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Chapter 1342 - Come, let’s see who has more money to burn

Chapter 1342 – Come, let’s see who has more money to burn

“President, the courts have accepted our lawsuit against CCTV.”

“Hmph! If they don’t accept, everyone will be scolding them! What did CCTV say? Are they willing to accept our conditions and go for a private settlement with us?” John gloated.

After the companies join forces, John had been selected to be their representative because of his capability. The company he represents is the biggest.

The companies do not want to fall out with CCTV completely, as it is an important marketing channel for their products. They only want CCTV to give in and get some benefits like discounts for next year’s advertising slots or additional slots.

“President, there’s something else I need to report. Although the courts have accepted our lawsuit, it’s still under process. I received this when I was at the courts.”

John glanced at that paper and was shocked. He snatched it and looks at it carefully.

“This… is a notice from the People’s Court? Are we being sued? What are you doing? We are supposed to be the plaintiff!” John is furious.

“President, they are suing us for this case, and the Court says both cases will be registered separately. Their lawsuit was processed earlier, and the court will handle it first. Also, both cases are on the same issue and will be combined. However, they had submitted all the materials, and we are still preparing.”

“What? All their materials are prepared?! This is too much. Is CCTV only suing us?” John thought CCTV has only prepared the materials to sue them.

“No. They are suing all the companies, and all the materials against them are submitted.”

How is it possible for them to prepare all the materials against the companies?!

They must have plotted this in advance, and they have a strong legal team. But how can CCTV afford a massive legal team to sue so many companies at the same time? They must have plotted this!

“Fine! We will fight them to the end! Our legal team will defeat CCTV and embarrass them if they don’t back down!” John shouted. He had worked in China for more than a decade and understood the culture well.


“Boss, these are the representatives from all the law firms, and they are famous lawyers specializing in such cases. They have won numerous cases and helped their clients get the most benefits.” Wilson introduced more than a dozen men to Feng Yu in a meeting room.

“Do you all understand Mandarin?” Feng Yu asked.

The representatives looked at each other. They had been working in Europe and the US, and none of them can speak Mandarin.

Feng Yu frowned and turned to Wilson. “What are you doing?! This lawsuit is in China, and how are they going to attend court if they don’t understand Mandarin. Bring a translator with them?!”

Wilson quickly explains. “Boss, their job is supporting us from outside. The lawyer appearing in the courts will be from my law firm. We will be using the media and press to influence the judges’ verdict. They have experience in this. Although China and the West’s laws are different, public opinions can still influence the outcome.”

Feng Yu nodded. The severity of many sentencings is based on public opinions.

Even when one does not commit a serious crime, the courts might give out harsh sentencing because of public opinion.

For example, the Li Gang incident in Feng Yu’s previous life. He was sentenced with the severest punishment because of public outrage.

Feng Yu is confident of winning because those companies had hired overseas lawyers. Those lawyers are useless as they don’t understand Mandarin, and not many Chinese lawyers dare to go against CCTV.

The famous Chinese lawyers will not dare to go against any government entities. Those companies can only hire new or problematic Chinese lawyers. Feng Yu’s lawyers can retire if they lose against the case.

“I have told you all my conditions. It will be up to your capabilities to win this case. The more capable you are, the more money you will earn. Don’t blame me if any of you try to get money by not doing anything!” Feng Yu warned.

Those lawyers quickly express they will influence the public’s opinion in their countries to make those companies pay. This is only a business to these lawyers and has nothing to do with their nationalities. In their countries, people can sue their governments.

These lawyers are only interested in money, and that’s why they are called bloodsuckers in many countries.

Although these lawyers charge high rates, they have never received such high payments. The compensation this time might amount up to a few billion USD. CCTV is demanding more than 3 billion USD, and the other online companies are also making high demands. They can only get 3 billion USD of compensation in the end, and the lawyers will get 1.5 billion. Each of them will get at least 15 million USD!

Most importantly, the lawyers don’t need to do much for this case. They only need to provide information on sentencing for similar cases and influence overseas media and public opinion. They are experts in this.

High pay and less work. What’s there to complain?

Furthermore, the World’s Richest Man, Feng Yu, might notice them if they did a good job. Look at Wilson. He was not doing as well compared to them in the past. But after he started working for Feng Yu, his assets shoot up, and he set up many law firms.

Wilson had gotten lots of clients because of his status as Feng Yu’s top legal counsel.

People will look at the law firm differently if they know the World’s Richest Man hired the firm!


“President, I heard the lawyer representing CCTV is called Wilson. He is British and is the legal consultant for Feng Yu.”

“What? Why is Feng Yu getting involve in this case? But what’s there to be afraid of? We have a strong legal team consisting of a few dozen lawyers. We will win this case!”

“President, I had received news that Wilson had hired the top law firms in China and around the world. Their legal team has more than 100 famous lawyers!”

“Huh?! More than 100 lawyers?!” John is speechless. Is there a need for so many lawyers?! He had heard of legal teams but had never seen such a big legal team. Don’t they know lawyers are expensive?!

What is CCTV trying to do? Why is the Chinese Government not stopping them? This is burning money!

Li Gang incident

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