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Chapter 478 - Chapter 478: Attacked

Chapter 478: Attacked

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Song Fan took the key, recognizing it as one for the VIP safe deposit boxes at the Central Bank.

She asked, puzzled, “Why did my mom give you the key? Did she sense something was wrong before she died?”

This had been on her mind, especially after Charlie mentioned uncovering some issues between Song Yi and the Yu Family, leading her to suspect the circumstances of Yu Wan’s death.

Su Yang shook his head, “I don’t know. Your mother never worked at the company, so we were merely acquaintances. I had a good relationship with your grandfather, so perhaps she trusted me.”

Song Fan sighed as she looked at the key, determined to uncover the truth.

“Don’t worry, as long as I’m here, I’ll support you. There are still a few of us old employees from the Yu Family in the company,” Su Yang assured her. “We might not have much power, but we have good relationships within the company. Even a dead camel is bigger than a horse. We’ll help you.”

“Thank you,” Song Fan said gratefully.

He waved off her thanks, “My abilities are limited, but I’m glad you joined the company before I retire.” Standing up, he looked at Song Fan kindly. “You’re young and capable. I have high hopes for you. I just want the Yu Family’s descendants to manage the company well.”

Song Fan respectfully saw him out and returned to her office, feeling conflicted. It seemed her mother had known something important was going to happen, which was why she entrusted such a key to a company elder rather than her husband. This clearly indicated a problem.

After thinking it over, she decided not to tell her brothers about it. To them, Song Yi was still a qualified father. This was something she needed to handle on her own.

After sorting out her basic work tasks, Song Fan planned to visit the bank during lunch.

But before she reached the bank, she got a call from Lan Yue, “Boss, something’s wrong. Mr. Su, the chubby Su Yang, has been attacked.”

“What happened?” Song Fan asked, feeling a sense of foreboding as she turned back towards the company.

“He was attacked in our company’s underground garage. The security found him unconscious. He’s now in Central Hospital,” Lan Yue said in a low voice. “I hacked into the company’s surveillance system and found that the cameras were off during that time. The surveillance equipment wasn’t working.”

Lan Yue hesitated, then added, “I asked around, and it turns out the security office received a notice from your dad’s secretary, saying there would be maintenance on the garage’s surveillance at noon.”

Lan Yue didn’t say more but had clearly started to suspect Song Yi, though she didn’t want to accuse him directly in front of Song Fan.

“Got it. Send me his room number. I’ll go to the hospital now,” Song Fan replied.

She hurriedly hung up and drove to Central Hospital.

When she arrived at the hospital room, she saw Su Yang lying there with his head bandaged. Although he had no visible external injuries, he wore a breathing mask and looked in poor condition.

Mrs. Su, a pleasant-looking woman with a slight plumpness, stood up as Song Fan entered. “You must be Song Fan? I should call you President Song.”

“Just call me by my name,” Song Fan said with a gentle nod. “What happened to Mr. Su?”

“I don’t know. I only came to the hospital after being notified by your company,” Mrs. Su said, wiping her tears. “He went to the bank early this morning and took our home safe deposit key. I thought it was important company business, but he never talks about work with me.”

“He was hit on the head, and his wallet, phone, and the safe deposit key are all missing. It looks like a robbery. And it happened right when the company’s surveillance was down for maintenance. Such bad luck.”

Song Fan softly consoled Mrs. Su, but she had already pieced together the reason behind the attack. It happened because Su Yang had gone to retrieve the key for her.

Song Corporation was a top-tier company in A City. No one would dare to rob someone in its garage, let alone during a surveillance maintenance window. It was hard for her to believe Song Yi wasn’t involved.

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