Fake Rich Daughter Is A Scientist From The Future

Chapter 331 - Agree To Help

Chapter 331: Agree To Help

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In her nervousness, Huo You actually felt a little panicky. She seemed to not

dare to face Ding Rong’s answer and said hurriedly, “Tm sorry, just take it that

Tm spouting nonsense. There’s no need to pay attention to me

With that, Huo You quickly turned around and turned the door handle, looking

like she wanted to flee.

Behind her, Ding Rong sighed slowly and said in a soft voice, “Tm very sorry to

have frightened you at the Hill Family’s banquet. Take this as my

compensation for you. I’l act according to your wishes as if the two of us still

have feelings for each other, allowing you to use this as a bargaining chip to

exchange for what you want.”

Huo You stood rooted to the ground. After a long while, she turned around and

looked at Ding Rong in disbelief. “How How could you possibly agree to this?

Don’t you hate such methods the most?

That’s right, I hate all kinds of underhanded schemes and plots. But I can’t

help it. This is your true nature. I wasn’t able to change even after raising you

for 18 years. Now, Im even less qualified to criticize you.”

A trace of sadness flashed across Ding Rong’s eyes, which seemed to be filled

with pity and pain. “Tll help you, but I have conditions too.

Huo You pursed her lips and asked, “What conditions do you have?

Ding Rong slowly restrained her emotions, tried to maintain her composure,

then said in a business-like manner, I request that you not use this asa

bargaining chip to do anything that will damage the Hill Family’s reputation or

harm Tiantian. Other than obtaining a say in the Huo Family and protecting

yourself in the marriage between you and He Yu, I won’t allow you to use your

relationship with me to swindle others.”

Huo You opened her mouth and subconsciously wanted to retort that she

wasn’t that kind of person.

However, she didn’t say it out loud because Ding Rong knew her better than

Huo You thought.

Huo You was indeed someone who didn’t have a high moral bottom line. If one

day, she realized that she could easily get benefits from others by exploiting

her relationship with Ding Rong, how could she not use this to swindle others?

Huo You’s heart was filled with sadness. Under Ding Rong’s gaze, she slowly

nodded and promised, “Tll agree and abide by this condition.”

More than half a year ago, they were still in a loving mother and filial daughter

relationship. But now, they could only converse with this kind of negotiation

and transaction method.

Ding Rong was filled with emotions, but she had to put things bluntly. “Huo

You, this is my condition. If I find out that you’ve violated this request, I won’t

let you share any more of my glory. Do you understand?

Huo You was silent. She knew that from this moment onwards, she had

completely lost the only mother who had been good to her. The memories

between them were no longer warm but shrouded with a layer of cold


She nodded sadly. “T understand.

Before Ding Rong left the dressing room, she only left Huo You with one last

word. “I hope you can get what you want and that you’ll do well by yourself in

the future.

Half a year ago, when she left Ding Rong and returned to the Huo Family, Huo

You hadn’t had a formal goodbye with Ding Rong. It was because felt guilty and

also that her heart was only filled with yearmings for the future.

Today, on the day of Huo You’s 19th birthday, in a quiet dressing room in the

bustling banquet hall, the mother and daughter, who had shared warm and

beautiful times, and also had each other’s hatred, officially bade each other


Huo You knew that the words “do well by yourself were Ding Rong’s final

advice to her. From now on, they really had nothing to do with each other


Huo You only felt empty inside. When she returned to the banquet, she had

relied on her instincts to smile and greet the other guests

She was in a bit of a daze and didn’t care if others could tell that she was ina

bad state.

A man who was half a head taller than her got close to her and wrapped his

arm around Huo You’s waist. After a long while, Huo You finally realized that

this person was He Yu, who had changed into a spare set of clothes.

It was rare for Huo You to be a little slow. She said slowly, “Were you talking to

me just now? Tm sorry, I didn’t hear what you said

He Yu stared at Huo You strangely for a long while. His gaze swept across her

face and he realized that her makeup had returned to normal. There was

nothing wrong with her appearance either, but she was still ina daze. He

wondered what she had gone through in the dressing room..

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