Fake Rich Daughter Is A Scientist From The Future

Chapter 44 - Unwilling To Accept Things And Craziness

Chapter 44: Unwilling To Accept Things And Craziness

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After the big screen finally started to display the list of the top 100 Year Two students, Huo You didn’t continue to watch but turned to leave in large strides.

A girl fawned over Huo You looked surprised. “Isn’t Youyou here to see the list? Why did she leave just like that?”

Another girl beside her slapped her arm hard and pointed at the big screen with her mouth open. Her eyes looked like they were about to pop out. “Look at the first place of the Year Two cohort. Is it that Huo Tian?”

“Oh god, it’s really her! How did she do so well? She scored more than ten points higher than Huo You who is in second place!”

“Do you guys think that Huo You saw Huo Tian’s results just now?”

The girls looked at each other. They knew how much Huo You hated Huo Tian. Not only did she compare herself to Huo Tian every time, but she even got angry whenever she heard Huo Tian’s name. Now that Huo Tian’s results were so much higher than her, who knows how angry she might feel.

These people had always supported Huo You, but now, they were unwilling to get too close to her for fear of her venting out on them.

Huo You was hiding in an empty music room. She kicked a stool away angrily and paced around the room, breathing heavily.

She called He Yu. “Why? Why is Huo Tian always going against me?! Why can’t I get rid of this her?!”

He Yu frowned impatiently at the hysterical shouting on the other end of the line. “What’s wrong with you?”

“I can’t accept this. I can’t accept losing to Huo Tian again!” Huo You recalled everything that had happened in her previous life and lost control of her emotions even more. “Huo Tian is a thief. She stole everything that should have belonged to me…”

“Shut up! Don’t be cursing like a shrew.” He Yu’s voice was cold. “You mean that Huo Tian’s score is higher than yours, right?”

Huo You probably hadn’t expected He Yu to speak to her in such a cold tone and wasn’t able to react in time.

Hence, He Yu repeated impatiently, “I’m asking you a question. Didn’t you hear me?”

This time, Huo You finally sensed He Yu’s impatience. “He Yu! How dare you talk to me like that?!”

What replied Huo You was the sound of the line getting cut off. He Yu actually hung up.

This made Huo You even angrier. She threw her phone on the ground, her beautiful face immediately became distorted.

“Why? Who are you to do this to me?!”

“You’re so noisy!” A sluggish voice suddenly rang out from the sofa in the last row.

Huo Tian rubbed her sleepy eyes and stood up.

Huo You was stunned when she saw Huo Tian. “Huo Tian, why are you here? Are you here to see a joke out of me?”

“I don’t have the time for that.” Huo Tian’s eyes were filled with fatigue. “Our classmates were all asking me how I managed to score full marks in science subjects. I was so frustrated that I came out to find a place to sleep. I had just fallen asleep when you disturbed me.”

With that, Huo Tian strolled sluggishly towards the door.

The moment her hand was about to touch the door handle, the sound of anxious footsteps rang out behind her.

Huo Tian turned her body and a sturdy chair actually passed by her and smashed against the classroom door, producing a dull thud.

“Are you serious? I only did better than you in the examinations. Do you have to hate me so much for that?” Huo Tian frowned at the furious Huo You. “There’s no law in the world that says I can’t do better than you, right?”

“Stop pretending! Huo Tian, you always act like you’re so innocent as if you don’t owe anyone anything!” Huo You’s eyes reddened. “Let me tell you, you owe me! So I’ll never allow you to live better than me!”

Huo Tian didn’t understand why Huo You hated her so much. She tilted her head and looked at the furious Huo You, her tone still calm. “No, I don’t owe you, and I don’t owe the Huo Family either. If you guys dare to interfere with my life again, I’ll personally go and chop off your claws!”

Before Huo You could rush up to tear up Huo Tian’s face apart, anxious knocking rang out from the music room’s door.

Mr. Wang rushed into the classroom with a few members of the school’s management. They first saw the shattered chair at the door, then looked around with pale faces. They only heaved a sigh of relief when they saw that Huo Tian was unharmed.

“Thank goodness you’re alright, Huo Tian…” Mr. Wang patted his chest as if he had just survived a disaster.” A student ran to the office earlier and said that someone were fighting in the music room, and that one of them seems to be you. It really gave the teachers a big scare…”

“Are the teachers afraid that I’ll hurt someone?” Huo Tian tilted her head in confusion. “Teachers, don’t worry. I know I’ve always been a little reckless when I fight, so I won’t fight in school.”

The teachers fell into a strange silence, then all of them laughed dryly as if they hadn’t heard Huo Tian say anything that didn’t conform to the rules.

“It’s good that Huo Tian is fine.. You have to protect yourself in school in the future. If you get bullied, you have to tell the teachers…”

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