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Chapter 41 - Good News

Chapter 41: Good News

The Chen Family’s eyes lit up with joy and excitement when they saw Xiao Lingyu at home. Since Xiao Lingyu was home, the Xiao Family would have to lend them the money. Xiao Lingyu would plead their case on their behalf if she still wanted to marry Chen Ran.

However, what Xiao Lingyu said made their expressions freeze. What was that? Xiao Lingyu broke up with Chen Ran? That was impossible! Right?

Xiao Lingyu had her eyes set on Chen Ran for so long, or else she wouldn’t have seduced Chen Ran when they were just fifteen. Their relationship was already over a decade. Nothing happened, so why would they break up all of a sudden?

Lan Erying widened her eyes and demanded, “Xiao Lingyu, what is the meaning of this? Don’t you still want to marry my Ran Er?” Lan Erying’s expression turned up like a quintessential horrible mother-in-law. “Xiao Lingyu, if you still want to marry into our family, then you better persuade your mother to lend us 50,000…” At that moment, Lan Erying suddenly gasped and said, “Wait a minute. Xiao Lingyu, you’re here, so where’s my Chen Ran?”

Lan Erying looked around and shouted. “Chen Ran, get out now! You heartless little thing, how can you not tell us if you’re coming back. Plus, since you’re back, why tell us to go to City Z?”

There was no response. Lan Erying was not satisfied and wanted to charge into the Xiao Family’s home to look for her son. She was stopped by Mother Xiao. “Lan Erying, go back to your own house to look for your son. Your son is not here, and I am not hiding him.”

Lan Erying didn’t believe Mother Xiao. She said angrily, “Chen Qiuying, get out of my way. Since Xiao Lingyu is here, then Chen Ran must be here too.”

Xiao Lingyu laughed frostily. “Auntie Lan, Uncle Chen, I don’t think you hear me clearly. Fine, I’ll repeat.”

Her expression turned serious as she enunciated each word clearly,

“I, Xiao Lingyu, have already broken up with Chen Ran. Now, do you hear me?”

Xiao Lingyu’s eyes swept across the Chen Family. Other than Chen Ran’s parents, there were four of Chen Ran’s uncles. It was clear that they were not going to leave until they got the money from the Xiao Family. They would raise a ruckus if they didn’t get their way.

“Since we’ve broken up, Chen Ran and I have nothing to do with each other anymore. Thus the Xiao Family has nothing to do with the Chen Family either.” Xiao Lingyu announced, “Therefore, Uncle and Auntie Chen, stop threatening my family using my marriage to Chen Ran. I’m not marrying him. Now, please leave!” The last sentence was an expulsion order! Then again, these were uninvited guests, so they should leave.

“Xiao Lingyu!” Chen Dahua shouted angrily with an ugly expression, “If we leave, you’ll never get the chance to marry into the Chen Family again.” In the past, Xiao Lingyu would bow to them respectfully, so they didn’t expect the same woman to be throwing them out.

Xiao Lingyu replied indifferently, “As if I care.”

“You… You will regret this!” Chen Dahua pointed at Xiao Lingyu angrily.

Xiao Lingyu narrowed her eyes slightly. She said, “It’s my problem whether I’ll regret this or not. Uncle Chen, you don’t need to live my life for me. However, I do have news about Chen Ran. One good and one bad, which one do you want to hear first?”

Xiao Lingyu couldn’t be blamed for treating the Chen Family like this. They lorded Chen Ran over Xiao Lingyu and did everything to trample on the Xiao Family. They released nasty rumors about Xiao Lingyu and her family in the neighboring villages, ruining the Xiao Family’s reputation.

In the past, Xiao Lingyu could turn a blind eye for the sake of Chen Ran.

But now, things were different. Then again, this was her fault for letting the Chen Family walk all over her. Therefore, this was her chance to correct everything.

Chen Dahua was startled. He asked subconsciously, “What good news and what bad news?”

Xiao Lingyu assumed Chen Dahua wanted to hear the good news first. She began, “The good news is, your son is really outstanding. His company’s CEO’s daughter fell for him, and they had gotten married! Therefore, you don’t need to worry about me anymore. I won’t be snatching your son away from you.”

“Really?!” When Chen Dahua and his wife heard their son had married a CEO’s daughter, they were almost jumping with joy. Their faces wrinkled like shriveled chrysanthemums as they smiled. This was good news. As they said, their son was the best man. Even a CEO’s daughter fancied and married him. Since Chen Ran was now the son-in-law of a rich man, they would be able to retire to City Z and enjoy a comfortable life with their son.

The uncles were very happy and excited too. Chen Ran was now the son-in-law of a company CEO, so he must be very rich. The money slipping through Chen Ran’s fingers could give them a very good life.

Naturally, what they needed to do now was to suck up to Chen Dahua and his wife.

“Congratulations, eldest brother. Ran Er is really amazing!”

“Congratulations, second sister. Ran Er is now the son-in-law of a rich man. In the future, he will have to look after us.”

“Big Brother, Ran Er’s cousins want to learn from him too!”

“Of course, when Ran Er is back, we’ll have him arrange to have all the young kids join him at his company.”

“Thank you, big brother.” “Thank you, second brother-in-law.”

Chen Dahua and his wife were floating from the flattery of their siblings. They had given birth to a promising son. He worked in a big city and married his boss’ daughter.

Then, they turned to look at Mother Xiao and Xiao Lingyu. The derision in their eyes was clear.

Lan Erying rolled her eyes at Xiao Lingyu. She said disdainfully, “No wonder someone has escaped back home. She has no looks, no figure, and no money. It’s little wonder our son doesn’t want her.” She was clearly talking about Xiao Lingyu.

Chen Dahua was elated. The humiliation he felt under the hands of Xiao Lingyu, and her mother disappeared. He added, “That’s right. The girl is crazy jealous because our Ran Er has married someone else. That is why she suddenly decides not to respect us anymore. When Ran Er comes back, we’ll have to tell him about the girl’s show of disrespect!”

“That’s right!” The others concurred.

Xiao Lingyu rolled her eyes said, “Since you’ve heard the good news, are you ready for the bad news?”

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