Farming Space Makes Me Rich

Chapter 38

Chapter 38: Going Home

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Xingyin Newspaper and the television station reported the story. The human traffickers’ gang led by Sister Hong was finally caught.

Eight women and six children were rescued. A dozen families could finally be reunited.

After the criminals were caught, the police tracked down the other victims using the clues provided by the criminals.

At Taoyuan Village, a family of old and young sat before a black-and-white television watching the news.

“Based on the statement given by Chief Jiang, the police were able to track down the human trafficker thanks to the courage of a heroine. The girl used herself as bait. She pretended to be lured by Sister Hong, and that was how the police managed to arrive at the criminal’s lair. The police set up an ambush and captured all the criminals!”

“Chief Jiang, can we meet this heroine?” The reporter asked curiously.

Jiang Tao shook his head and said thoughtfully, “I’m sorry, at the request of the heroine, she doesn’t want to reveal her identity. She is very smart, brave, calm, and composed. Without her aid, we wouldn’t have captured this gang so quickly.”

The reporter laughed, “Haha. It looks like the heroine has left a deep impression on Chief Jiang. We like to meet her, so this is a pity. On a related note, Chief Jiang, will the government provide this nameless heroine with any reward?”

Chief Jiang smiled. “The government plans to reward this heroine with 50,000.”

“Wow, 50,000? That’s a lot!” A teen about 10 exclaimed, “If I have that money, I can buy so many books!” As soon as he said that, he was hit in the head.

The teen rubbed his head and mumbled, “Brother Ye, why did you hit me?”

Brother Ye was an eighteen-year-old kid. He wore a white sweater, a black jacket, and a pair of blue jeans.

Xiao Lingye said, “Little Brat, the heroine used her life as bait to lure in the criminals. Do you think life is only worth 50,000? Plus, do you really think she was doing this for money? You should not place so much importance on money. It’ll affect your life values.”

The boy, called Xiao Xiaohui, asked, “Brother Ye, what are life values?”

Xiao Lingye explained, “It means what you anchor your life with.”

Xiao Xiaohui nodded with some understanding, “Brother Ye, I think I get it.”

A young woman, Liu Chunhua, stood up to smack Xiaohui on the back of his head. She said with a smile. “What is it that you get? You have much to learn from your Brother Ye. Your Brother Ye scores the first in class every year. You also place the first but from the back!”

“Mom!” Xiao Xiaohui was embarrassed. He rubbed the sore spot on his head. “I understand. I will learn from Brother Ye.” But internally, he muttered. ‘Brother Ye can take all the first places he wants. Studying is too annoying.’

As his mother, Liu Chunhua, knew what was on her son’s mind with a look. She rolled her eyes and hit the boy on the head again. “Don’t think I don’t know what’s going through your mind!”

“Mom, why did you hit me again?”The boy groused.

“You know why.” Liu Chunhua chuckled. “You and your studies are such headaches to me. Look at your Sister Yu. She was admitted to the university and found a job in a big city. She receives a high salary every month, and she has a comfortable life. Unlike us, she doesn’t need to break her back every day, and we don’t even earn as much as she does.”

The boy grumbled, “Mom, I also want to study, but I just can’t do it. What can I do?”

Liu Chunhua, “…” That was a problem. Liu Chunhua glared at him. “You brat, perhaps some spanking can help.” She raised her hand.

Xiao Xiaohui immediately ran towards a middle-aged woman and shouted, “Second Auntie, help! Mommy wants to hit me!” He ran behind Second Auntie.

Xiao Xiaohui’s Second Auntie was Chen Qiuying. She was in her forties and was of medium build. She had a round face and a pair of big eyes that were exactly like Xiao Lingyu’s. She was incredibly beautiful when she was young. Unlike Xiao Lingyu’s eyes which occasionally flashed with temper, Chen Qiuying’s eyes were serene with wisdom accumulated over the years.

“Chunhua, what are you doing?”Chen Qiuying shielded the boy behind her. “You can’t beat a boy just because he doesn’t like to study. Do you think that can fix his problem?”

Liu Chunhua stopped and sighed. “Second Sister, this rascal runs away all day, climbing trees, fishing, and swimming in the river. But the moment I tell him to sit before a book, all his energy fades away. He is real trouble for us.”

Chen Qiuying said, “Chunhua, I know that you’re worried about Xiaohui’s studying. But beating is not going to solve any problem. Perhaps you can help with his homework.”

Liu Chunhua frowned and said with concern, “Second Sister, I also know that. But Ming Yang and I haven’t been to schools ourselves. We can’t help Xiaohui even if we want to. So spanking is our only solution.”

Chen Qiuying frowned at this too. She knew about that, but if she was asked, the real problem was because Xiao Xiaohui was too active, and he didn’t like to sit down and study.

Xiao Lingye smiled and said, “Third aunt, the school is going on holiday. How about I stay to give Xiaohui some tuition?”

Xiao Xiaohui stuck his head out from behind Chen Qiuying and said, “Brother Ye, do you have any idea how much tuition you’ve given me already? I just can’t process the lessons. It’s not going to help me in any way. Just let me be free!”

Liu Chunhua immediately shouted angrily, “You Little Brat, get over here. All you want is to play. This time, I’ll break your legs, so you’ll have to sit at the table to study!” Liu Chunhua moved towards Xiao Xiaohui.

Xiao Xiaohui immediately ran for his life. Liu Chunhua chased after him and shouted, “Little Brat, why are you running? I’ll break your legs when I catch you.”

Xiao Xiaohun grinned as he ran. “Haha. But you have to catch me first!”


“Xiao Yu!”

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