Everyone Wants to Pamper the Bigshot Researcher After Her Rebirth!

Chapter 422 - Chapter 422: Scheming Against Each Other

Chapter 422: Scheming Against Each Other

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Hearing Meng Xia demands ten million, Zhao Li almost burst out laughing. Even for the Zhao family, it’s not an amount they can easily throw around. However, instead of refuting Meng Xia, Zhao Li said, “You can check the situation of the Zhao family. I don’t have that much money right now.”

Just as Meng Xia was about to explode, Zhao Li continued, “But I do have five hundred thousand now. I can transfer it to you directly.”

She discreetly opened the phone’s voice recorder and said, “Meng Xia, I have five hundred thousand, and I can give it to you now. Don’t mention the cooperation we were planning. Song Fan has already been kidnapped, and you are the only Miss Song of the Song family. You don’t have to worry anymore. Besides, the matter of you drugging Jason, the Song family will surely help you sort it out. You are now Mrs. Brown.”

Zhao Li knew that a woman like Meng Xia wanted to marry into a wealthy family. Since the Song family couldn’t provide her with a foothold, she naturally wanted to marry into the Brown family.

However, it seemed that Brown Group wasn’t planning to let the matter rest. Even though they had been searching for Song Fan, there was no sign of any progress in the cooperation with the Song family.

Hearing that there was only this much money, Meng Xia felt a bit angry. She didn’t realize that Zhao Li was shifting all the blame onto her during their conversation. She had already handed over the evidence to Meng Yu, luckily keeping a part of the evidence for herself.

Meng Yu intended to take advantage of this opportunity to completely shift the blame onto Zhao Li. This way, she would be a complete victim, not having to worry about retaliation from the Brown Group. Moreover, she might already be pregnant.

She contacted Zhao Li using the temporary phone provided by Meng Yu, precisely to get her hands on the money, her money.

“Song Fan must have money!” Upon hearing Meng Xia’s silence, Zhao Li hurriedly continued, “Didn’t you say Kevin gave her a lot of jewelry and clothes, and both Gu Chen and Charlie treat her well? Song Fan must have money. Haven’t you always been disapproving of her? Why not take advantage of her being kidnapped and teach her a lesson?”

Thinking of Song Fan’s various jewels and her gorgeous dresses, along with her disheveled appearance, Meng Xia snorted, “Yes, Song Fan has money. She is a big cash cow, the darling of the Song family. But she’s kidnapped now, don’t you know?”

Not sure if it was because of recent events, coupled with lack of sleep, Meng Xia felt her brain wasn’t functioning properly.

However, Zhao Li noticed the loopholes in her words. Quickly sending Chen Jun’s phone number, she also transferred 500,000 dollars directly to Meng Xia. When the two messages came in, Meng Xia was taken aback.

Before she could ask anything, Zhao Li explained, “I’ve transferred the money to you. Did you receive it? I just happen to like Gu Chen. Everyone in the capital knows about it. Don’t reveal my visit to A City.”

She knew that some things couldn’t be concealed anymore. So, she decided to become an accomplice, making Meng Xia the mastermind. Moreover, the person behind Song Fan’s kidnapping had to be Meng Xia.

“Humph, consider yourself sensible.” Seeing that the money was received, Meng Xia felt somewhat relieved. She asked with some confusion, “Whose phone number is this?”

“Song Fan is in his hands.” Having obtained the desired recording, Zhao Li also breathed a sigh of relief. After turning off the recording, she said, “I’ve given you the money, but he’s still greedy. You know about the situation of the Zhao family. I can’t stay in A City. How to handle Song Fan is up to you.”

After kidnapping Song Fan, Zhao Li didn’t receive any news from the person she hired. She always felt a bit uneasy. When she saw Gu Chen’s car parked downstairs just now, she felt like she had mobilized all the brain cells in her life. Gu Chen had come, indicating he knew about her involvement in this matter.

Thinking about the current situation of the Zhao family and what she might experience in the future, she gritted her teeth. If she couldn’t kill Song Fan, she would let Meng Xia take the blame. What she was playing now was the role of an infatuated woman who couldn’t have what she wanted. She was just being used by Meng Xia.

However, what she didn’t know was that Meng Yu had already taken action ahead of her. She needed Meng Xia to marry Jason, at least to make the Brown family acknowledge the child Meng Xia carried. The drugging of Jason needed to be someone else’s doing.

Meng Yu had compiled all the evidence and directly handed it to Song Yi. Song Yi then had his subordinates contact hackers online. At this moment, the news of Zhao Li drugging Song Fan and Meng Xia being drugged was spreading wildly on the internet.

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