossible! She was photographed with an ugly middle-aged man!”

The man before them was handsome, not even inferior to Chen Ran. The hint of unruliness on his smile added to his charm. There was something about him that charmed the women, and it made their hearts flutter.

Many women were willing to pay to have sex with such a man, much less the other way round. Therefore, Lin Xiangyu couldn’t accept that Xiao Lingyu could be so lucky. In her mind, Xiao Lingyu only deserved the world’s ugliest man.

“Why is it not possible?” The one who answered was Xiao Lingyu. She looked at Lin Xiangyu’s surprised expression, and her lips curved into an arc. “If I’m looking for a man to look after me, why would I settle for an ugly, old man? Of course, I’d find someone who is handsome and suave.” Then Xiao Lingyu walked over to hook her arm around Yan Siming. She said with a sweet smile, “You all claimed that I’d betrayed Chen Ran, and you’re right. I did it with him! He’s quite handsome, isn’t he?”

The surroundings fell silent! They were all shocked!

No one expected Xiao Lingyu not only to betray Manager Chen but also to bring her new man to the company. What was she thinking? Was she trying to one-up Manager Chen?

At that moment, no one knew how to answer Xiao Lingyu. But they turned to Chen Ran with sympathy.

“Xiao Lingyu, you’ve really thrown away our relationship?” Chen Ran asked in anger and shock. But at the same time, he was thinking. ‘Why haven’t things followed according to plan? She should be raped by the middle-aged man in the picture and not this… guy.’

The middle-aged man was specially selected by Zhao Wenman. He was a difficult client of the company, Li Yuanfa.

Li Yuanfa was a pervert and a womanizer. He liked to play rough in bed. He once killed a woman by accident. Thankfully, the woman didn’t have any background, and her death was covered up easily.

Li Yuanfa’s company, Hong Fa Group, wanted to collaborate with the Huiqing group. Li Yuanfa’s demand was a woman.

Xiao Lingyu ticked all of Li Yuanfa’s boxes. When he found out Xiao Lingyu was the lover of Chen Ran, the deputy manager of Huiqing Group, he was even more delighted.

According to the plan, the company arranged for Xiao Lingyu to go to the Marriott Hotel to sign the contract. Then they would send someone to drug her. But what happened in the middle that Li Yuanfa was switched out for someone else?

Chen Ran was flustered and confused, but most importantly, he was angry. His anger came from the fact that Xiao Lingyu had betrayed him, and it appeared like she felt no guilt at all.

When Chen Ran saw Xiao Lingyu hold Yan Siming’s arm, it angered him. He questioned in a roar, “Xiao Lingyu, what have I done to you to deserve this? How can you hurt me like this and betray our decade of love?”

That made even more people pity Chen Ran. In an instant, it lit up the anger of every woman present. Of course, it was Lin Xiangyu who led the pack.

She scolded shrilly, “Xiao Lingyu, you slut…”

Before she could finish, Xiao Lingyu slapped her again.

Xiao Lingyu told Lin Xiangyu, “I’ve tolerated you for a long time. Who are you to mind my business? Speak out of turn again, and I’ll slap out all of your teeth!”

Lin Xiangyu was stunned. Then, she glared at Xiao Lingyu and shut her mouth.

Xiao Lingyu turned to Chen Ran and chuckled sarcastically, “Chen Ran, is this… not exactly what you want? Why are you being so angry?” She deliberately glanced at Zhao Wenman.

Xiao Lingyu then snapped her fingers. “Oh, I was wrong. Things didn’t really follow your plan. I didn’t end up with that ugly man. That’s why you’re angry, yes?”

Everyone, “…”

So, what was going on?

Yan Siming,”…”

I knew it!

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