Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 49

Chapter 49: Can’t Hold It Anymore

After she brought Nan Ningxin home, Gu Bailu never concealed the secrets from her.

Her parents told her that Nan Ningxin was complicated. Even they couldn’t tell what was on Nan Ningxin’s mind.

However, Gu Bailu thought that Nan Ningxin was too innocent. That was also why her parents saw nothing.

Her parents had simply loved her. Also, it was the first time she brought a friend back. None of her previous friends were as close to her.

Gu Bailu had parents and a master who loved her, but few friends she could talk to.

So, she cherished Nan Ningxin, and Nan Ningxin never disappointed her. Tender and kind, she was like a real sister to her.

Gradually, even her parents and her master dropped their guard.

Nan Ningxin was an orphan. Gu Bailu’s parents adopted her and cared for her.

Her parents realized that Nan Ningxin was gifted in cultivation. Since Gu Bailu wasn’t interested in it, they devoted more attention to Nan Ningxin.

Nan Ningxin didn’t disappoint them. She grew fast. However, it was the beginning of tragedy.

Nan Ningxin tried to steal the Sky Splitting Mirror, the Gu family treasure, only to be discovered by her master. To protect herself, she claimed that her master harassed her.

Although the rest of them found it hard to believe, they never doubted what she said.

Gu Bailu’s master left the Gu family in a fury, never to return.

After the failed attempt, Nan Ningxin simply attacked the Gu family with the people behind her. The Gu family died protecting the Sky Splitting Mirror.

Gu Bailu would never forget the moment she returned to the Gu family to find her family lying in blood.

The Sky Splitting Mirror had been stolen. She couldn’t sense her parents’ souls.

It wasn’t until then that she realized what a stupid thing she had done. She had introduced a wolf into her family and gotten them killed.

The past flashed through Gu Bailu’s head. It was all because of her idiocy!

The hideous soul before her returned kindness with brutality and killed more than twenty people of the Gu family!

“Gu Bailu, don’t presume that Ningxin can’t defeat you. She’s just going easy on you.”

Murong Huangtang felt that the bleeding girl couldn’t be any more pitiful.

Nan Ningxin shook her head. “Brother, I’m fine. She doesn’t have any spiritual power. However, she indeed is too violent. I wonder where she learned to be like that.”

“I didn’t expect her to do this. Ningxin, I was wrong. I shouldn’t have let her come.”

“Brother, it’s not your fault. You’re just too kind. However, just because she’s useless doesn’t mean she’s a good person.”

Nan Ningxin’s pretty face was swollen after the slap, but it didn’t mar her beauty at all.

Gu Bailu had seen that face countless times. She looked exactly the same as when she had framed their master.

She made everybody feel that she was the one being bullied.

Gu Bailu looked at her coldly. Are you pretending to be pitiful? I’ll make you even more so.

Now that she had already started, she might as well go all the way.

Gu Bailu leapt forward and hurled the bracelet ruthlessly at Nan Ningxin.

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