Fake Rich Daughter Is A Scientist From The Future

Chapter 340 - Freedom of Marriage

Chapter 340: Freedom of Marriage

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If Huo Tian was a child, Ding Rong could really hug her and dote on her. However, she was already 19 years old today and was even taller than Ding Rong, With her rubbing against Ding Rong’s body, she didn’t look like she was acting spoiled but more that she was making a scene.

Ding Rong hugged this heavy precious girl and was pushed by her onto Xi Cheng, Xi Cheng hugged the two most important women in his life with a gentle smile on his face.

Ding Rong patted Huo Tian’s back gently and consoled her, “Alright, Tiantian, stop acting like a child. Didn’t you want to know why Mom got involved with Huo You in front of outsiders? Mom will tell you now.”

Huo Tian’s body stiffened and she buried her head in Ding Rong’s arms, refusing to get up. Her voice was muffled as she said, “Then Mom should give a good explanation. If Mom’s explanation doesn’t satisfy me, I’ll really be angry.”

Ding Rong’s hand gently ran through Huo Tian’s hair. Huo Tian was like a kitten who had been stroked and obediently nestled in Ding Rong’s arms. She thought proudly, (As long as Mom is willing to explain, even if the reason is too far-fetched, I’ll give her some face and stop being angry…)

Before Ding Rong could explain, Huo Tian had already managed to coax herself. However, Ding Rong did not know what Huo Tian was thinking and explained the entire situation seriously.

Even though I have had nothing to do with Huo You since a long time ago, I still think she should have freedom of marriage, just like any girl. I offered to think of a way to help her break off the engagement, but she refused.”

With Ding Rong’s explanation, Huo Tian had already straightened up from her embrace. She frowned deeply. “That He Yu isn’t a good person at all. When he was young, he pushed Bi Ying down the stairs and broke his legs. He also…”

Of course, Huo Tian knew what kind of person He Yu was. In order to shake Si Huan’s position in the Si Corporation, he had ruthlessly attacked Ding Rong and caused the kidnapping incident. Huo Tian had never told Ding Rong about this matter. Ding Rong only understood He Yu from Huo You’s

description. In her heart, He Yu was just as temperamental and violent as Huo You had said. Huo Tian didn’t want her mother to worry, so she forcefully endured the fact that He Yu was the mastermind behind the kidnapping incident.

She felt uncomfortable holding it in, her eyes filled with frustration and disgust. “That He guy did so many bad things and still doesn’t restrain himself. How could the Huo Family not know his style of doing things? Why did they still have to have a political marriage with such a person?”

This was because not all parents truly loved their children… In Ding Rong’s heart, Huo Tian was a pure, kind, and optimistic child. She did not want Huo Tian to understand the dark side of human nature and was unwilling to let her know that some parents would not hesitate to betray their biological

children for their own benefits.

She said ambiguously, “Everyone has different criteria for measuring their marriage happiness. Maybe in Mr. and Mrs. Huo’s opinion, Mr. He Yu is a good marriage partner?”

Huo Tian snorted coldly but didn’t say anything.

However, Xi Cheng did not feel that there was a need to hide things for such inhumane parents. He told Huo Tian their thoughts directly. “Your mother thinks of others too kindly. The Huo couple won’t take their daughter’s lifelong happiness into consideration. They only care if they can get benefits from

their children’s marriage. Anyone with eyes can tell that with He Yu’s style of doing things, he won’t have a good ending. However, the Huo Family doesn’t care if their daughter will be implicated by her husband. They only care about the benefits the He Family can bring them.”

Huo Tian nodded. “This is indeed how the Huo couple does things. If the He Family were to fall in the future, they wouldn’t care for Huo You either. They might even take the opportunity to take a share of the benefits.”

She sighed and looked at Ding Rong worriedly. “Mom, not all parents in this world are like you guys. You’d always consider the child’s feelings no matter what you do. You’re always so innocent. What should we do about that…”

Ding Rong was caught between laughter and tears. “Don’t look at me like that. I’m already over 40 years old. How could I not know this principle?”

Xi Cheng was a bystander and knew that both mother and daughter wanted to protect each other. They did not want the other party to understand too much about the darkness of humanity.

With such a wife and daughter, what else was he unsatisfied with?

Xi Cheng smiled and said, “The Huo Family is used to measuring everything with benefits. This is not a rare phenomenon in high society. You won’t be surprised anymore when you see more of such cases in the future..”

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