Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 884 - A Little Food From Every Bowl

Chapter 884: A Little Food From Every Bowl

“I… I didn’t seduce you.” Bu Yaolian felt wronged. She just expressed her loyalty; how did it turn into a seduction?

She couldn’t be blamed for being a vixen.

Su Shenfan was even more annoyed. He couldn’t do it anymore, which put him in a bad mood.

However, he still applied the ointment on Bu Yaolian. “This is the best ointment. It should be fine by tonight.”

After he was done, he put on his clothes and left.

Su Shenfan hadn’t brought just Bu Yaolian along this time.

He had always been surrounded by beautiful women.

He returned to his room and summoned a beauty to serve him.

The beauty had long heard that Shao Zun had slept with a new beauty last night.

She was so jealous.

She had served Shao Zun for two or three years, but he had never truly doted on her.

Every time she looked at his sexy and strong muscles, she felt that sleeping with him would definitely be a delightful thing.

She asked around, and when she found out that Shao Zun had picked up the medicine, she knew that the woman couldn’t take it anymore.

And now Shao Zun had switched to her; how could she not know what was going on?

This beauty was also a troublemaker. After entering the bath, she used all her tricks.

Su Shenfan was instantly aroused. He flipped over and pressed the beauty under him. “You want me to sleep with you?”

The beauty hooked her arms around his neck. “So much, so much that I’m about to die.”

She hooked her legs around his waist and tried to push forward.

Su Shenfan suddenly pulled her hands away, stood up, and said coldly, “Who gave you the courage? Get lost.”

He didn’t know why, but he suddenly felt annoyed when he touched a beauty there.

It was one thing for Su Lian to take his virtue after more than twenty years, but did he have to let other women do the same?

No… He was the dignified Shao Zun with a noble identity and a body of gold.

His thing was even more precious; how could he let just any woman have it?

That would be too degrading.

However, the fire that had been aroused still hadn’t subsided. When he thought that Su Lian had made him like this, he was furious.

How could a man tolerate it?

He put on a bath robe and returned to Su Lian’s room. Su Lian was sound asleep.

She could sleep three days and three nights without waking up.

Su Shenfan was even more furious when he saw her sleeping sweetly.

She had teased him, but was useless herself. She was swollen and couldn’t satisfy him.

How could he tolerate it?

He ripped away the blanket and lifted her legs. The swelling seemed to have gone down, and he promptly didn’t feel any pity.

Bu Yaolian widened her eyes at the handsome face before her. “Shao Zun, didn’t you say only at night…”

Was there no end to this?

“I can’t wait until night, I can’t calm down at all.” Su Shenfan hummed in satisfaction.

“You… Didn’t you find another beauty?” Bu Yaolian asked, feeling wronged.

Of course she was hurt that her idol had summoned another woman after sleeping with her.

However, after thinking about it, she realized that she couldn’t serve him right now, and this man was full of vigor. It was good for him to find someone else, so that she wouldn’t be tortured to death.

It wasn’t worth it to tire herself to death just to stop him from looking for another woman.

But who would have thought that he would come back to torment her again?

Was this taking a little bit of food from every bowl on the table? He would sleep with her, then sleep with another woman.

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