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Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Young Master Yan

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The moment the words left Zhao Wenman’s mouth, the atmosphere tensed.

Everyone looked at the man Xiao Lingyu brought over with disbelief.

This meant that the man was really that Young Master Yan, the most eligible bachelor at City Z. Other than his wealthy background, Yan Siming was also extremely handsome and had a perfect body that could rival a male model. On top of that, he was only 28. But even at his young age, he was already an accomplished entrepreneur in City Z. He was the wealthiest man at City Z and even wedged his way into the global wealth ranking. Any one of these conditions could tempt a woman. Young Master Yan was the dream of every socialite at City Z.

Yan Siming had a reputation as a womanizer, but he was not uncouth.

All his female partners were willing companions. They had agreed on the terms before starting the relationship. When they were with Young Master Yan, they would be treated fairly. Even after they had a break-up, Young Master Yan would take care of them with a parting gift of money, houses, cars, and so on.

For an ordinary woman, that was enough to last her for a whole lifetime.

However, if the woman continued to annoy Young Master Yan after the break-up, then he would take back all the gifts and initiate revenge to show them the consequences of being greedy.

Even though most women knew Yan Siming would get tired of them after a while, they were willing to be with Yan Siming. Other than the stuff they’d get during and after the relationship, they prayed that they’d be the one who captured Yan Siming’s heart.

The saying goes, an amorous person wouldn’t be so easily moved by love, but once they were, they would stop at anything to solidify that love. Yan Siming was such a man. However, no woman was lucky enough to move his heart yet.

The people at Huiqing Group were shocked that they were in the presence of a legendary figure. To make things even more shocking, he was brought there by their company’s most easily-bullied Xiao Lingyu. Their worldviews were subverted.

Yan Siming’s one call had put Huiqing Group’s future on the line.

Even though Zhao Wenman didn’t put her call on speaker when her father called, the place was so silent that basically everyone could hear them clearly. Therefore, other than shock, the crowd was nervous and anxious.

Everyone knew that anyone who offended Young Master Yan would not end up with a good ending.

Just now, the chairman of Huiqing Group had personally called to say the Yan Corporation had cut off their cooperation with the company.

What did this mean?

It meant that Huiqing Group was not far from bankruptcy.

Once that happened, most of the people present would lose their jobs. Huiqing Group was a famous company in City Z. The employee treatment was not that good, but many people saw Huiqing Group as a training ground. They would gather experience here and then seek greener pasture elsewhere.

But for some, it would seem like that plan had to be pushed forward. This was because if Zhao Wenman couldn’t get Young Master Yan’s forgiveness, then the bankruptcy would become a reality.

Many employees were already plotting. They had written up their resignation and planning resumes in their mind. But of course, they would stay to witness the result of this incident first.

At that same time, more women glared at Xiao Lingyu with jealousy.

Xiao Lingyu was able to get Chen Ran’s unconditional love. That had already made her the subject of envy for many female employees. Now Xiao Lingyu also got to know the most powerful bachelor in City Z. She even slept with him.

Judging from Young Master Yan’s relationship history, Xiao Lingyu had transformed into a phoenix already. She found the perfect man, and a carefree life had landed in her laps. She would have a house, a car, and money.

Xiao Lingyu’s luck was unreasonably good. All the women looked at Xiao Lingyu with envy. They had the urge to take her place.

None of them was worse than Xiao Lingyu in terms of looks and intellect. So why did Xiao Lingyu manage to get all the good men? First, there was Chen Ran and now, Yan Siming.

However, at that moment, the person who had to deal with the most complicated emotions was Chen Ran. He was overwhelmed by fear and anger.

He and Xiao Lingyu were childhood sweethearts. They were in the same class in primary, middle, and high school and were admitted to the same university.

He also did love Xiao Lingyu.

Since they became an official couple, Chen Ran protected Xiao Lingyu under his wings. To prevent other men from noticing Xiao Lingyu’s beauty, he persuaded her to dress down and bought her the big ugly glasses. It was so that no one would discover her alluring beauty.

