Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 716 - Lu Fenying’s Grievance

Chapter 716: Lu Fenying’s Grievance

“Princess Zi, it’s not the time to think so much. Let’s swap the blood back first.” Mr. Xiao was even more anxious than Mo Qian’er.

“I know. I’ll call that person back.”

Gu Bailu left the courtyard and looked at the sky with mixed feelings. She was truly depressed!

After all the fuss, she had to swap the blood back.

How disappointed would Bu Yaolian be?

After all, she cherished the Dragon Spirit Blood like treasure.

Gu Bailu had someone deliver a message to Ah Luo. It would take Ah Luo three or four days to return with Bu Yaolian.

Mr. Xiao treated Mo Qian’er for the next few days, making pills for her based on her condition in order to keep her baby alive.

Because she was worried, Mo Qian’er didn’t eat much, but she still visibly put on weight every day.

Her jaw also filled out.

Mo Qian’er felt both familiar and new when she saw her current appearance in the mirror.

It was as if she was no longer the fragile woman who would be blown over by the slightest breeze. She was strong and full of life, and could be as fearless as Gu Bailu.

Child, as long as you’re treated well, your mother can endure any suffering.

Lu Fenying didn’t dare bully her these days since the baby was very fragile right now. He didn’t even dare make Mo Qian’er sad or scared.

However, he would visit her room every day so that Mr. Xiao never had the opportunity to be alone with her.

His intuition as a man told him that Mr. Xiao had an ulterior motive when it came to Mo Qian’er. Although he appeared calm on the surface, his eyes couldn’t deceive anyone.

Mr. Xiao’s eyes when he looked at Mo Qian’er held tender sentiments.

Actually, that was why Lu Fenying kicked Mr. Xiao out of the crown prince’s residence previously.

However, it couldn’t be denied that Mr. Xiao was indeed the best doctor in the world. Lu Fenying needed him, and so did Mo Qian’er.

He could only guard against him.

He knew that Mo Qian’er’s feelings for Mr. Xiao were different.

Her smile was genuine.

Lu Fenying stewed in his grievance like this for three days. If Bu Yaolian didn’t return soon, he would go crazy.

He was an arrogant and ruthless man, and had never been so stifled like this before without being able to make a move against the man who was making eyes at his woman.

If it was any other time, he would’ve already broken Mr. Xiao’s legs.

However, Mr. Xiao had indeed acted properly in the last few days and didn’t put a foot wrong; Lu Fenying couldn’t find fault with him, even if he wanted to.

Thankfully, Bu Yaolian returned on the fourth day.

Bu Yaolian chuckled at Gu Bailu’s explanation. “It’s fine. Miss Qian’er, if you need it, you can take it back. I’m fine.”

Gu Bailu could clearly sense that Bu Yaolian had lost weight. Was it really because of the blood?

In fact, Bu Yaolian was quite disappointed. She saw herself getting thinner every day, just like in her dreams when she slept. She grew prettier every day, and it seemed she could finally lift her head in front of that man.

She had even written a letter to that man two days ago.

The man who had been hiding in her heart for years, but whom she had never dared reveal or touch.

She wondered if she could take back the letter.

Probably not.

The next day, Gu Bailu swapped their blood again. This time, Mo Qian’er woke up very quickly. The Dragon Spirit Blood seemed especially unrestrained when it returned to the original body, and Mo Qian’er was too keyed up to sleep for several nights.

She wasn’t sleepy during the day and was especially energetic. She had to walk around the courtyard two or three times a day to burn off the excess energy.

Bu Yaolian, on the other hand, was still unconscious after three or four days, and was still getting thinner.

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