Farmer's Wife Has Magic Skills

Chapter 514 - Chapter 514: Clear Goal

Chapter 514: Clear Goal

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Chu Junbao approached Shen Ruyue with the children from the village, each carrying a basket filled with fresh and plump cherries. “Sister Ruyue, we’ve brought more golden cherries for you.”

Standing at the doorstep of the old house, Shen Ruyue waited as the children brought the cherries over. “Wait here, I’ll get the scale.”


Shen Ruyue returned with a scale in one hand and a bamboo basket in the other. “I’ll weigh them for you right away.”

As Chu Junbao handed over the basket, he asked with anticipation, “Sister Ruyue, we’ve picked all the golden cherries. Do you want other fruits too?”


Shen Ruyue replied while weighing the cherries, “Yes, 1 also want grapes, bayberries, Chinese dates, apples, and pears. Can you get those?”

The children were disappointed, as those fruits weren’t wild and were harder to obtain. The Chinese dates grew in the mountains and were out of their reach.

Suddenly, Chu Junbao excitedly spoke up, “My maternal grandparents have lots of grapes! Sister Ruyue, do you really want grapes? I can pick some for you.”

Shen Ruyue, having only received 500 catties of grapes and still needing more, asked, “How many do they have?”

Chu Junbao exaggerated with wide-open arms, “Their backyard is full of grapes, big, red, and sweet. You’ll definitely like them.”

Shen Ruyue inquired, “Is their home far? Go ask your grandparents if they’re selling the grapes. If they are, I’ll go check them out.”

She had to collect the grapes as soon as possible. If she waited a little longer, the grapes would probably be overripe and not taste good.

Eager to sell the grapes, Chu Junbao wiped the sweat from his forehead. “I’ll go right away.”

Shen Ruyue thanked him, “Thanks for making the trip.”

Chu Junbao waved his hand. “I’m happy to. It’s no trouble.”

After weighing the golden cherries, which totaled ten catties, Shen Ruyue distributed the copper coins and took the golden cherries to the cellar, feeling a chill from the lower temperature there.

The temperature in the cellar was much lower than outside. It felt like early winter.

Chu Junbao took the money home and placed it in the piggy bank. Then, he ran to his maternal grandfather’s house in the neighboring village.

After coming out of the cellar, Shen Ruyue had just recorded the accounts when Xu Songnian and Xu Wenlin arrived, carrying small loads of golden cherries. Xu Songnian’s load was full, while Xu Wenlin, being younger, carried half as much.

They placed their loads down and sweetly greeted Shen Ruyue as their “big cousin-in-law.”

Shen Ruyue warmly smiled, “You’ve gathered so much today?”

Xu Songnian happily said, “Yes, we rallied the children from the neighboring village to pick golden cherries. Everyone worked hard and collected this much.”

Shen Ruyue weighed the golden cherries, totaling forty-five catties. She praised Xu Songnian, “You actually carried thirty catties on your shoulder; does it hurt your shoulders?”

Xu Songnian assured her it didn’t hurt and that he could handle it.

Shen Ruyue said with concern, “You have to be careful. Don’t hurt yourself.”

Xu Songnian nodded seriously. “Cousin-in-law, I’ll be careful.”

Shen Ruyue handed the silver to Xu Songnian. “Take your sister with you. Be careful on the way back.”

Then, she went to get a bag of biscuits and placed it under Xu Songnian’s basket. “These biscuits were made today. Take them back and eat them.”

Xu Songnian smiled. The young man’s face looked exceptionally bright. “Thank you, Cousin-in-law.”

Shen Ruyue smiled. “Go back quickly. Your mother will be worried if you’re not back in time.”

“Okay.” The three wolfdogs ran over obediently and sent the siblings home. They were also obedient. After sending the two siblings home, they would run back on their own.

Shen Ruyue watched the siblings leave. After they disappeared, she went back to her work.


After a day of hard work, Li Qingyu and her team managed to clear an acre of land.

Although the grass on the ground had been burned, the roots were still in the soil. Coupled with the fact that the soil was very hard, one of the hoes was broken from digging. The progress was rather slow.

Li Qingyu’s hands were even blistered.

When they returned home, Chu Qingning happened to be carrying a first aid kit back from the county. When she saw the blisters on Li Qingyu’s hand, she immediately treated her.

Chu Qingning said, “Mother, don’t cook tonight. I’ll cook with Second Sister.”

Reluctant to rest, Li Qingyu replied, “I can help with the fire. That won’t hurt my hands.”

Chu Qingning nodded.

Li Qingyu smiled. “How was the volunteer medical consultation today?”

Chu Qingning put away her medical tools and pulled out a book from her bag. “It was very helpful. I learned a lot,” she said, showing her notes.

Although Li Qingyu couldn’t read, she flipped through the book, gauging Chu Qingning’s progress by the amount of writing. Seeing the extensive notes, she proudly said, “All my daughters are exceptional.”

Chu Qingning smiled brightly. “Mother, you’re so supportive of me. I can’t let you down.”

Li Qingyu patted Chu Qingning’s head and said lovingly, You never do. I’m very proud of you.”

As the kitchen filled with the aroma of delicious food and the sun set, villagers headed home.

At the old house, Chu Qingzhi divided the eleven new workers into five teams, pairing literate with illiterate individuals for training.

After training, she laid out the rules: “You must load the goods here before 6 AM, and leave precisely at that time. Ensure you get a signed receipt; otherwise, it’s as if you’ve given the goods away. Have you all got it?”

The group replied in unison, “Understood.”

“Tomorrow, follow my brother and Li Zhangjie for a run to understand the process before you start delivering on your own.”


“As for wages, each of you will earn one hundred copper coins per day, paid monthly. Those who perform well can earn up to five hundred copper coins in bonuses at the month’s end. It’s up to you to earn it.”

“Sign in with Shen Ruyue each day. If you don’t sign, that day’s wages will be deducted, and the bonus will be forfeited.”

“If you need to take leave, you can apply in advance. Each person gets four days off per month. No more than two people can be off at the same time. Discuss among yourselves for the days off.”

“Taking leave within the four days off won’t affect the bonus, but that day’s wages will still be deducted.”

“Work ends when you submit the signed receipts to Shen Ruyue.”

“The routes vary in length, so you’ll rotate to keep it fair.”

“After a month, I’ll select one of you as the supervisor. Work hard for it.”

This last statement immediately motivated everyone, as becoming a supervisor meant higher pay and prestige. They now had a clear goal to strive for.

After the briefing, Chu Qingzhi dismissed them, just in time for dinner at home..

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