Chen Ran cared about Xiao Lingyu and checked on her daily because he needed to make sure that Xiao Lingyu wouldn’t be able to survive without him.

However, no matter how strong the love, it couldn’t resist outside temptation, especially when it came carrying money.

After entering the workplace, Chen Ran realized that the most important thing for a man was not love and relationship but money and power.

So when Zhao Wenman threw him a bone and lured him with money, Chen Ran caved. Nevertheless, he was still Xiao Lingyu’s official boyfriend. Furthermore, their parents back in their hometowns had already agreed upon their marriage. So if he suddenly married another woman, it would damage Chen Ran’s reputation.

Therefore, to protect his own hide, Chen Ran had no choice but to sacrifice his girlfriend. Zhao Wenman urged him to go for the kill. She needed Xiao Lingyu to be properly disgraced.

At first, Chen Ran didn’t agree, but when Zhao Wenman threatened him by canceling the engagement, he had no choice but to go along with it.

Chen Ran felt guilty towards Xiao Lingyu, but he had to put himself first.

When he was planning the trap with Zhao Wenman, Chen Ran had already figured out the rest of the plan. He would send Xiao Lingyu back to their hometown. After he married Zhao Wenman, he would slowly take over Huiqing Group. When he succeeded, he would divorce Zhao Wenman and marry Xiao Lingyu.

Chen Ran was certain that Xiao Lingyu would wait for him.

But he was in for a surprise!

He never expected Xiao Lingyu to find out about the affair between him and Zhao Wenman. If Xiao Lingyu had kept the resentment to herself as a good woman should, it would be fine, but Xiao Lingyu had to make a big deal out of it. She pulled in another man, and he was the most influential person at City Z, Yan Siming.

To make matters worse, Zhao Wenman had to go and call Yan Siming a male prostitute. No one dared to imagine the consequences of offending Young Master Yan.

Chen Ran at least knew he had no power to speak. He could only pray that Zhao Wenman could be more sincere with her apology and Young Master Yan would be merciful. Or else, Chen Ran’s plan would go up in bubbles.

That was something he could not accept. Chen Ran couldn’t believe that he might end up losing both Zhao Wenman and Xiao Lingyu.

Zhao Wenman knew very well that she had to apologize, but it was very tough for someone with her upbringing to do so. This was no different from asking her to deny every fiber of her being. She felt like she had done everything she could by uttering the apology to Yan Siming.

However, the woman didn’t realize the severity of the truth.

Her insincere apology might be accepted if she had offended an ordinary person. After all, no one dared not to take the apology of the chairman’s daughter. However, was Yan Siming an ordinary person?

He was the young master of the wealthiest family in City Z and the president of Yan Corporation.

Therefore, he was not satisfied with Zhao Wenman’s insincere apology.

Yan Siming sneered and mocked. “Miss Zhao, you’re the daughter of a big company’s chairman, and I’m just a mere male prostitute. Your apology is too heavy for me to bear.” His tone was full of disdain.

Zhao Wenman’s eyes trembled, and her expression froze. She looked shocked and humiliated.

Yan Siming didn’t voice it aloud, but the implication was clear. He was not going to accept any half-hearted apology.

Zhao Wenman was heavily humiliated. She was the daughter of the Zhao Family. When had she been required to apologize to someone before?

But this time, she was forced to apologize because of Xiao Lingyu, and her apology was still rejected. Zhao Yuenman was pissed.

She lowered her head again and said in a slightly louder voice, “Young Master Yan, I’m sorry. I… I shouldn’t have called you a… male prostitute. I’m sorry!” She bit her lower lip. The words of apology came out with incredible difficulty.

The corners of Young Master Yan’s lips curled up. He turned a deaf ear to Zhao Wenman’s apology and turned to the woman behind him, “My little firecracker, now that you know my identity, are you not moved? Shall we spend one more night together?”

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