Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss

Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Today’s weather is not bad

“You…..You…..You piece of trash dare to injure my servant.”

The third madame was completely stunned by Ye Yu Xi’s brutality.  She had killed people before and had even used a blade to kill someone!  However, she had never seen someone killing someone else this simply like Ye Yu Xi just did.

Although these old maids were all servants of the Ye Manor, they all had strength in the second-third spiritual level!

But they were all like pieces of paper in Ye Yu Xi’s hands, not being able to last a single round!

Ye Yu Xi slowly walked towards the third madame, “I can even fight with you!”

The third madame was spoiled and her cultivation was not that much stronger than the old maids’.  Seeing Ye Yu Xi, this demon approach her, she began to retreat in fear, “You…..Don’t come over here!  Go back, quickly go back! You piece of trash, don’t come over!”


The third madame stepped onto her own dress in a panic and fell down.  This fall calmed her down and her heart made her decision. As long as she returned to the Ye Manor, she would immediately report to the family head once he came back.  With the sixth spiritual level cultivation of the family head, he would surely be able to kill Ye Yu Xi, this piece of trash!

Ye Yu Xi stared at the third madame in front of her and suddenly stopped moving, “Are you thinking of going back to report to the family head and let my stronger second uncle come and take care of me?”

After saying this, Ye Yu Xi’s lips revealed a cold smile.

“What, how could that be?  Big niece, everything today is a mistake, all a mistake.  The people back in the manor has always wanted to take care of you, but I have always spoke up for you in front of the family head!  Did you forget last year’s new year’s eve, the family sent you all those dishes? Those were all things that I asked the family head to give you!”

After finishing, the third madame even wiped tears from her eyes.

“Pei!  You’re not embarra.s.sed to mention this.  The young miss and I were vomiting all night after that meal, we only recovered after three-four days!  So it was because of you!” Qing’er was instantly filled with rage when she heard the third madame’s words.

“Ah!”  The third madame never thought she would dig a hole for herself.  She kowtowed while begging, “It’s not like this, it wasn’t done by me.  It was the second madame, it was all the second madame’s idea. Back then, I wanted…..”


Ye Yu Xi did not give her the chance to keep speaking.  She took a step forward and the third madame’s head, picking her up from the ground.  She pulled her up to chest height and raised her knee, slamming it into the third madame’s face.

The third madame’s nose collapsed as blood began to flow.

The third madame with a face covered in blood actually did not faint.  She weakly fell to the ground and tried to explain, “Big niece, you must believe me.  It was the second madame…..”


Qing’er came over and slapped her.  She angrily said, “You hit me like this last time!”

“A servant girl like you dares. .h.i.t me?”  The third madame’s eyes opened wide as she stared at Qing’er.  She was just a servant girl, one who had to bow to her in the past whenever she pa.s.sed.


Xiao’er’s hand came back to give another slap.

After hitting her, Qing’er felt that by doing this in front of the young miss, she was not respecting her own young miss.  After all, the young miss had not allowed her to do this.

Qing’er pitifully bit her little lips and looked at Ye Yu Xi.

Ye Yu Xi pretended not to see a thing as she looked into the sky, “Today’s weather is not bad.”

“The weather is really good.”  Seeing the young miss give her approval, Qing’er did not hold back given this rare chance for revenge.  She pulled back both her sleeves.

Pa!  Pa!  Pa, pa, pa……

The rhythmic sounds of slapping rang out in the dilapidated little yard.

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