Farming Space Makes Me Rich

Chapter 672 - Kidnappers  

Chapter 672: Kidnappers

Xiao Lingyu, who was staying at the Crystal Palace Hotel, didn’t think too much after she hung up the phone with Jiang Tao.

In her heart, Jiang Tao was now her friend.

Jiang Tao had always treated her as a friend.

It was normal for him to call to show concern when she came to Beijing.

After Xiao Lingyu hung up the phone, she picked up the newspaper on the table and smiled helplessly.

She did not expect to make the headlines as soon as she arrived in the capital. All because she called out the name Gong Tianhao.

Now that Gong Tianhao did not remember her, she did not know if he would blame her when he saw the news.

Xiao Lingyu really found it funny and helpless. She had no idea why she would get in the headlines so easily. She was just an ordinary woman.

Just as Xiao Lingyu was deep in thought, she suddenly heard someone ring the doorbell. She immediately became alert and asked sternly, “Who is it?”

“Room service for hot water!” A low voice said from outside the door.

Xiao Lingyu frowned and walked to the door. Through the peephole, she saw a man wearing a cap that covered his entire head. Xiao Lingyu used her ears to listen for a while. There were five people outside, one woman and four men.

‘Am I being targeted so soon?’

Xiao Lingyu said, “Oh, I don’t need room service. Please come back later!”

Clearly, the people outside wouldn’t leave just like that.

He said again, “Dear Guest, the network receiver in your room is broken. We are here to repair it.”

Xiao Lingyu took out her phone. As expected, there was no signal on the phone. These people came prepared!

Xiao Lingyu thought for a moment and remembered that the Crystal Palace Hotel was a hotel under the Gong Group. However, with no signal on her phone, she could not call Li Yuanhang even if she wanted to.

She walked to the landline and wanted to call the front desk. There was only a beeping sound. These people had planned for everything.

She couldn’t contact anyone, which meant that she had to rely on herself.

Xiao Lingyu immediately communicated with Xiao Ling in her mind.

“Xiao Ling, can you detect the combat strength of those people outside? Can I fight them alone?” Xiao Lingyu asked.

She had to save herself. Her five senses had improved tremendously. If they were outside, she could outrun these people easily. However, she was now trapped inside a hotel room.

Xiao Ling looked outside through Xiao Lingyu’s eyes and used his spiritual power to probe. She said, “Master, if you follow my command, you’d be able to take them down. But…”

Xiao Lingyu’s heart tightened, and she asked urgently, “But what?”

“But two of them appear to have guns!” Xiao Ling said. Guns didn’t exist in the immortal world, but Xiao Lingyu had thought Xiao Ling about them. Of course, for Xiao Ling, these things were nothing. However, his master was a mortal. She couldn’t use magic, so Xiao Ling really had no idea if Xiao Lingyu could survive a fight against two gunners.

“Guns?!” Xiao Lingyu was shocked. She had just arrived in the capital, and she had already been hunted down.

Xiao Lingyu swallowed her saliva and asked, “Xiao Ling, can we handle them?”

As soon as she said that, the knocking on the door became more and more intense.

“Xiao Lingyu, come out quickly if you know what’s good for you. Otherwise, you will suffer when we take down the door!”

The people outside knew that Xiao Lingyu had seen through their disguise. Therefore, they threatened her directly. They had controlled the cameras in the corridor and the other guests on this floor. Therefore, they were not worried.

Xiao Lingyu was on guard as she asked in a stern voice, “Who are you? What do you want?”

“Open the door!” The voices outside grew louder.

The knocking became ramming.

Logically speaking, the loud noise would definitely alert the others.

However, the other guests seemed to be very afraid.

“It doesn’t seem like she is willing to open the door,” a man said angrily.

Then, another man said with a ruthless voice, “Since she doesn’t want to open the door, we’ll break the door down. We can’t stay here for too long, or we’ll be discovered.”

“Alright, we’ll just break the door open!”

Xiao Lingyu asked anxiously, “Ling ‘Er, what should we do now?”

Xiao Ling thought for a moment and said, “Master, there’s no way to hide now. We can only attack!”

Xiao Lingyu thought for a moment and nodded. “You’re right. If all else fails, I’ll just hide in the farming space.”

With that, Xiao Lingyu hid in the bathroom.

When she reached the bathroom, she thought for a moment and felt that it would be safer to take something. Then, she spotted the hot water bottles under the cabinets. She carried one in each hand and hid in the bathroom. Once she did, those people knocked the door open.

But before they could look for her, Xiao Lingyu used her speed advantage. Xiao Lingyu surprised them by pouring hot water on them.


Then, she slammed the bottle on another person’s head.


She swung the other bottle at the other man.

She took only 30 seconds to do all that.

She ambushed the four men. As for the woman, she stood at the door with her mouth agape. She did not even have the time to react.

The men were hurt slightly. It made them very angry.

“You bitch. Die!”

A man who was scorched on the back took out the pistol from his pocket.

However, before he could shoot, they only saw a shadow and the gun in his hand disappeared.

The people who barged in, “…” Fuck, how can this woman be so fast? She is like a phantom.

‘Xiao Ling said that two of them are carrying guns. Where is the other one?’

‘Xiao Ling, where’s the other gun?’ Xiao Lingyu asked telepathically.

‘It’s with the woman!’ Xiao Ling screamed.

It was too late.

That woman had already taken out the gun and pointed it at Xiao Lingyu.

“Don’t move. If you move again, I’ll shoot.” The woman in a black suit at the door said sternly.

Xiao Lingyu, “…”

This was really bad.

But Xiao Lingyu still had to remain calm.

She faced the gun and asked calmly, “Who are you? Why are you targeting me?”

The woman with the gun said coldly, “You don’t need to know who we are. As for why we’re targeting you, you can only fault yourself for coming to the capital! Since you’re here, you should keep a low profile, but you made such a big commotion!”

Xiao Lingyu frowned and asked in confusion, “But what does my arrival in the capital have to do with you?”

The woman sneered, “Hehe, are you really stupid, or are you pretending to be stupid?”

“Boss, why are you talking so much nonsense with her? Let’s just take her away!”

Another man who was burned by boiling water said fiercely, “This damn woman, I will definitely take revenge for this burn.”

After saying that, he raised his palm and was about to slap Xiao Lingyu’s face.

“Stop!” The woman’s expression changed, and she immediately shouted to stop him.

However, it was too late.

Just as the man stretched out his hand, Xiao Lingyu quickly grabbed him. Her speed was fast and agile, and she used the man as a shield to block the woman’s gun.

At the same time, Xiao Lingyu twisted the man’s hand behind his back with one hand and strangled his neck with the other.

Xiao Lingyu said fiercely, “Either you shoot me now, or you let me go! At worst, we’ll die together!”

The kidnappers, “…” this woman is so ruthless!

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