Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss

Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Want to keep me here?

“You all guard the door.”


Mo Tian Chou had these guards stand outside the door while he walked into the VIP room with Housekeeper Qiu.

“This one is Mo Tian Chu.  I don’t know where these guests came from, but the Primary Martial Auction Hall has been discourteous, so I ask these two young misses to forgive us.”  Mo Tian Chou had a spring breeze like faint smile on his face, looking quite graceful.

Seeing that these two mysterious people in front of him did not respond, Mo Tian Chou did not feel awkward at all.  Alchemists were all people with great pride, this was a well known fact. The white jade bottle containing the Purple Spirit Pill in his hands was placed on the table, “This Purple Spirit Pill, do these two guest plan to auction it in our Primary Martial Auction Hall?”

Ye Yu Xi did not speak, she had already told Qing’er what to say earlier.

“Young master Mo, we do want to sell this pill, but your Primary Martial Auction Hall doesn’t seem to have any sincerity.  I think it is better if you return our pill to us.” Qing’er had Ye Yu Xi backing her, so her voice was filled with confidence.

“This is presumptuous to ask, but was this pill refined by the young miss?”  Mo Tian Chou looked at the sitting Ye Yu Xi. It was obvious that Ye Yu Xi’s status was much higher than the girl that just spoke.

Mo Tian Chou had already made his mind when coming downstairs.  No matter who the other side was, no matter their status, he would do his best to win them over.  A second grade alchemist or even a third grade alchemist, perhaps they didn’t have a peak cultivation, but the power behind them was too terrifying!

Ye Yu Xi finally spoke, “This little girl has just begun learning, this pill was refined by my teacher.  Recently my finances have been a little short, so I took out something random to sell. If young master Mo feels this is too low grade like the previous Manager Zhao and doesn’t consider this a treasure, we’ll try going to another auction hall.”

“Young miss is joking.  It was my subordinate that was rude before and offended these two young misses, I ask young miss not to mind it.”  Mo Tian Chou spoke while looking at Housekeeper Qiu beside him.

Housekeeper Qiu was very experienced, so naturally he understood the young master’s meaning and he left the room.

He came back with a small tray in his hand and whispered a few words in Mo Tian Chou’s ear.

Mo Tian Chou placed the tray on the table in front of Ye Yu Xie and there was a gold card around half the size of one’s palm on the tray, “This is a universal gold card for the continent and there is ten thousand gold coins inside.  This will be considered a bit of compensation to the two young misses, I hope these two young misses will not look down on this.”

Ye Yu Xi reached out and took the gold card, giving it to Qing’er to the side without even looking at it.  She asked in an emotionless voice, “When can you auction the Purple Spirit Pill.”

“There will be an auction within two days and it will be sold at that time.  These two young misses can leave an address and we’ll send people to send the gold coins to the young misses’ residence.”  Mo Tian Chou’s words laid a trap for Ye Yu Xi in his words. He said he wanted to send the gold coins over, but actually he wanted to see which residence these two people were from.

How could this little plan be hidden from Ye Yu Xi’s eyes!

Ye Yu Xi waved her hand, “No need.  After three days, I will ask a friend to come collect the money for us.”  After saying this, she rose to leave.

“Wait a minute!”  When Mo Tian Chou saw that Ye Yu Xi wanted to leave, he quickly blocked her.

“What!  Does young master Mo want to keep the two of us here?”  Ye Yu Xi’s eyes hidden by the cloak suddenly turned cold.

“Tian Chou does not dare.”

Mo Tian Chou shouted out the door, “Bring him in!”


With red swollen parts all over him, Manager Zhao who had been beaten half to death was brought in by two guards and thrown onto the ground.

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