Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss

Chapter 43

Chapter 43: Thank you

A cold glow appeared in Bai Jin Yi’s eyes as his voice became low, “Keep investigating.  Turn Ningyuan City upside down and find out who bought the young miss for me.”

“Yes, this subordinate understands.”  The shadow stood there without moving.

“Did something else happen?”

The shadow hesitated for a bit, “Young master, do you need to prepare two helpers to stay by your side?  Your current situation……”

“No need.  In a small Ice Mist Country, there is no one that can move against me.  That little girl who bought me today is a bit interesting. That young and a body filled with killing intent, as well as an alchemist, hard to find, hard to find.”  Saying this, Bai Jin Yi revealed a smile.

“Yes, this subordinate will retreat now.”  The shadow moved and disappeared from the room.


Ye Yu Xi and Qing’er followed the old man to go take a diagnosis.

“Young miss, this seems to be the road to the City Lord’s palace.”  Qing’er said to Ye Yu Xi in a small voice.

Un?  City Lord’s palace?

Ye Yu Xi suddenly stopped.

“Young miss Ye, what is it?”  The old man leading the way noticed Ye Yu Xi’s actions.

Ye Yu Xi’s face turned darker, “How is Yang Wei related to your family’s madame?”

“Yang Wei, ai~Young miss Ye, there are many people here and it isn’t convenient to talk, but I can tell the young miss that young master Yang’s relation with us is bad.  I’ve heard the matters between you and young master Yang and you’ll know everything when you arrive. Let’s go first.” After saying this, the old man pointed forward.

“Young miss, should we?”

“Let’s take a look first.”  Ye Yu Xi and Qing’er followed the old man.

Arriving in front of the manor, the sign on the door had been taken down, but they could be certain this was not the City Lord’s palace.  It was impossible for there to be no guards in front of the City Lord’s palace’s gates!

“This and that, move those away for me.  The City Lord’s madame’s body’s unwell, why are there so many plants in the yard?”

As soon as she pa.s.sed through the door, Ye Yu Xi heard a familiar and cheap voice.

“Put those things down.”  Ye Yu Xi walked in to see Yang Wei standing in the center of the main yard, yelling at four large men to move things around.

“Who is the one saying that!  Before I see you, you better scram!  Ai, Er Gou, be careful with that vase!”  Yang Wei cursed out without turning around.  After cursing he felt that this girl’s voice was very familiar!  He suddenly turned around.

“Say what you just said again.”  Ye Yu Xi’s face was like ice.

“You, you, why is it you!”  Yang Wei moved back in fear.  Then he reacted and realized that this was his home!  He became arrogant again in the blink of an eye, “This is my family’s yard, I can do whatever I want!”  Seeing the guards weren’t moving at all, he shouted, “What are you standing there for! Quickly move!”

“Put them all down for me!”

“Ye Yu Xi, don’t go too far!  This is my home!”

“You have to put it down even if it is your home.”  Ye Yu Xi looked at the large men around her. These people looked very familiar, she had seen them in the Spiritualist Guild before!

“That’s right!  If it’s seen by my young miss, it belongs to my young miss!  Who let you all move it? Why haven’t you put it down yet?” Qing’er was already very displeased with Yang Wei.

Yang Wei pointed at the large men and cursed, “What are you standing in a daze for!  Why haven’t you thrown this crazy girl out yet!”

Un?  Ye Yu Xi looked over at the large man that was the closest to her.

“Young, young master.  Our strength isn’t enough to beat her.”  The large man’s legs already began to tremble after Ye Yu Xi looked at him.  Back in the Spiritualist Guild, the four of them were thrown around by Ye Yu Xi like little chickens.  They could not resist at all and even now their injuries still hurt. If they were to move again Ye Yu Xi again, they did not have the courage to do so!

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