Fake Rich Daughter Is A Scientist From The Future

Chapter 35

Chapter 35: Huo You’s Reinforcements

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Huo You acted as though she was in love with He Yu in front of her father, but deep down, she knew that she didn’t see He Yu as a true lover. She was still considering whether she should see him as her political marriage partner.

Huo You also had a vague realization that He Yu wasn’t as infatuated with her as her father had described.

She didn’t know if her father had been tricked by He Yu, but Huo You didn’t care what He Yu thought. She only wanted to use her relationship with He Yu as a bargaining chip to regain her parents’ trust.

After all, Huo You knew her parents well. This was how realistic they were. As long as their daughter’s marriage partner could bring them benefits, they didn’t care if their daughter was really outstanding or not. Wasn’t that how their parents treated Huo Tian in their previous life?

After returning to her bedroom, Huo You immediately contacted He Yu.

On the other end of the phone, He Yu’s tone was as frivolous as usual. “Oh, isn’t this our young miss? Why did you contact me?”

Huo You’s attitude towards He Yu was exceptionally gentle tonight. “I missed you, so I called you after talking to my parents.”

He Yu smiled, sounding a little infatuated too. “Is that so? Seeing how happy the young miss has made me tonight, I’ll tell you a piece of good news. Your wish is about to be fulfilled.”

Huo You asked in a sweet voice, “Why don’t I know what wish I have?”

“Didn’t you want your detestable classmate to leave the school? As the school’s chairman, I’m already prepared to stand up for you.” He Yu changed the topic and added, “However, this is a rather troublesome matter. The young miss will need to give me more benefits…”

Huo You couldn’t help but sound nervous. “W-what do you want…”

“Of course I’ll ask you for this favor in person. We’ll talk about it in detail when we meet tomorrow night. Is that okay?”

Huo You’s heart raced as she hung up the phone. She couldn’t help but think about what He Yu wanted from her. A vague guess formed in her mind and her face flushed red.

This weekend was a turning point in Huo You’s life that could ascertain the direction that she’d be taking in the future, but it was nothing special for Huo Tian.

Huo Tian immersed herself in her small workshop and enjoyed her mother’s meticulous care. The two-day weekend ended just like that.

As usual, Ding Chen drove Huo Tian and Bi Ying to school. Huo Tian slumped into the backseat as if she didn’t have any bones. “Why did the weekend end so quickly? I don’t feel anything at all.”

Bi Ying was resting with his eyes closed when he heard this. He complained, “Of course you don’t feel anything. You hadn’t left the studio for the past two days. How would you know that the sky outside had turned dark and then bright and then dark again?”

Huo Tian sighed. “I can’t help it. I’m living too comfortably in school. It feels like I’m on holiday.”

Bi Ying said, “Don’t say that in front of the other students. I’m afraid they might beat you up.”

Huo Tian said, “Are you kidding? I’m super good at fighting.”

Huo Tian and Bi Ying chatted idly and then saw Si Huan at the school gate.

Huo Tian thought that Si Huan was checking students’ uniforms and name tags at the school entrance, just like the other members of the student union. She waved at him and then proceeded to head to her classroom.

However, Si Huan stopped Huo Tian and Bi Ying. He didn’t look too good, as if something unexpected had happened.

Huo Tian asked curiously, “Si Huan, what’s wrong? You seem a little weird.”

Si Huan said, “A few representatives from the school’s board of directors came to the school today. They said that they wanted to discuss your enrollment qualifications. They didn’t come with good intentions. You guys should be careful later.”

Huo Tian and Bi Ying looked at each other.

After a while, Huo Tian said, “I was already mentally prepared for the Huo Family to think of a way to kick me out of school, but why is Bi Ying involved? He’s the top student in the city for the middle school examination this year, so what’s wrong with his enrollment?”

Bi Ying pursed his lips and his face darkened. He said, “I can guess what happened. Don’t worry, those people can’t do anything to me.”

Si Huan nodded. “That’s what I wanted to tell you guys too. Don’t worry. Although my family doesn’t have many shares in Qingli, we’re still one of the school board members who can speak up. I can guarantee that no one will be able to make you two leave the school. We just have to go through with the process now.”

Si Huan had always been reliable in Huo Tian’s eyes, so she was relieved to hear him say that. She said casually, “Then let’s go to the conference room quickly. I hate such tedious meetings the most. It’s best if no one says too much crap this time.”

The representatives of the school’s board of directors were considerate and didn’t say much crap. Of course, it could be because He Yu didn’t care about Huo Tian and Bi Ying, so his attitude was straightforward.

He Yu looked at Huo Tian and Bi Ying as though he was sizing them up.. He said scornfully, “Putting the idiot Huo Tian aside, you guys even recruited a cripple into the school. Aren’t you guys too imprudent about things?”

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