Fake Rich Daughter Is A Scientist From The Future

Chapter 33

Chapter 33: The Perverse Mother-daughter Relationship

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The Huo Family was a prestigious family that had a legacy of many years and had a place in the top circles of Shangjing. Before today, no one had ever doubted their upbringing.

However, when Ding Chen mentioned this, the others couldn’t help but guess. That’s right. This fake Miss Huo was famous for being an idiot in the Huo Family, but after she left, she became so outstanding that she became friends with the current master of the Si Family, Si Huan. Did this mean that the Huo Family wasn’t as good at educating children as Huo Tian’s biological mother?

As Mrs. Huo listened to the whispers around her, she felt their suspicious gazes were like sharp blades pressed against her back.

She forced a smile and said, “Huo Tian can’t be considered outstanding no matter what, can she? It’s hard for you to make such a joke just to refute me.”

Ding Chen coughed lightly and said proudly, “This isn’t a joke. Tiantian, tell Mrs. Huo how you were fought over by a few form teachers. What did the school do to make you stay?”

Huo Tian was very cooperative and said in a distressed tone, “Sigh, on the first day of school, I only did a few sets of test papers that were of competition difficulty and easily got full marks. The teachers even had to draw lots to snatch me for their class, but I didn’t expect that Mr. Wang, who drew the lot with my name, was also Huo You’s form teacher. I wanted to drop out of school when I realized that, so the teachers said that they were going to give me a scholarship and things like that. They even said that there would be rewards given every time I represented the school in competitions. That’s why I reluctantly decided to stay in Qingli for now.”

The people around them previously didn’t have any idea how outstanding Huo Tian was. However, after hearing that the school had given her a scholarship and bursary, they clearly understood how outstanding she was. Qingli’s scholarship was only given to students who had made it into the top 100 in the city for the joint examination.

Mrs. Huo listened to everyone’s exclamations of admiration for Huo Tian and barely managed to maintain her composure. “Huo Tian, even if you want to brag, there must be a limit. There’s still half a month before the city-wide joint examination, so how could the teachers possibly give you a scholarship?”

Huo Tian was puzzled. “Wasn’t what the academic director gave me a scholarship?”

Bi Ying, who had gotten impatient from the wait, said, “It’s a technological innovation award. It’s given out based on patent certificates. It’s not a scholarship.”

Huo Tian nodded in realization. “Oh, I remember now. Bi Ying, did you get it too?”

“Yes, but not as much as you did. After all, you have several more patents than I do.” Bi Ying looked at his watch impatiently. “How much longer are you guys going to chat? You’ve already wasted almost 20 minutes on this boring old lady.”

Mrs. Huo was not in the mood to be angry. Her attention was all on the so-called technological innovation award. She wondered why she had never heard of Qingli Having such an award before. At the same time, she wondered if Huo Tian really had some talent that they had not discovered.

When Mrs. Huo came back to her senses, she realized that Huo Tian and the rest had already left. Most of the people who had gathered around to watch the show had also dispersed, but the rest were all looking at her meaningfully.

Mrs. Huo hurried back to the Huo Family’s car and saw Huo You sitting inside.

Huo You said, “Mom, let’s go home.”

Mrs. Huo only felt that there was a strong sense of mockery under Huo You’s calm gaze. Unable to contain her anger any longer, she slapped Huo You’s face.

“Were you watching me make a joke of myself just now?”

Compared to the shock from the first time she was beaten, Huo You was much calmer now. After all, it was the same in her previous life. Her mother would vent her anger on her whenever she was unhappy.

Huo You ignored her burning face and said calmly, “Mom, I wasn’t watching you as a joke. After all, the humiliation I suffered when facing Huo Tian isn’t any less than you. I think you can understand now why I want Huo Tian to disappear completely from my life.”

Mrs. Huo looked at Huo You coldly. After a moment of silence, she gave her another abrupt slap.

The slap this time was completely out of Huo You’s expectations. Mrs. Huo’s loss of her composure had always been something that occurred in an instant. In the past, she could calm down after a slap, but today, her emotions were exceptionally strange…

“B*tch! You hid Huo Tian’s true situation just to make me feel the same humiliation as you? If you use the methods you used to deal with your own mother on Huo Tian, I’ll see you in a different light!”

Huo You’s body trembled and she finally couldn’t help but yell at Mrs. Huo, “What do you want me to do? Do you only treat Huo Tian as your daughter? No matter how hard I try, I can’t satisfy you, right?!”

Mrs. Huo frowned and looked disgusted. It was as if she was not looking at her own daughter but at a good-for-nothing that couldn’t be salvaged.

Before Mrs. Huo ordered the chauffeur to throw Huo You out, she suddenly calmed down.

She wiped away the tears on her face and smiled obediently. “I’m sorry, Mom. I lost my composure just now. I’m just worried that I won’t be able to become the daughter who can make you and Daddy proud.”

Looking at the Huo You now, Madam Huo felt a chill run down her spine.

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