Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 902 - Stealing a Man in the Middle of the Night

Chapter 902: Stealing a Man in the Middle of the Night

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“It’s not fear, it’s respect.” Gu Bailu snorted, but obediently went back to the palace to fix her mouth. By the time Feng Qingtian returned, she was fine.

Bu Yaolian, on the other hand, was feeling wretched. She indeed stopped feeling upset and had been in a good mood when she ate the spicy food.

However… her stomach started to hurt again in the middle of the night.

She cursed inwardly.

Her stomach had never been so weak before. Why did she get indigestion now after just eating a little more?

This time, it was spicy and painful.

Indeed, Shao Zun was right. She had been hungry for a few days, and should have liquid foods first and not go overboard.

But that was how she always ate, and she never thought about being careful.

Bu Yaolian lay on the bed and tried to endure the pain.

It was night, and Su Shenfan was probably with the Three Golden Flowers.

If she really sent someone to inform him that her stomach hurt, the Three Golden Flowers would hate her to death. They would think that she was pretending to be sick to drag Shao Zun over.

She got up and drank two cups of hot water. Her stomach seemed to feel a little better.

She crawled into bed and forced herself to fall asleep. However, she was woken up by the pain in her stomach less than ten minutes later.

“Ah…” Bu Yaolian clutched her stomach and rolled on the bed.

Gu Bailu had given her the Dragon Spirit Pill.

But eating it for a stomachache would be a waste.

The pain was unbearable. She called for a guard in the hall outside. “Someone…”

Her voice was like a mosquito’s, and the guards outside didn’t hear her.

Bu Yaolian got off the bed and dragged herself to the door. “Someone, my stomach hurts. Help me get an im… imperial doctor…”

Before Bu Yaolian could finish, she had already collapsed at the door.

The guards were shocked. Bu Yaolian’s beautiful face was pale, and there were beads of sweat on her forehead. Her thin inner clothes were wet, and her skin was as white as jade.

“Go inform Shao Zun. I’ll get the imperial doctor.”

The guard didn’t dare be negligent again. Although Su Lian seemed to have lost Shao Zun’s favor for the past two days, he had always been generous toward the beauties around him.

Even if she wasn’t favored, they wouldn’t neglect her.

Bu Yaolian fell to the ground, gritting her teeth. “You… help me to the bed before you leave!”

There was no heating in the doorway. It was so cold that Bu Yaolian gritted her teeth.

Bu Yaolian pulled herself up and was about to take a step, when she felt dizzy and collapsed.

This time, she didn’t fall to the floor. Instead, she fell into a strong embrace, and the faint scent of face powder filled her nose.

“What’s going on? Why are you making a scene in the middle of the night?” Su Shenfan’s tone was dark and carried reproach.

Nobody would be happy if they were disturbed in the middle of the night, especially when they were having sex.

Bu Yaolian looked up at him and saw that his expression was fierce.

Oh no, he must have been disturbed just as he was about to reach his climax. She really hated herself.

“My…” Bu Yaolian was a little embarrassed. “My stomach… hurts.”

Su Shenfan’s expression turned even uglier. “If your body’s not well, don’t skip out on food. Now look at everything that has happened.”

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