Fake Rich Daughter Is A Scientist From The Future

Chapter 404 - 404 You Like Him

404 You Like Him

At this moment, Huo Tian’s brain was filled with mush. It was filled with thoughts of whether her father really didn’t want to be a human anymore. After a while, she wondered why Andrew, who had thick eyebrows and big eyes, had also rebelled. (Was he going to turn our pure friendship into an awkward relationship between a man and a woman?)

Upon hearing Andrew Cameron’s words, Huo Tian’s first reaction was not anger, but a feeling of being caught between laughter and tears.

Huo Tian looked at Andrew Cameron with a tired expression and said helplessly, “Andrew, stop talking nonsense. How can the two of us get married?”

However, Andrew Cameron didn’t take Huo Tian’s rebuttal to heart. He said seriously, “The two of us are well-coordinated at work and are good friends privately. We’ve never been angry at each other or quarreled. If we become husband and wife, I believe we’ll also manage our marriage life well.”

Therefore, Huo Tian couldn’t be bothered to waste any more time explaining to Andrew. She said bluntly, “Andrew Cameron, I’m telling you seriously that even if this marriage agreement is real, it’s impossible for me to marry you!”

Huo Tian wasn’t worried about hurting Andrew Cameron’s self-esteem at all. It was because she knew that Andrew didn’t care about his face at all. If it were any other man, they would more or less feel unhappy when their proposal was rejected. However, Andrew Cameron’s expression was still very calm without any displeasure.

He only looked at Huo Tian in confusion and asked, “Why aren’t you willing to marry me? We’re partners in work and friends in life. Even our families and backgrounds can be said to be compatible. According to universal values, even if our marriage isn’t very happy, it will be very firm. I can’t figure out why you rejected me.”

Huo Tian crossed her arms and put on a firm attitude of rejection. “There’s no reason. There’s no need for a reason for such things. Moreover, Andrew, do you really want to form a family with me? Or do you just want to deepen our relationship?”

This question made Andrew Cameron unable to answer for a moment. He was slightly stunned and looked at Huo Tian in confusion, unable to come up with a clear answer after a rational analysis.

Huo Tian didn’t need Andrew Cameron’s answer either. She pointed to the core of the problem and said, “Andrew, of course we have a very deep relationship, but that relationship is friendship, not love. I have many friends. You, Bi Ying, Zhao Feng… You are all my friends, but I won’t marry any of you!”

Andrew Cameron didn’t act like a man who had failed in his proposal at all. He was still thinking quickly and sharply, catching the point in Huo Tian’s words.

He suddenly said, “If I understand it correctly, the man who danced with you wasn’t on the list of friends you mentioned just now. His name is Si Huan, right? This means that he’s not an innocent friend in your heart. It seems like my analysis from before wasn’t wrong. The two of you are indeed in a love relationship.”

As if to strengthen the credibility of this theory, Andrew Cameron nodded and looked at Huo Tian confidently. “Since you like that man called Si Huan, then as your friend, I won’t put you in a difficult situation. You can find a suitable opportunity to contact the families on both sides to discuss the annulment of our marriage agreement.”

Huo Tian never expected that Andrew Cameron would bring the matter back to Si Huan. She had been made very irritable by Andrew. Now, she finally understood the other colleagues who had been defeated by Andrew’s naivety when they were handing over their work to Andrew!

Huo Tianxin covered her face tiredly and let out a long sigh. She waved at Andrew Cameron weakly and said in a very weak tone, “Forget it, don’t worry about my love life anymore. You just need to know the fact that the marriage agreement between the two of us can’t be fulfilled and then, you can just let this matter go completely, okay?”

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