Everybody is Kung Fu Fighting, While I Started a Farm

Chapter 456 - I Did Not Kill That Grand Luo, Did I?

Chapter 456: I Did Not Kill That Grand Luo, Did I?


Wang Hou was speechless.

It makes sense that you plucked every fruit from the bomb tree since it is a powerful floral spirit and the fruits would fetch a hefty sum… but why would you take Hawaii away too?

Jiang He smiled awkwardly when he saw Wang Hou’s baffled look. “You might not be aware, Minister Wang, but people like me who live at the loess highlands of Xibei rarely get to see the ocean. I heard that Hawaii is a tourist spot and it certainly is true, which is why I’m moving some islands and beaches to the grotto-heaven I control for enjoyment.”

As he spoke, Jiang He picked a rather curious island. With a flick of his finger, he sent a flashing sword light from his fingertip, cutting out the island and the surrounding ocean, which he collected with a wave of his hand.

Wang Hou scowled even harder at that.

Jiang He, however, appeared delighted and thought to himself, ‘It definitely was a good idea to cut out the space around the ocean and the island. Once my Farm is leveled up, I could make a cove in it so I can sunbathe on the beach anytime.’

Both him and Wang Hou returned to Jingdu City that very night itself.

Once they reached the city, Wang Hou promptly called for a meeting to discuss the agreement with the golden ape of Skull Island.

The elites of various sects who were stationed at Jingdu City were invited to the meeting as well.

Right now, the various sects spreading their teachings in the Hua Nation had each bought a tower to use as an office in Jingdu City, with Sufferenace-tier, Convergence-tier, Yuan Spirit, or True Child elites staying there.

In the meeting, Wang Hou suggested that the sects sent out their elites to locate Ferals and daemons across the land. They would not be killing them, however, but merely drawing them out in the open.

The Sufferance-tier elite from the Ten Thousand Swords Sect spoke out then, saying, “Those untitled cultivators and independent daemonic cultivators do need to be rounded up. When the Dao on this planet withered and Spirit Qi faded, the elites of various immortal sects, demonic sects, and daemonic cultivators all journeyed across the stars and headed to the faraway celestial battlefield. Some among those untitled cultivators and independent daemonic cultivators had gone as well, though most of them remained on this planet.”

“With the drying up of Spirit Qi and the dormancy of Dao, those untitled cultivators and independent daemonic cultivators chose to seal their own Dao and slumber at certain places. They definitely would sense the return of Dao and awaken from their slumber.”

The Ten Thousand Swords Sect and the Hua Nation had the strongest partnership, with the Ten Thousand Swords Daoist and Jin Sidao being quite close to Jiang He and Wang Hou. That was why once Wang Hou made his suggestion, the Ten Thousand Swords Sect’s Sufferance elite offered great support, even adding seriously, “Unlike us, the disciples of proper sects, those untitled cultivators, and independent daemonic cultivators are used to freedom and would do anything they wish. It would be a cause for future problems if they are not rounded up early on.”

Pausing, he then said, “Moreover, there might be immortals among those slumbering untitled cultivators and independent daemonic cultivators.”

The other Sufferance-tier elites all reacted, though their stance were blurry.

Wang Hou was unconcerned. Smiling, he stopped mentioning that matter and instead said, “By the way, I forgot to mention something else—when Mister Jiang attacked the Black Demon Star alone, I asked the Golden Immortals in various sects to help. Although the Ten Thousand Swords Daoist was the only one who did help, I did promise him that henceforth, only the Ten Thousand Swords Sect can spread their teachings on a major scale.”

At those word, the Ten Thousand Swords’ Sufferance-tier elite could not help being delighted, while the other Sufferance elites from other sects reacted drastically.

“Minister Wang…”

The Jiuhua Sect’s Sufferance-tier elite quickly spoke out, but before he could finish, Wang Hou turned to him and smiled. “Oh, yes, the Jiuhua Sect has no Golden Immortals so you can’t be faulted. Well, I could give you two base cities’ worth of jurisdiction, allowing you to spread your teachings there.”

The Sufferance-tier elites of the other sects all spoke out, but Wang Hou waved them off and flatly said, “Alright, there’s no need to speak further. It is Jin Sidao’s ascension banquet tomorrow and the leaders of various sects will be there. I will personally discuss this matter with them.”

“Minister Wang!”

The Taixu Sect’s Sufferance-tier elite tried to struggle.

In the next instant, Wang Hou’s palm shot toward him.


The Sufferance-tier elite had his physical body blown to pieces, leaving his Yuan Spirit, which crashed through the window glass and fled outside.

Wang Hou grasped from the distance and pulled the Yuan Spirit to him, coolly saying, “A mere Sufferance-tier raising his voice in my face? I’m already giving face by sitting down to hold a discussion with you lot, and yet you would try to ask for more?”

Throwing the Yuan Spirit aside, a fierce look flashed in his eyes as he coldly said, “Back when the Sky Demons built the Stargate and their legion descended upon us, I had gone to the Taixu Sect to beg for one day and night, but none of you helped.”

“Now that things have improved on Earth, I’ve allowed the Taixu Sect to spread your teachings for two months, recruiting over two hundred disciples. But that is as far as my kindness goes, and the same applies for the other sects.”

“Alright, dismissed.”

Wang Hou left in a flash.

Jiang He, who was sitting in a corner chuckled and said, “Take your time to talk about it among yourselves, people. I’m going.”

When Jiang He went outside to find Wang Hou scowling, he said, “No worries, Minister Wang. I’ll just punch any demonic sect or immortal sect who would dare say no to you.”

“I’m not worried about that.”

