Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss

Chapter 936 - Chapter 936 A guild…

Chapter 936 A guild…

“Hey, brother, come and join the guild, come let’s talk first, brother to brother.” The older students of Clear Sun Gate were very skilled at striking up conversations and had done similar things more than a dozen times in the past few hours. Thanks to their persistent effort, not a single person walked through the gate of the courtyard.

The new student glanced at the older student and continued walking towards the courtyard without saying a word.

“Brother, don’t rush. Let’s talk?” The older student from Clear Sun Gate placed a hand on the person’s shoulder.

“Remove your hand!” Yu Ling’s eyes turned cold, and the older student from Clear Sun Gate subconsciously took two steps back.

“Boy, don’t be stubborn, we are sincere. We have good intentions. Do you know what the consequences are if you join Blood Enchantress?” A new student is so arrogant, how could these older students bear it.

The corner of Yu Ling’s mouth smiled: “Why, do you really dare to stop me from going in?”

“You!” An older student from Clear Sun Gate was about to make a move.

The person who spoke first raised his hand, stopping his companion: “Don’t be rude, let him in. We’ll deal with him properly in two months in the guild war.”

Under the angry gaze of more than a dozen Clear Sun Gate members, Yu Ling walked into the courtyard.

Ye Yu Xi looked at Yu Ling with a slight smile, and Hei Feng Tian Zong and Chu Tian Che who were beside her had cautious looks in their eyes.

Yu Ling was defeated by Ye Yu Xi, so logically, he should hate Ye Yu Xi the most. How could he possibly join Ye Yu Xi’s guild!

“I want to join the Blood Enchantress.” Yu Ling looked at Ye Yu Xi’s beautiful face without the slightest trace of obsession in his eyes. Instead, his pupils were full of fighting spirit.

“If you want high benefits, those people outside the gate are more suitable for you.” Ye Yu Xi nodded towards the courtyard gate.

A hint of a smile appeared in Yu Ling’s eyes, “I only need one contribution point a month.”

“Why do you want to join a new guild?” Ye Yu Xi’s eyes flickered with a hint of surprise.

“You defeated me, the closer I am to you, the more it reminds me that I still need to work harder.”

“Tian Zong, record the information.” Ye Yu Xi waved her hand casually.

Hei Feng Tian Zong’s small eyes lit up: “Good, brother Yu Ling is welcome to join the guild!”

“Wait a minute!” Yu Ling suddenly spoke up. “I’ll join the gang, but I have one requirement.”


The four of members including Ye Yu Xi simultaneously raised their heads, “What requirements.”

A hint of fighting spirit appeared in Yu Ling’s eyes: “If one day I can defeat you, I will immediately leave the guild. I will not acknowledge a guild leader who is weaker than me.”

The corner of Ye Yu Xi’s mouth rose with a sneer, “You are going to die of old age in the Blood Enchantress. Tian Zong make him a waist card tomorrow.”

The meaning of Ye Yu Xi’s words was, in this lifetime, you will never defeat me!

“Understood, Master.” Hei Feng Tian Zong responded with a grin.

Yu Ling looked at Hei Feng Tian Zong who called Ye Yu Xi his Master, his pupils revealing a hint of surprise. He looked at Ye Yu Xi again and felt that this powerful woman was interesting.

With Yu Ling joining, Blood Enchantress was finally open for business.

After an hour.

Yu Ling got a chair and sat behind Ye Yu Xi. During this hour, not a single person came to join the guild! Two people who came to inquire were stopped by the Clear Sun Gate disciples at the door.

“Guild leader, how many members are there… in Blood Enchantress?” Yu Ling suddenly realized something.

The corner of Ye Yu Xi’s mouth curled up playfully, “Four, including you.”

Yu Ling “…”

“Brother, following my master will definitely not be wrong.” Hei Feng Tian Zong turned his head and smiled mischievously at Yu Ling.

Yu Ling also laughed, but in his heart was calculating how much he needed to contribute to the guild, ah!

In the evening, in the last hours of the day, the Blood Enchantress had only recruited Yu Ling as a member! Watching the sky gradually darken, the leader of the group of more than a dozen Clear Sun Gate guild members sneered at Ye Yu Xi and loudly said, “Brothers, pack up, we’ll come to cheer again tomorrow.”

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