Everybody is Kung Fu Fighting, While I Started a Farm

Chapter 490 - The Spiritus Quadrant

Chapter 490: The Spiritus Quadrant

The Blood Sea stirs as the Nether River Patriarch’s return loomed!

His consciousness slowly cleared within the sea of Sura, and the ripple of a will extended—

“Yuan Killer Sword!”

Those three words echoed in the ears of every Sura above the Blood Sea, leaving their elites trading glances. Some of them rapidly conversed with acoustics, with one elder saying, “The greatest treasure of our kind—the Yuan Killer Sword was lost in the battle all those years ago. Now that our patriarch would soon return, he has perhaps sensed it. Therefore, everyone must send forth their intelligence networks to find out information about the Yuan Killer Sword.”

“When our patriarch returns, armed with Yuan Killer and Infinite Pain, no one bar the Saints would be a match for him!


At the celestial battlefield, as the immortals who headed to Earth returned, with the immortal sects, demonic sects, and daemonic cultivators bringing along their entire sects, Jiang He and Wang Hou’s name started to spread in the celestial battlefield.

Some of the immortals even became minstrels who spread their names everywhere.

They deliberately avoided or toned down any mentions of Jiang He and Wang Hou’s protection over Earth, exaggerating and making it widely known instead about how they had subjugated the immortal sects, demonic sects, and daemonic cultivators, hence oppressing cultivators in general, forcing them to leave altogether.

If Jiang He was there, he would certainly recognize that those minstrels belonged to sects that had a grudge against him.

Even the Taixu Sect had to move their whole fraternity to the celestial battlefield, though none in their group spoke badly about Jiang He or Wang Hou.

Of course, Jiang He did not know about that.

Right now, he was lying ashore and sunbathing beneath a beach umbrella.

Beside him, Hu Mei, Boa Hancock, and Sora were massaging his shoulders or feeding him grapes.

He could not live more elegantly.

There were sun, moon and stars in the Farm too, and time flowed the same as the outside.

Once the sun set and night arrived, Jiang He raised a bonfire on the shores for a grill, while Dumbo carried out packs of beers.


It spread its paws, releasing True Qi of frost.

Holding chilled beer with its left paw and meat skewers with its right, it said cheerfully, “Even after drinking so many fine brews thanks to Master, I still find chilled beers the best match for barbecue… by the way, master, what is this meat? It tastes really nice and is filled with qi, and it actually strengthens my body after eating it.”

Right now, Dumbo was an immortal daemon, and its cultivation was certainly not weak.

Normal Feral flesh would be useless against him.

Jiang He took a sip of chilled beer, but found its texture just lacking ever so slightly. As such, he nonchalantly dug a hole on the beach and threw one bottle of chilled beer inside, even adding several pellets of Living Soil of the Nine Heavens to improve the texture.

The beach was naturally inside the Farm, too.

Mundane beverages like beer grew rapidly in Jiang He’s farm—in just ten minutes or so, a two-meter-tall tree with beer bottles had grown out of the grown.

Curiously, each of the beer bottles were chilled.

Jiang He plucked one—


[+1 Farm Point.]

After he popped it open and drank it, he found the texture much better than before, and took a bite of the skewer.

“It’s a cosmic behemoth that I had run into in outer space a while ago,” he chuckled. “It looks like a cow but was over four thousand kilometers long, and was a True Immortal tier.”

“There are definitely a lot of fun places in outer space. Anyway, I’ll let you guys out for a breather after we reached the next city…”

Jiang He rose and yawn after having his fill.

Boa quickly approached him and said charmingly, “Master, let’s take a break.”

Hu Mei added, “I’ll go too.”

Sora blushed, mused to herself for seconds and mumbled, “Master, I… I…”

“No need for excuses. You’re coming too!”

Jiang He laughed out loud, and brought the ladies to the mansion in a corner of his Farm. He waved his hand to raise an array, separating the mansion so that no matter how noisy or exciting it gets inside, nothing could be observed outside.


A soft snort could be heard from the other end from the Farm.

