Fake Rich Daughter Is A Scientist From The Future

Chapter 333 - Not To Be Underestimated

Chapter 333: Not To Be Underestimated

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When the butler heard this pretentious response, he felt a sense of mockery in

his heart. He subconsciously compared Huo Tian to Huo You. The butler felt

that the two of them were worlds apart. This Miss Huo You who would

ingratiate herself to someone else to achieve her ends wasn’t even fit to carry

their little princess’s shoes. He really didn’t expect that this young lady had

been raised and taught by their madam.

No matter how much disdain and contempt he felt, the butler wouldn’t show it

on his face.

He continued to say respectfully and carefully, “That gentleman will be

punished. He has been sent out of the manor by the security guards and will

not appear at the Hill Family’s banquet in the future. Madam asked me to tell

you to relax and enjoy the rest of thhe banquet.”

Huo You nodded. She didn’t know what to say anymore. Fortunately, the butler

understood his mission very well. After a few simple sentences, he expressed

that Ding Rong still hada trace of kindness for her adopted daughter who had

returned to the Huo Family. Just this kindness alone was enough to show that

this adopted daughter was not to be underestimated.

After the butler left, the surrounding people looked at Huo You with even more

fervent gazes. The few foreign friends who had been treating Huo You and He

Yu casually earlier immediately said to Huo You in a friendly and respectful

manner, “Dear Miss Huo You, I didn’t expect you to be Mrs. Hill’s adopted

daughter. You Chinese are so reserved and keep such a low profile.

The foreigner was about to ask Huo You to introduce him to Mrs. Hill, but

before he could say anything, a middle-aged woman walked over. This

woman’s surname was Song and she had met Huo You a few times in the past.

She was considered familiar with Mrs. Huo and didn’t have many interactions

with juniors like Huo You.

However, even if they didn’t have any interactions with each other, she had to

create opportunities for the interactions. Without any hesitation, this Auntie

Song grabbed Huo You’s arm and said very intimately, “Youyou, Auntie Song

wanted to come over to greet you from the start, but Mrs. Huo isn’t by your

side, so I felt shy about coming up to you. Now, it seems that I have to come

over. Mrs. Hill took so much care of you just now, so you’ll definitely have to go

greet her later. At that time, as your elder, Tll go over with you..”

When another woman beside her saw this, she immediately pursed her lips and

said disdainfully, “That Song woman is really thick-skinned, treating herself

as Youyou’s elder. Isn’t she just trying to build a relationship with Mrs. Hill in a

roundabout way?

Auntie Song was mentally strong and didn’t take these cold words to heart at

all. She only smiled at Huo You.

Huo You didn’t give her any face and retracted her hand wearily. She said to He

Yu, “Tm a little tired. Why don’t we go back first?

He Yu frowned slightly. He subconsciously felt that there was something

wrong with Huo You and Mrs. Hill’s relationship, but it wasn’t appropriate for

him to probe further. Hence, he nodded and wrapped Huo You in his embrace.

He raised his voice slightly. “Youyou is tired, so I’ll take her home to rest first.

T’m sorry, everyone, but we’ll have to excuse ourselves.

Everyone felt regretful. If they let Huo You leave just like that, they would have

missed a chance to visit Mrs. Hill. Actually, logically speaking, Huo You should

have expressed her gratitude to Mrs. Hill. Why did she leave just like that?

Some people felt that Huo You was probably arrogant because she treated

kindly, but some people vaguely guessed the truth. They felt that there

shouldn’t be such a deep relationship between Huo You and Mrs. Hill. After all,

Huo You had caused such a scene in order to meet the Huo Family, and Mrs.

Hill had her own temper. How could she not have any grudges against this

adopted daughter?

Everyone had all sorts of guesses in their hearts. No one knew the actual


He Yu was impatient and wasn’t one to beat about the bush. If there was

anything he didn’t understand, he would choose to ask directly.

He Yu got into the He Family’s private car and raised the partition between the

driver’s seat and the backseat. He then asked Huo You, who was beside him,

When you went to the dressing room to touch up your makeup, did you meet

Mrs. Hill? What happened between the two of you?

Huo You turned to look out the window and replied stiffly, “This has nothing to

do with you

He Yu grabbed Huo You’s arm in frustration and whispered into her ear, “How

can this be unrelated to me? Don’t forget what the two of us had conspiredto

do to Mrs. Hill. If she finds out about that

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