Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 796 - Don't Be Nervous for No Reason

Chapter 796: Don’t Be Nervous for No Reason

“No… Don’t. The baby can’t take such a long journey.” Mo Qian’er clutched at his clothes.

“Then will you be obedient? Are you going to leave the carriage like this again?”

Let alone her getting sick from the chill, he would kill any man who saw her in this outfit.

Thankfully, they were all his people and understood what could or could not be seen.

“I… I was anxious. Why is the baby crying, Your Highness?” Mo Qian’er stared at him nervously.

When she stared at you with such dark, glowing eyes, you couldn’t help but want to cherish her.

Lu Fenying didn’t think that the woman from last night was that beautiful. At least, she couldn’t compare with Mo Qian’er.

“It’s normal for the baby to cry. Don’t get nervous for no reason.”

The wet nurse soon arrived at the carriage and said with a smile, “Don’t worry, Miss Qian’er. The young crown prince just woke up and peed. He’s probably crying because he’s too comfortable.”

Mo Qian’er blinked innocently. Was that it?

He cried after peeing?

Lu Fenying looked at her dazed face and couldn’t help but smile. “You’re worried for nothing. The baby has a doctor with him. What can go wrong?”

Mo Qian’er blushed. She didn’t know it was like this.

The baby had never cried since it was born, and especially so early in the morning.

“Didn’t you want to see the baby?” Lu Fenying took the baby and held it in his arms. His feelings were complicated when he thought about how the baby wasn’t his own.

He raised his head and looked at the small bone hanging around Mo Qian’er’s neck. His real flesh and blood was hidden in that bone.

Mo Qian’er hurriedly held the baby, who was sobbing with tears in his eyes.

Mo Qian’er’s heart ached when she heard it. “It really isn’t because he’s not feeling well?”

The wet nurse said with a smile, “Don’t worry, Miss Qian’er. All my children were like this.”

Mo Qian’er smiled. “That’s good.”

That meant that her premature baby was like any other ordinary child, and could cry and throw a tantrum.

Mo Qian’er had been worried previously that he was mute since he didn’t cry, although Mr. Xiao was certain that he wasn’t.

The wet nurse retreated to a corner, not daring to make another sound.

Mo Qian’er played with the baby a little clumsily, but he soon fell asleep.

“Your Highness, the woman we saved last night is injured all over. Do you want the young crown prince’s doctor to examine her?” Red Wolf’s voice rang out.

Mo Qian’er frowned. She felt that Red Wolf was too enthusiastic this time.

Wasn’t he cold and ruthless in the face of anything?

No matter how beautiful the woman was, he shouldn’t be so protective of her.

She and Gu Bailu also had decent looks, but he had never treated them so carefully.

It was truly annoying.

“Princess Zi gave the young crown prince’s doctor to Miss Qian’er. Ask her.” Unexpectedly, Lu Fenying pushed the responsibility to her.

This man, who had never cared about her wishes, was suddenly letting her decide.

Red Wolf asked, “What do you think, Miss Qian’er?”

I have no idea what your crown prince is thinking.

But she thought that the doctor could take a look at the woman. Whether Lu Fenying liked her or not, he wouldn’t lose out if the woman recovered.


Qian’er felt nothing when it came to Red Wolf. She had been scared of Red Wolf before, but now that she wasn’t, she naturally wouldn’t be nice to him.

Red Wolf was also a slave, but one who could do evil for Lu Fenying.

Lu Fenying snorted. “How magnanimous, lending your son’s doctor to someone else.”

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