The willow tree which was now several hundred meters tall with a tree crown that extended over a thousand meters swayed, a pretty loli face appearing on its trunk just then and pouted, “Master has always had Hu Mei and the others warm his bed but not me. Is he hating me for being too small?”

“What could I do anyway? We trees grow slowly in the first place.”

After a night of delights, Jiang He stepped out of his farm next morning, invigorated.

He had just stepped out when he found Wang Hou, sitting cross-legged atop a mountain and cultivating. Dao presence swirled around him, while the Martial Yuan Spirit materialized on top of his head did as Wang Hou did.

At the same time, a vast Grotto-Heaven of immeasurable proportion lingered behind him.

The dimensions were folded and overlapping within that Grotto-Heaven, permeating the air while cosmic bodies swirled inside, making it appear quite wondrous.

Wang Hou then slowly opened his eyes, sensing Jiang He’s arrival.

“Minister Wang, your cultivation is getting even more profound.”

Jiang He praised, while Wang Hou answered, “I feel light and unburdened after resigning from the Martial Arts Department (MAD). Without excess thoughts in my mind, my cultivation is naturally going smoothly.”

His immortal will scanning and noticing that Wang Siyu was still confining herself, Jiang He suddenly remembered something and asked, “By the way, Minster Wang, I remembered that you cultivated for a hundred years in the Star Map although less than a month had passed. Does the star map have an array that quickens time?”

Wang Hou nodded. “Yes, the Star Map does have an array that accelerates time, and I triggered it back when I first entered it by mistake. It has ought to be something left by the superior beings who had made the Star Map itself.”

“But even now, I can only use up to seventy percent of the Star Map’s authority, and I can’t activate the time-acceleration array.”

“I see.”

Jiang He was a little disappointed.

Otherwise, there was a major chance that he could create a batch of Overdeities if he had the time-acceleration array.

After around an hour, Wang Siyu left confinement with a stable cultivation. All smiles, she said, “Sorry for keeping you waiting, Jiang He, Minister Wang.”

“It’s fine. We are not actually in a hurry on this journey, and would make a lot stops on the way to observe the stars, which does help with Dao enlightenment.”

Taking out a star map and studying it closely, he said, “We are now in the Spiritus Quadrant, which is a rather unique cosmic quadrant. The sovereign here is a tree and is very powerful, being one of the strongest aside from the Saints themselves.”

“In the Spiritus Quadrant, man floral spirits had gained Dao, which was a cause for discrimination. Foreign cultivators often sneak in to kill these spirit cultivators, which is why most cultivators here had gathered on several of the living planets in this quadrant, where elites stand watch. Even average Demi-Saint who enter were never heard from again.”

“That said, there are many Spiritus in the outer zones of the Spiritus Quadrant, just like this planet we’re at. However, they would only had recently awakened their intelligence and just assumed their forms, with the strongest being merely Convergence-tier… the day might even come that an alien elite descend and massacred all the Spiritus on this planet.”

“So cruel!” Wang Siyu appeared emotional.

But was it really cruel?

It was indeed so, but this sort of thing was normal in the universe.

Spiritus were floral spirits that gained Dao, which were in turn rare medicinal ingredients. Their bodies were treasures after they were killed and turned to medicine, and if not for the influence of their ruler who stood just beneath the Saints and could protect their own race on its own, the race itself would have long since been wiped out.

There were only too many lesser races wiped out across the universe. If the elites of Earth were not fighting at the celestial battlefield, if those elites had not kept backup measures on Earth, if Wang Hou and Jiang He had not gained their meteoric rises, Earth would have been massacred as well, the billions of people on it reduced to slaves.

Jiang He did not linger on the topic and said, “There is a long-distance warp portal at the heartlands of the Spiritus. However, the Spiritus are very xenophobic, which is why we must circle cut into their capital directly from the outer zones, and take the portal directly to the Galactic Empire when we arrived at Blaze City.”

Jiang He put away his star map.

They would be halfway there when they reach the Galactic Empire. However, the number of powerful races increased the closer they were to the celestial battlefield, all of whom had the ability to build long-range portals that cross an entire galactic quadrant.

In days, they would arrive at the celestial battlefield.

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