Farming Space Makes Me Rich

Chapter 23

Chapter 23: Lin Xiangyu’s Compensation

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When Xiao Lingyu demanded five million RMB, everyone was stunned into silence. She was asking for too much.

Xiao Lingyu had been shaking her head because it wasn’t a high enough price? So all her talk about justice and virtue was just rubbish?

“Xiao Lingyu, are you crazy?” Lin Xiangyu couldn’t stand it anymore. She jumped out to criticize. “How dare you even ask for five million?”

Xiao Lingyu retorted quickly, “Lin Xiangyu, are you deaf? Didn’t you hear what the Chairman said? He admitted that love, reputation, and innocence could not be bought with money. In other words, they are priceless.” Xiao Lingyu paused to take in the pig-headed Zhao Wenman and the simmering Chen Ran. “My love was stolen by Miss Zhao. My innocence and reputation were ruined by Miss Zhao. So is five million really too much? Compared to the giant corporation that is Huiqing Group, is the number really too high?”

Xiao Lingyu silenced everyone. There were those who agreed with her; those who didn’t agree with her didn’t dare to say anything.

Lin Xiangyu came to her senses, and she said in a tone laced with jealousy. “This… This is ridiculous. Five hundred thousand is enough for you to bring back home and build your whole family a beautiful bungalow, let alone five million! You’re from a backward town! You are clearly trying to take advantage of this situation!”

Lin Xiangyu managed to insult Lin Xiangyu’s background and greed in one sentence.

Xiao Lingyu’s face darkened. She said loudly, “Lin Xiangyu, thanks for coming out to remind me. You also owe me compensation for mental damage and reputation loss. But considering you come from the same background as I do, I won’t ask for much. Fifty thousand is enough!”

Lin Xiangyu was baffled. She gasped. “Fi-Fifty thousand?!”

Xiao Lingyu nodded. “That’s right, fifty thousand. You followed me in secret and took pictures without my permission. Then you distributed these pictures. This is a privacy violation and slander. You can choose not to give me any money. We’ll just see each other in court. We’ll see how much the judge shall fine you instead. Your choice.”

Lin Xiangyu was immediately frightened. Her mouth opened, but nothing came out. In the end, she turned to Zhao Huiqing. She walked towards him and pulled on his sleeves. She pleaded in a trembling voice, “Chairman, you have to help me. I was only following the young miss’ directions to tail Xiao Lingyu. It was also young miss who told me to release the pictures on the company chatgroup. Chairman, you need to help me!”

Zhao Huiqing couldn’t be angrier. He could not take out his anger at Xiao Lingyu, but Lin Xiangyu had sent herself over to replace Xiao Lingyu.

Zhao Huiqing shouted angrily, “Wh-who are you? You can’t just say things like that! You have to be responsible for what you said… Or else…”

Zhao Huiqing was about to threaten her with a lawsuit, but Lin Xiangyu cut him off. She took out her phone and said, “Chairman, I have evidence. I recorded every conversation I had with the Young Miss. I also have records of our online conversations. Do you want to take a look?”

Lin Xiangyu was really scared, so she didn’t hold back. It was why she dared to threaten Zhao Huiqing. Before this, she would never admit she was ordered by Zhao Wenman.

Zhao Huiqing didn’t expect that he’d fall under the hands of two girls after he had been in the business world for half his life. He was so angry the color of his face changed. In the end, he hissed, “Fine, I’ll pay the fifty thousand for you!”

Lin Xiangyu was relieved and put down her phone.

“Wait,” Zhao Huiqing shouted, “You have to delete these files now! Or else you might use them to blackmail me again in the future!” Zhao Huiqing didn’t care about his face anymore.

However, Lin Xiangyu was not dumb. She shook her head. “Chairman, I will delete the evidence only after you give the money to Xiao Lingyu.”

Zhao Huiguang’s eyes narrowed. He growled. “Fine!”

He turned to his secretary. “Secretary Lin, write her a check for fifty thousand!”

Secretary Lin replied, “Yes!”

She let go of Zhao Wenman’s hands and opened her bag. She took out a pen and a checkbook. She wrote quickly. Then, she handed the pen and the check to Zhao Huiqing.

After Zhao Huiqing signed the check, he handed the check back to Secretary Lin.

Secretary Lin took the check and turned to Lin Xiangyu. She handed it to Lin Xiangyu and said with a sneer, “Miss Lin, this is fifty thousand. Take it!”

Lin Xiangyu took the check from Secretary Lin. She was trembling, and her eyes flashed with disbelief. Fifty thousand was a lot for her.


Secretary Lin reminded, “Miss Lin, since you have taken the check, please delete the things on your phone.” Then, Secretary Lin reached over to grab Lin Xiangyu’s phone.

Lin Xiangyu reacted faster. She dodged Secretary Lin. Secretary Lin’s expression was cold. “Miss Lin, we have a promise. Are you going back on your words?”

Lin Xiangyu’s face was red from excitement and nervousness. She said, “How am I to know if this check is real or not?”

Secretary Lin sneered with derision. “Miss Lin, you can give the check to Miss Xiao, and then you’ll find out if the check is authentic or not!”

Xiao Lingyu was backed by Yan Siming. Secretary Lin wouldn’t dare to scam them.

Lin Xiangyu hesitated. Her eyes opened wide as she held the check. She was extremely reluctant to part with it. She had just received the check, but she had to give it away already. She was very unwilling. This was fifty thousand, which was more than her annual salary. She could buy so many luxury items with this money.

The crowd looked at Lin Xiangyu with disdain when they saw how dear the girl had held onto the check, which wasn’t even hers, to begin with. Her behavior was simply embarrassing.

Sensing the looks of people around her, Lin Xiangyu’s cheeks burned. She grabbed the check and walked towards Xiao Lingyu. She had the urge to throw the check at Lin Xiangyu’s face.

However, when she approached Young Master Yan, Lin Xiangyu’s legs wobbled. She forced herself to calm down. She couldn’t show her weakness before Lin Xiangyu!

“Here, fifty thousand!” Lin Xiangyu stretched out her hand that was holding the check.

Xiao Lingyu took the check unceremoniously. But it caused Lin Xiangyu’s heart to bleed. Xiao Lingyu looked at the check and smiled. “Alright, we’re even now.”

Lin Xiangyu wanted to ask something, but Xiao Lingyu stopped her, “I know what you’re going to ask. I won’t trouble you anymore.”

Lin Xiangyu instantly heaved a sigh of relief.

Xiao Lingyu glanced at her and said indifferently, “Next time, mind your own business!”

With that out of the way, Xiao Lingyu turned back to Zhao Huiqing. “Chairman, I’m still waiting for your five million.. After I have that, we’ll discuss my second condition.”

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