Farming in the Mountains: Max Level Jiaojiao Is Three Years Old

Chapter 666 - Chapter 666: A Waste

Chapter 666: A Waste

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If she plucked all of them and the tree did not change, it meant that the soil had really become ordinary soil.

Naturally, the lemon fruits on this tree would not be hanging on it in a fresh

ana ripe state.

With that in mind, Jiang Yue took out a rather large cloth bag from her space. Then, she opened the cloth bag and placed it on the ground.

Then, as she plucked the lemon fruits on the tree, she said to Xue Yan, “I want to take all of them.”

“Okay.” At the same time that Xue Yan responded, he also reached out to help pluck them. He plucked all the golden lemons on the tree and put them all into the cloth bag.

This large cloth bag was half full by the time they were done.

Jiang Yue picked it up and threw it into her space.

Half a bag of lemons disappeared into thin air just like that, but Xue Yan was still particularly calm. To him, it was already very normal for Jiang Yue to make something appear and disappear out of thin air.

Some time passed since the last lemon was picked, but the lemon tree did not have any changes. Jiang Yue finally decided that if the yellow soil had any energy, it must have been completely used up.

If that was the case, the space would naturally be able to magically provide energy to the yellow soil, allowing the yellow soil to maintain its appearance.

However, once it left the space, the space could no longer provide it with energy. Naturally, when its own energy was exhausted, it would be no different from ordinary soil.

This way, she understood why the yellow leaves around her had turned green. This was because when the energy was not protected, therefore it would scatter to the surroundings and affect the life around it.

It seemed that the black soil in her space could protect and prevent the energy of the yellow soil from spreading to the surroundings.

Jiang Yue nodded. She did not care about the lemon tree anymore and decided to let it grow here. This lemon tree will definitely bear fruit next year. It would be a waste to cut it down. The yellow soil that she took out from the space had no more energy. Those wild things whose leaves turned from yellow to green would naturally turn yellow again according to their own growth trend.

She would have to wait and see if she wanted to plant some lemon seeds back home in the future.

Then, Jiang Yue looked at Xue Yan and asked, “As you can see, my yellow soil has this effect. It’s not easy to grow lemons just now. I have to plant more of them. When I pick them, I’ll secretly mix them with the other lemons. No one will notice. The lemons can still be stored for a long time. Normally, they can be stored for about a month. If they are placed in the cellar, they should be able to be stored for even longer.”

“I see.” Xue Yan nodded. He looked around before saying, “This place is too remote. Let’s go to a more conspicuous place and plant it again.”

This was because they had to bring it home. If it was too remote, it would be difficult to explain to their family how they found out.

Jiang Yue obviously understood what he meant and nodded. “I thought so too. I came here yesterday just to give it a try. Then let’s go find a place. When it’s grown, we can tell our family and ask them to help pick it. We can say that we found it by accident. When cooking some dishes, you can also add some lemon to add flavor to it. Lemon can remove the fishy smell and the peculiar smell of the food itself, and the dishes will taste better.”

“Alright, let’s go.”

The two of them returned to the mountain where their home was.

After thinking about it, she decided not to go to another mountain. Instead, she went to the closest mountain there. However, she went to the place where the villagers would gather firewood whenever they were short of firewood.

In fact, this mountain had not been reclaimed.

When the villagers gathered firewood, they would gather it at a nearby place. They rarely went inside. If it was really tough to firewood nearby, only then they would go inside..

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