Farming Space Makes Me Rich

Chapter 36

Chapter 36: Taking Down the Gang

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Xingyin Public Security Bureau received a report from the train.

Xingyin’s youngest bureau chief, Jiang Tao, immediately made arrangements and deployed 30 police officers.

He reminded, “We must make sure the safety of the innocent!”

“Yes, sir!”

The officers changed into casual outfits and departed in cars. Soon they arrived at Xingyin station.

The middle-aged woman’s eyes lit up when she saw Xiao Lingyu pulling a suitcase on her own. She immediately smiled and said, “Miss, let the uncle pull the suitcase for you.”

Then, she pointed at a slightly short and fat middle-aged man and introduced, “He’s my husband.” As if to dispel Xiao Lingyu’s doubts, she immediately added, “Don’t worry, we’re good people. We won’t steal your suitcase!”

With that, she gave the man a look.

The middle-aged man carried a backpack. Without waiting for Xiao Lingyu to say anything, he quickly snatched the luggage from her hands and said kindly, “Miss, I don’t have much luggage. Let me carry this for you off the train. There are so many people here. We shan’t be late.”

Xiao Lingyu smiled and said, “Alright then, thank you, Uncle!”

Then, the three of them got off the train together.

After they left the station, the middle-aged woman said, “Miss, you must be hungry after taking the train all the way. Why don’t we eat something before we go our separate ways?”

Then, she looked around cautiously and said with a smile, “Miss, we have a relative who runs a restaurant here. Because his culinary skills are good, his business is really good. Why don’t we bring you to have a taste? After you’re full, I’ll ask my relative to send you back. What do you think?”

When Xiao Lingyu heard this, she acted very embarrassed and said shyly, “Aunty, uncle, how can I infringe on your kindness that much? It’s too much trouble.”

The woman laughed and said with excitement, “It’s no trouble at all!”

As she said this, she kept winking at the man.

The man understood and reached out to stop a taxi.

“Come, miss, let’s get in the car!” With that, he pulled Xiao Ling into the taxi.

Xiao Lingyu asked suspiciously, “Auntie, is your relative’s restaurant that far that we need to take a taxi? If that’s the case, I don’t think I should go. I need to be home before dark. My mother will be so worried!”

The woman persuaded, “Oh, it’s not far. We just don’t want you to carry so many heavy things. Plus, my relative has a car. He’ll drive you home after dinner!”

Xiao Lingyu thought for a moment and said, “Alright then.”

After they got into the car, the atmosphere was silent and awkward.

Xiao Lingyu looked at the child in the woman’s arms and asked, “Auntie, is this your grandson?” Xiao Lingyu reached out to touch the boy’s face. The middle-aged woman immediately moved the boy away.

Xiao Lingyu’s hand stopped in the air awkwardly. She looked at the woman and asked in puzzlement, “Auntie, what’s wrong?”

The woman laughed awkwardly and explained, “Oh, it’s just that my grandson is sick. He doesn’t like to be touched…”

Xiao Lingyu nodded with understanding. Then she voiced her thoughts, “So that’s why. I was wondering why he could sleep for so long. He hasn’t even stirred throughout the journey. But Auntie, shouldn’t you wake him up to feed him something? He’s going to starve otherwise.”

The woman replied, “It’s okay. He can’t eat anything because he’s sick. What he needs is sleep. He needs to rest.” The woman’s heart settled down after Xiao Lingyu nodded.

Xiao Lingyu looked out the window, and she frowned. She asked, “Auntie, we’re moving deep into the countryside. Your relative’s restaurant is in the countryside?”

The woman smiled and replied, “Yes. Miss, they will be here soon.”

Xiao Lingyu nodded without any doubt.

The woman, the man, and the driver shared a look through the rearview mirror. They were grinning. They thought Xiao Lingyu was hard to fool, but she turned out to be a simpleton.

They had a good harvest that day. One big, one small. They could make a lot of money. The small one was fair and cute. He could sell easily for 300,000. The big one should go for around 60,000 RMB.

Soon, instead of a restaurant, the taxi stopped at an abandoned warehouse.

Hearing the taxi, three more men ran out of the warehouse. The tension was high. The woman’s husband got down first. Then he grabbed Xiao Lingyu harshly. His attitude changed immediately. “Miss, get down now!”

Xiao Lingu was stunned, so the middle-aged woman frowned and kicked her. She shouted, “Blockhead, get out of the car!” Their attitude was completely different from before.

Xiao Lingyu was pushed out of the car. Her eyes flashed with fear, and she asked innocently, “Auntie, what is this place? Why aren’t we at the restaurant?”

The woman said with a wicked smile, “Miss, we’ll bring you there, after we meet up with some friends.” The woman pointed at the abandoned warehouse behind her and said with a smile, “There are a few girls around your age inside. You should get to know them first before we leave.”

Xiao Lingyu was extremely scared. She asked, “You… What do you mean?”

The middle-aged woman was impatient. She shouted, “Stop wasting our time. Be obedient, and you won’t suffer that much. Otherwise, I’ll stick my brothers on you.” She pointed at the men behind her.

The four brothers immediately bowed and called out respectfully, “Big Sister!”

Xiao Lingyu seemed to realize the truth. She widened her eyes and asked in disbelief, “You… You are human traffickers? You want to kidnap me and sell me?”

The woman sneered, “You only realized that now? You are so stupid!”

Xiao Lingyu asked in a trembling voice, “So… This is your headquarters?”

Xiao Lingyu was honestly quite afraid, but she had to calm down. Who knew what might happen if these people saw through her acting.

The middle-aged woman frowned and told Xiao Lingyu, “You talk too much. Ol’ Two, stuff her mouth.”

Xiao Lingyu quickly dodged. Then she grabbed the boy from the woman and ran. The human traffickers were surprised by how fast Xiao Lingyu was.

But Xiao Lingyu didn’t notice that. There was only one thought in her mind, ‘I cannot let them harm the boy. I need to save him!’

The human traffickers chased after Xiao Lingyu.

At this moment, the plainclothes police officers appeared out of nowhere and pulled out their guns. They shouted loudly, “Stop, police!”

The middle-aged woman and the other six women immediately halted. They held their hands in surrender!

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