Wang Hou naturally held nothing back from Jiang He, and after musing for several seconds, he said somberly, “Actually, I have a private agenda in preventing the other sects from spreading their teachings… after two months of observation, I find that the citizens are more interested in cultivating immortals than martial arts, and some talented martial artists have even switched to immortal arts.”

“That’s understandable.”

Jiang He smiled. “The public believes that cultivators are cooler and more elegant, killing their opponents from thousands of miles away and soaring through their skies while riding their swords. It’s natural that it has a pull on the youth, and I even had a rush of blood to the brain and have changed to immortal arts myself. Otherwise, if I keep cultivating martial arts, would you have had a part in founding Martial Dao, Wang Hou?”

There was nothing inaccurate in what Jiang He said.

Founding Martial Dao… was actually simple.

All he needed to do was write a set of martial arts manuals that contains a sequential progress up to Dao.


Jiang He’s eyes shifted at that and he happily said, “Minsiter Wang, I have an idea on how we should teach martial arts so all Void-tier elites can reach Paragon, or even cultivate as a Martial Arts Yuan Spirit of your level.”


Wang Hou’s gaze changed as well.

He cultivated in Martial Dao to a level no one else had reached.

With martial arts flourishing on Earth at the moment, he naturally wanted to bring it to the next level. However, while martial arts progress during the initial stages was alright, the three tiers of divine, and subsequently the Void-tier and Zero-Void tiers, had been verified by countless martial artist elders—Paragon in martial arts was not what anyone could reach by mere ability.

That level has such a great gap in abilities, which was why ascending through it was immensely difficult, let alone reaching Wang Hou’s level.

Moreover, Wang Hou was supported by Fortune Qi and cultivated for a hundred years in the Star Map, even drinking Old Tea Tree of Enlightenment for an entire month as if it was mineral water. Indeed, he had only gained his current level of accomplishment after having stayed in a state of enlightenment in every waking moment.

Moreover, wanting to promote martial arts so martial artist would set their sights on reaching Paragon and Wang Hou’s current level required a division and simplification of various tiers.

It was a profound task that Wang Hou could not accomplish alone. Even if he appeared delighted once Jiang He suggested it, he soon shook his head with a pained smile and said, “You assumed the path of immortal arts and reached Golden Immortal…”

“I did practice martial arts!”

Jiang He said very seriously. “Moreover, I can pick up from where I left off.”

Wang Hou frowned. “Wouldn’t that slow down your cultivation?”

“It’s fine.

Jiang He said flatly. “I’m now a full-fledged Golden Immortal and one step away from Grand Luo, so I can reach it any time I want… anyway, that’s decided. I’ll be reverting to martial arts once I get home, and test for myself how Zero-Void and Paragon tiers are like, before creating a martial arts manual to divide and simplify it. Future martial artists just have to stick to it to reach Paragon—what’s not to like?”

Seeing that Wang Hou had something to say but stopped, Jiang He smiled and said, “Don’t worry, Minister Wang. This is not difficult to me, and you know how gifted I am in creating cultivation manuals.”

Wang Hou looked utterly doubtful, but that was when Jiang He paused, adding, “By the way, what is your current tier, Minister Wang?”


“Well… I have to know that to create a better martial arts manual, don’t I?”


Wang Hou’s face turned green.

What the hell!

I actually trust this man?



Up in the skies, Jiang He was sitting atop a cloud nonchalantly as it floated toward Xibei, looking a little upset.

“Minister Wang is really something… he doesn’t even know what he tier is! Am I supposed to make something up?” Breathing a long sigh, Jiang He shook his head helplessly.


He just had to find a novel and copy the name of the cultivation tier when the time comes.

“Still, it would cost me some Farm Points to revert to martial arts. It seems that I need to come up with an idea to get more immortal crystals when I get back… and there is still one slot to plant cultivation manuals after my farm last levels up, and I could use it to create a martial arts manual before leveling up.”

The cloud moved rapidly, and reached the Lingzhou City borders in minutes.


The cloud then disappeared.

Jiang He dropped out from the skies, landing outside his own gates.

“You’re back, Jiang He?”

A soft laughter rang beside Jiang He’s ears. He had just landed from the skies and had yet to turn around, but with his sharp senses, he spotted a blue-clothed middle-aged man standing behind and smiling at him.

His heart raced…

“I’m outside my own house but I didn’t notice him!”

“Could he have been hiding here to ambush me?”

“And there is actually such an elite on Earth?”

“Who is he actually?”

As various thoughts flashed through his mind, Jiang He whipped out his Golden Radiance sword by instinct.


The Golden Radiance sword abruptly rose and erupted in dazzling golden light, and more sword lights followed, released by the flying swords that arose behind the Golden Radiance sword.

All of them were acquired soul-treasure swords, and they formed a brand-new Sword Array of Ten Realms and Infinity.


The air around it shattered.

A sword array was instantly unleashed.

The blue-clothed man’s smile stiffened and he promptly pulled back, launching a pagoda that shone from above him and protected him with a screen of light as he withdrew.

At the same time, he called out, “Stop, Jiang He! I am…”


The Sword Array of Ten Realms and Infinity turned into a single shot of sword light that hammered on the screen of light.

The pagoda above the man’s head quaked violently and he coughed blood, while his entire body was sent flying hundreds of meters away like a kite that had its string cut off.


The shockwave from that single strike unfurled across all directions, instantly vaporizing every other building in Jinyintan Village. Spatial rifts with terrible consuming force extended, swallowing the entire village apart from Jiang He’s own yard, and… continued spreading destruction.

Jiang He waved his hand and a bronze bell flew out to suppress the shock wave of the battle.

That was when he inwardly came to a realization.

That person just now… could he be…

The Grand Luo Wang Hou mentioned???


Jiang He murmured quietly with a look of utter regret, “I screwed up… I was basically using my full power just now… surely I did not kill him, did I?”

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