Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 1012 - Once It Turns Yellow, He’ll Be Grown Up

Chapter 1012: Once It Turns Yellow, He’ll Be Grown Up

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“Okay, the two of you be careful. If I come back, I’ll find a way to send you a letter. If we don’t return by nightfall, take Bu Yaolian to Xiao Xiao.”

Gu Bailu took out a few runes from her sleeve and gave them to Qian’er. “You’ve learned how to use runes, right? Take these. It’ll be useful if the two of you have to go to the underground palace.”

“I’ve learned how to use them. Master, be careful.” She looked at Lu Fenying, who happened to lift the curtain of the carriage and look at her.

His eyes were cold and emotionless as usual.

She sighed. “Don’t let Lu Fenying die. The crown prince doesn’t want to lose his father yet.”

Gu Bailu patted her shoulder. “Don’t worry. We’ll still need him when we go to Heavenly Palace Cliff. I’m leaving.”

Gu Bailu got into the carriage, and Lu Fenying lowered the curtain. A row of carriages left the palace gates in grand fashion.

Qian’er went to Qinghua Palace, where Qian’er was tying an exquisite knot. Seeing Qian’er, she jumped over in delight. “My little cutie, you’re here. Let this beauty hug you…”

Qian’er chuckled. “How can you praise yourself like that?”

“Then you haven’t seen Shao Zun. He’s so narcissistic every day, as if he’s the most beautiful in the world. Although he is beautiful, it’s really annoying.”

Bu Yaolian took the crown prince and looked at his fair and chubby face. “It would be great if I had such a cute baby.”

“Of course you can. Shao Zun is so amazing, he can definitely make you pregnant.”

Bu Yaolian chuckled. “I hope I’ll conceive this month.”

She was risking her life to have a baby with Shao Zun.

Su Shenfan thought that she was just practicing for her skills and stamina to improve, but he didn’t know that she was clinging to the desire to get pregnant sooner.

The longer this dragged on, the harder it would be.

“This can’t be rushed. It’s best to let nature take its course. What are you doing?”

Bu Yaolian had the servants serve tea and pastries. “These pastries were made by Shao Zun’s beauties. Try them. They taste very good. I have nothing to do, so I was weaving this. It’ll look like jade when it’s done, and is especially beautiful.”

Jade was beautiful, but was difficult to mold into all kinds of shapes. This kind of jade vine could be tied into all sorts of patterns.

“Huh, this is really pretty. What material is this?”

“It’s a jade vine, but it’s very rare. It grows on a cliff, and it can only maintain this translucent appearance for ten years before it withers and turns yellow.” Bu Yaolian showed her the one she had from years ago. “This is it.”

“It’s yellow, but it’s still beautiful,” Mo Qian’er said. “I didn’t know that you had such skilled hands.”

Bu Yaolian smiled. “Hehe, I don’t know much. I’ll weave a knot for the crown prince to wear. By the time it turns yellow, the crown prince will be on his own two feet.”

Hearing this, the crown prince waved his limbs and smiled.

“Wow, he really understands. Look at how happy he is.”

“That’s right. I find it unbelievable too, given how young he is.” Mo Qian’er was both happy and a little incredulous.

“He’s a descendant of the dragon race, after all. He’s different from ordinary children.”

Bu Yaolian’s words dispelled Qian’er’s puzzlement.

That was right, her baby was from the dragon race. Of course he would be different from normal people.

For a moment, she forgot that she was a princess of the dragon race.

After all, she had lost her identity for hundreds of years before this, and wasn’t used to it yet.

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