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Chapter 1237 - Must start from young

Chapter 1237 – Must start from young

In Feng Yu’s previous life, China had set up a Super League Company. However, the clubs have no authority, and it was the Football Association who had the final say.

What’s the point of setting this company? It’s still the association that is making all the decisions.

“This… I need to discuss this with the rest. Also, if this company is set up, how are the shares going to be split?”

The association doesn’t care about the company. What matters the most is the authority. As long as the association has the final say, everything else is not important. They can still direct how the clubs spend their money. This will be beneficial to the association’s benefit!

“Of course, it depends on who comes up with the most money. For example, if this company needs 1 billion, and I invested 500 million, I will get 50% shares. This is simple, right?”

Ma Bo is furious. “What do you mean? This company will be based on who owns the most shares? What about the association?”

“The association can also put money into the company. If you all invested the most money, you would also own the most shares.”

“What about the rest of the promoted clubs?”

“The rest of the clubs can also invest, and the shares will be based on the invested amount. Don’t tell me you don’t know how shareholding works?”

Ma Bo is speechless. He felt Feng Yu is belittling him, but he dares not do anything to him. If Feng Yu is only an ordinary tycoon, he would have chased him out a long time ago. But Feng Yu is not any ordinary tycoon. His wealth is much higher than Superman Li and is much younger too.

But Feng Yu is not only belittling Ma Bo. He is belittling the association. If this company is set up, what will happen to the leaders in the association? He will be taking away the association’s authority.

The company can only be set up if the association is in charge.

“Manager Feng, I think you might not know how things work here. We are different from the US and European countries. Our association is more familiar with football management, and under our leadership, our national teams had improved a lot. Our Men team had entered the World Cup, and our Women’s team had won second place in two international competitions. These are all our credits.” Ma Bo moved backward slightly.

“I can let the association get the credit, and I will fund the company. If it fails, I will take the blame. I am also a football fan, and as a Chinese, I hope we can compete in international competitions. Secretary Ma, I think you might not know that none of my businesses had failed before!”

Feng Yu has no special solution to improve China’s football standards except for using money! He can provide a more professional training schedule, better coaches, and a platform for the players to showcase their skills. Of course, if the marketing is done well, the ticket attendance will improve. It might not be profitable now, but who knows what will happen in the future?

In Feng Yu’s previous life, some China clubs are profitable. Although their profits are not a lot, they can attract fans to watch their matches.

The Chinese clubs are not doing well now, and they will become worse in the coming years. Many clubs were disbanded, merged, and even volunteered to be regulated.

Chinese football fans would rather watch overseas matches on TV than watch their domestic matches at the stadiums, despite selling at low prices.

This condition is very attractive to Ma Bo. Feng Yu will fund the company, and the association will take the credit. If it fails, he will bear the responsibility.

Furthermore, Feng Yu had said his businesses had never failed. Does that mean he is confident of increasing the ticket attendance and helping the clubs make money?

Once the ticket attendance improves, it will be easy to make money. Pitch Side Advertising Hoardings and other sponsorships can bring in lots of money for the clubs. Feng Yu owns an NBA team and knows some ways to make money.

Furthermore, Feng Yu can hire a professional from overseas with high pay to manage this company.

In Feng Yu’s previous life, CBA can turn from a loss-making entity into a profit-making entity. Why can’t the Super League do the same?

Football fans are not inferior to basketball fans. Someone said that football fans are more willing to spend to support their clubs. Most of them are willing to buy club merchandise outside of the stadium, which is not what basketball fans will do.

Of course, someone mentioned that this is because there are lesser football matches than basketball matches. But who cares? This company must be set up first to prevent gambling activities and other bribery cases. It will stop the Chinese football leagues from going the wrong path.

Feng Yu does care if this company suffers losses as it will be nothing compared to his wealth.

“Errm… Manager Feng, I still need to discuss with the rest first before we can give you our answer. Not only our association needs to discuss it, but we also still need the approval from General Administration of Sports leaders.”

“I know. Oh, I think we should develop our youth football teams. I remember we used to have boarding schools, and we should carry on with that. All other sports athletes had started training from young and football should be the same. Also, football is not learned from watching videos. They still need to go overseas for training. I can make this arrangement too.”

The government once said that education should start from young and said PCs must start from young. In sports, they also made many slogans like XXX sports must start from young. But football and basketball had not developed well.

Most Chinese parents think that these are just games. If their kids want to be athletes, they should train for boring sports like sprinting, gymnastics, etc. To them, these are the real sports and can make the country proud.

The real reason is that football and basketball are fun, and anyone can join a team and play.

But playing is different from being a professional. If the parents do not change this way of thinking, Chinese football will be finished. The easiest method is to give scholarships to youth players and provide additional points for their further studies. This will let the parents see that being good at football is also very useful.

“We have been grooming our youths. Of course, we have limited funds, and it is not very successful. We will welcome if you are willing to help.” Ma Bo cunningly replied.

If Feng Yu can fund the youth players, the association can save some of their funds and spend it elsewhere. They will also get a good reputation.

“No problem. I can take care of the youth players. Football must also start from young. Secretary Ma, I will wait for your good news.”

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