Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss

Chapter 49

Chapter 49: What the hell is this!

“You’re coming again!”

The fatty saw Ye Yu Xi move and his body displayed a flexibility disproportionate to his weight.  He turned his body and moved to the side.

The light around them became a bit dimmer.

Ye Yu Xi’s movement became a bit slow, allowing the fatty in front of her dodge this killing move.

The cave was filled with a low and deep bird’s call, “Master, master, you’re here.  Wu,wu, this damn fatty was bullying me, he wanted to eat me, wu, wu…..”

Huo Ling?

Huo Ling’s voice suddenly sounded and Ye Yu Xi stopped moving.  She looked back over at the extinguished fire and Huo Ling was currently flapping his wings in the center of the fire.  There was a funny piece of charcoal on his head and he flapped his wings before realizing that he had no hands, so he shook it off his head.

“Damn!  The sparrow isn’t dead, what is going on here!”  The fatty hid inside the cave, watching Huo Ling fly out of the fire.  His chin almost fell from his shock.

Since he’s not dead……The fatty’s little eyes turned and revealed a bright glow.  He laughed and said, “Then, miss, you can see your Huo Ling isn’t dead and you just kicked me just now, so how about we consider things settled here?  We’re all friends here and since we have met, it isn’t good to fight and kill too much.” The fatty stood up and he began chatting. The dagger in his hand was slightly raised, preparing to fight at any moment.

“Are you fine?”  Ye Yu Xi looked at Huo Ling who landed on her shoulder.  Her voice was not loud, but the concern in her voice could be heard by anyone.

“Wu, wu, master, this fatty was bullying me and he said he would cook me.  Help me beat him.” Huo Ling stood on Ye Yu Xi’s shoulder and rubbed his charcoal covered little head against Ye Yu Xi’s face, looking very pitiful.

“Are you hungry?”  Ye Yu Xi asked.

Huo Ling tilted his head and did not understand why his master asked this.  He responded in a pitiful voice, “I’m hungry~~”

“I’ll get you something good soon.”

The fatty saw the human and bird chatting in front of him.  He could understand Ye Yu Xi’s words, but he could only hear chirping from the little bird on her shoulder.  The fatty felt that Ye Yu Xi’s killing intent had weakened and felt that his chance had come, so he gave a laugh, “I still have many things left in my home, I won’t disturb your reunion.  I’ll be leaving first, goodbye!”

The fatty had not even finished speaking before he turned and changed into a shadow that shot at the cave entrance.

The fatty was very quick, so fast that people couldn’t see him, but Ye Yu Xi was even faster!


When the fatty ran past Ye Yu Xi, she suddenly kicked out.  The fatty slammed into the wall again.

“Aiyo!  I can see that you are a woman and this fat master was not planning on fighting you, but you’re attacking again!”  The fatty held his stomach as he cursed out. He had been kicked twice in the same spot and it was his soft belly, that feeling…..


Ye Yu Xi sent another kick into the fatty and she coldly said, “You really talk too much.”

Hu, hu~~Hu, hu~~

The fight in the cave had lasted a while before Qing’er finally arrived at the entrance of the cave panting.

When the fatty saw another person arriving at the cave entrance, his little eyes lit up.  He immediately shouted, “Save me, murder!”

Qing’er kept gasping as she ignored the fat man’s cries.  She stood at the entrance and said, “Young, young miss, slow down.  I, I can’t keep up, I can’t run anymore.”

Oh, so they were together.  She was her young miss, wait, young miss?

The fatty reacted as his mouth opened wide with indescribable awkwardness.  He turned to Ye Yu Xi, “Then, can we discuss this? If you let this little brother go, I’ll serve you in the next life.”

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