Everybody is Kung Fu Fighting, While I Started a Farm

Chapter 48

Chapter 48: What Foolery Is This?

“Haha! Didn’t expect that, did you?”

Laughter could be heard in the darkness as Tong Nan appeared just a dozen meters in front of Jiang He, smirking. “You are powerful, but with that spider venom inside your bloodstream, your strength will leave you and your body will become numb. How much power can you release then?”

Frowning in realization, Jiang He exclaimed, “You ambushed me?”

At the same time, he could feel his strength leaving him, as well as a numbing sensation that crept down from his neck. If this continued, he would be immobile in minutes.

He fired up his Nine Yang Technique and soon felt much better.

He fired it up again…

And then…

He felt completely fine now?

“The Nine Yang Technique may cure poison, but just to be sure…”

With a flip of his hands, a golden cucumber appeared in Jiang He’s left palm, while an 18cm carrot appeared in his right. He took a bite out of each one, offering his appraisal while he ate.

“You’re an Awakened, aren’t you? So, superpowers can actually include something like invisibility. It’s a good ability to have as an assassin, but the problem is that you’re too weak. If you were strong enough, you could have struck straight through my heart, and I would definitely be dead.”

On the other side, Tong Nan was left dumbstruck.

What was going on?

You were poisoned. You were bloody poisoned!

And yet here you are being so nonchalant in front of me and dozens of Feral wolves, to the point that you started eating a carrot and a cucumber?

Did those stuff work as antidotes?

Meanwhile, the earth-type Awakened had quietly moved beside Tong Nan. On the ground, Old Liu twitched several times before leaping to his feet as well. His clothes were left in pieces after Jiang He’s Mighty Dragon Shows Remorse struck him. However, a faint metallic luster had also appeared over his chest, which thudded when he tapped at it twice.

“Brat,” said Old Liu hoarsely. “Who on earth are you? What was that technique just now? If I didn’t have a Diamond Body, that palm of yours would have killed me.”

Upset, Jiang He frowned.

Diamond Body?

He promptly put away his half-eaten carrot and cucumber and moved his feet, appearing like a phantom in front of Old Liu, and slamming another Mighty Dragon Shows Remorse on his chest.


A dull crack.

Old Liu’s body flew into the air once again.

Even as he hovered, there was astonishment in his eyes… What speed was that? Just as he reacted and was about to move, he was struck again, his pupils reflecting the silhouettes of several golden dragons as his body rose into the air.

It was as if Jiang He’s hands were dancing as he switched between Mighty Dragon Shows Remorse and Dragon Soars in the Sky at a blazing speed. In under three barrages, blood was splattering out of Old Liu’s chest.

Only then did Jiang He stop and sneer. “You dare call yourself Diamond Body when that’s all you can do?”


Old Liu’s body slammed heavily on the ground. His eyes glared one last time before all signs of life left his body.

Tong Nan cried out in surprise, “Old Liu!”

Jiang He moved so quickly that he had killed Old Liu before he realized.

Meanwhile, the earth-type Awakened was moving sand and dust to raise one earth rampart after another, pressing towards Jiang He from every direction. Laughing out loud, Jiang He smashed the hard-as-marble ramparts with one strike of Mighty Dragon Shows Remorse.

And as the earth-type Awakened looked on in astonishment, he slammed another palm at him, ending his life!

“Too weak! You Sky Demon cultists are too weak. Even Cheng Dongfeng with his suppressed cultivation is stronger than you!”

He had killed three people in quick succession without any signs of being poisoned, while his aura was becoming stronger instead.

That was why Tong Nan, who had already hidden himself in the shadows once more, couldn’t help exclaiming, “No way! I spent so much money on that spider venom from the poison master! It should be effective even if used on a rank-seven grandmaster!”

His voice fluctuated, echoing closely from the left one moment, and faraway from the right on the next, making him hard to position.

“Kill! Kill him!” he shrieked, and the dozens of Feral wolves finally moved.

Each of those colossal Ferals lunged towards Jiang He. There were over fifty of them, and the weakest was at least rank-four, along with over a dozen rank-fives and a handful of rank-sixes. Even a rank-seven martial arts grandmaster would be left troubled!

Even so, Jiang He was not concerned at all. With a flip of his hand, three larger-sized pea bombs appeared in his palm. He threw them at his feet, before dropping to the ground and clutching his head at top speed!

If he could do that quick enough, the bombs would not touch him!

In that instant, Tong Nan, who had been spurring the wolf pack on from the darkness, was left utterly bamboozled.


What was he doing?

What foolery was that supposed to be this time?!

So many Ferals are lunging at you, so what the heck are you doing dropping to the ground?

Even so, the thought only managed to cross his mind all-too-briefly.

In the next second—


All three pea bombs detonated, and the scene seemed to freeze for an instant.

The closest Feral wolf had been just ten centimeters away from Jiang He and about to claw his brains out, but that paw was fated to never land.

The blinding, scorching fiery light burst out instantly, illuminating the dark night.


The earth moved.

The wolves shrieked.


Though hidden in the darkness, Tong Nan could not even manage to get the full curse out before feeling his lurking ability vanish.

As a matter of fact, it had not actually vanished. The shockwave from the blast had merely extended across every direction, and it knocked Tong Nan into the air like a ragdoll, just before fire and light consumed him…

Directly reducing him to ashes.

It was only after half-a-minute that Jiang He got to his feet. His first reaction was to check whether he had been hurt. He touched his handsome cheeks and his lower body… and realized that he was completely unscathed, aside from some dirt from when he was prone on the ground.

He then turned to look around.

What the hell!

He was taken aback as a burnt scent permeated the air around him. There were piles of wolf corpses laid out over the ground, and the handful of Feral wolves closest to the epicenter were utterly deformed. Moreover, the entire mountaintop seemed to have sunk by four meters.

“The Strengthened Pea Bomb is that powerful?” mumbled Jiang He. But soon, he stared cursing at himself, “Argh, I’m so stupid. Why did I use the pea bomb? It would have been troublesome to kill the wolf pack with my abilities, but it wouldn’t have wasted too much of my strength… Now I’ve really done it, and there’s no telling whether burnt Feral wolf flesh can be used to level up my farm.”

Flipping over one of the Feral wolf corpses, he drew out his cleaver and cut off some charred flesh, before digging deeper to get a piece that looked relatively better. Even so, it was already cooked.

He hence took a bite. Hey, this taste isn’t that bad!


On a mountain around forty kilometers away from Mount Dadong, the Tranquil Heavenly General was hiding along with a dozen Sky Demon Cult elites.

Their location was called Dalangding, where a single highway cut through a whole mountain. It was the only route to get from Linzhou City to Yuzhen.

Be that as it may…

After waiting for a long time, the Tranquil Heavenly General frowned and muttered, “Why hasn’t Duan Tianhe arrived yet?”

But it was only natural that Duan Tianhe was not there. After receiving that call earlier, he had mused to himself for a moment before turning back. With the elites stationed there, there would be no problems in Yuzhen, wheras he could not afford to have anything happen to Jiang He.

Dashing all the way to the Changliushui scenic route, he kept dialing Jiang He’s number, only to be redirected to voicemail.

‘The number you have dialed could not be reached at the moment.’

A thought crept into Duan Tianhe’s mind.


Jiang He had blocked his number?

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