Everything Is Too Easy After Maxing My Talents

Chapter 434 - Chapter 434: Young people don I t care about martial arts, what a trap!_2

Chapter 434: Young people don I t care about martial arts, what a trap!_2

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Following the river, he traced back to the edge of the Hundred Thousand Mountains and found a mine.

In addition to the drug dealers and hunters…

If not for the constant beast tides that caused the Great Zhou to not take it seriously.

Such a treasure land had probably been developed long ago.

Cai Yue spent a huge sum of money to buy a centurion position in the Northern Battlefront Army and sent him to Northern Ice River Town.

Now, he was pretending to be pitiful and even brought more than 300 ‘soldiers’ in tattered clothes to walk in front of Li Yueming.

He was trying to fool Li Yueming.

In fact, these 300 people were all ordinary residents from various families. The real soldiers were all too rich and had not come out of the city.

All these years, Cai Yue had led a group of soldiers to lord it over Northern Ice River Town, which was a no-man’s land.

His little life was going well!

Fortunately, Li Yueming liked to plan before acting.

They would only take action after they had made preparations in advance and investigated clearly.

Otherwise, he might really be fooled by this guy.

After all, who would have thought that a small town would have so many mysteries?

Of course, none of this mattered anymore.

The important thing was that Li Yueming had decided to place the new army here.

If anything went wrong, he could rely on the little fox’s thigh in the north and his cheap father’s thigh in the west.

No matter how one looked at it, it was a very cost-effective piece of land.


About two hours later.

After reading out the order, Cai Yue led nearly 10,000 people back to the Northern Ice River Town camp.

He wanted to run, but Li Yueming was riding a spirit horse.

Even if he had two more legs, he wouldn’t be able to run.

At this moment, 95% of the people in Northern Glacier Town had come.

Everyone looked at Li Yueming with vigilance and fear.

After all, Cai Yue was the centurion of the Northern Battlefront Army, and he had not left a good impression on them all these years.

Even the reputation of the Northern Battlefront Army and the Great Zhou was ignored here.

Most of the people in this group were dirty people wearing cotton-padded jackets.

There were also hunters wearing animal fur and carrying hunting bows on their backs.

Because they were gathered together, there seemed to be quite a number of people present.

However, as a small town, 10,000 people were too insignificant.

It was worth mentioning that there were more than 300 exceptionally strong men in this group.

They were Cai Yue’s true soldiers.

In order not to be seen through by Li Yueming, they took off their armor and replaced the 300 farmers.

Although they were nervous, they could only bite the bullet and blend into the crowd, hoping that Li Yueming did not notice them.

He glanced at the crowd in front of him.

Li Yueming pulled the spirit horse that was still snorting and said,””Everyone, my name is Li Yueming. I’m the general of the newly established ‘Star Moon Army’. The purpose of coming here is to guard Northern Ice River Town and protect you from the attack of the Qin army and the beast tide!”

After saying that, Li Yueming paused, apparently waiting for the reaction of the residents.

As expected, the crowd of people below them burst into an uproar when they heard the sound.

Obviously, Li Yueming’s words were unbelievable.

This Northern Ice River Town was only a little bit big. In the past, the largest number of soldiers stationed there was only 500.

There were actually 5,000 troops stationed here?

It was simply using a sledgehammer to kill a chicken!

However, whether they were willing to believe it or not, they had no choice in this matter.

Therefore, the crowd gradually calmed down after a while.

The crowd finished digesting the first wave of news.

“Since everyone already knows, then let me announce the Star Moon Army’s code of conduct!’”‘

“This is the Starmoon Troop’s rule, and it will be the code of conduct for all of you in the future!”

When he heard Li Yueming’s words.

The group of people instantly became nervous and could not help but hold their breaths.

In their ears, the code of conduct that Li Yueming mentioned was another meaning of collecting protection fees.

The Six Nations fought for hegemony every year.

In many cases, there was no difference between an army and a bandit.

It was just that bandits were not allowed to rob, while the army was just robbers in disguise.

There were simply too many people who wanted to take a breather halfway through the march.

To be able to live to their age, they were already used to this.

The soldiers under Li Yueming were all well-equipped.

They did not dare to resist.

They could only pray in their hearts that Li Yueming would not be too ruthless and leave them a way out.

In the silence.

Li Yueming’s next words were like the first thunder that rang out on the flat ground.

“The first rule of the Starmoon Troop is to never take a needle or a thread from the masses!”

“The second rule of the Starmoon Troop is to ensure the safety of the people under their command!”

“The third principle of the Starmoon Troop is to restore the production of the people under their command and expand the area of land cultivated!”

These three rules came down.

Everyone present was stunned.

Not far away, a group of people did not say anything for the time being. After all, most of them could not even read the words. It was difficult for them to understand what Li Yueming meant without some time.

At this moment, apart from the cavalry battalion itself, the group of reincarnators who followed Li Yueming were also the most confused.

What was going on?

This military regulation seemed a little strange!

However, before they could ask or discuss…

Li Yueming spoke again.” Now, you can ask me if you have any questions. If you are dissatisfied, you can tell me!” From tomorrow onwards, the Star-Moon Army will carry out a comprehensive transformation of Northern Ice River

Town. We are not bandits, nor are we bandits. There is no need to be so afraid..”

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