Everybody is Kung Fu Fighting, While I Started a Farm

Chapter 22

Chapter 22: The Beast Tamer of the Sky Demon Sect Has Come!

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“Cultivation up to Mastery permits the simultaneous exertion of the Nine Yang—razing mountains and boiling seas?”

Jiang He grinned, his face radiating delight.

“That sounds about right. This world is clearly a high-elitist realm… or at least medium-elitist? It’s only acceptable to have a martial arts manual like this.”

In the end, Jiang He was not actually all that surprised. After all, the System did judge that the Indestructible Diamond and the Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms were low-level.

[High-level martial arts manual detected: Nine Yang Manual (Strengthened)]

[Host, would you like to consume 2,000 Farm Points to cultivate the first tier of Nine Yang Manual (Strengthened)?]

The look of bliss on Jiang He’s face promptly hardened. His eyes shot towards the System panel to find that he had only accumulated 1,763 Farm Points. And here he was thinking that he had some capital now…

‘In the end, I’m just a slumdog. I’m not even a peasant. If the first tier costs two thousand Farm Points, wouldn’t the second or third tier cost tens of thousands of points? Are you trying to drain me dry, System?!’ he spat inwardly.

Be that as it may, Jiang He quietly took out a pea seed.

“One pea seed gives me two hundred Farm Points. After taking away the cost of one nitrogen fertilizer, that’s one hundred Farm Points earned. Even if I planted both peas, I’ll still be short of two thousand Farm Points.”


Jiang He pointed at the ground. Dumbo promptly reacted, clawing at the earth with all four paws to dig a hole. When it was done, it looked up and leveled a look of disdain at Trumbo.

‘Trying to steal love from me now, are you? Little rascal!’

Trumbo, who was napping while sunbathing, merely lifted an eyelid in Dumbo’s direction.

Meanwhile, Jiang He planted the pea and redeemed one nitrogen fertilizer. He then took out what Mysterious Soil he had left and poured it into the hole along with the fertilizer!

“Since standard sowing won’t give me two thousand Farm Points, I’ll try adding some Mysterious Soil.”

With that done, Jiang He took a look at the time. It was somehow two in the afternoon already. He went back inside the house, steamed some rice, and made a cucumber coleslaw out of another stick of cucumber.

“Yeah, the timing’s just right. The rice will be cooked by the time I harvest the peas, and the coleslaw will have time to marinate in the seasoning.”

But when he stepped out of the house, he found that a pea tree had already matured in the center of his yard. Strands of pea pods were dangling from it—200 of them.

Moreover, the data appearing before Jiang He’s eyes had changed.

[Pea (Strengthened)]

[Inedible, highly explosive. Please handle with extreme care.]

[Usage: Throw very hard.]


[Gentle reminder: It is suggested that the Host drop to the ground and clutch his head with both hands after throwing to stay immune from damage.]

“From the introduction alone, it seems stronger than the usual peas… but I’ll have to try throwing it to know how much more powerful it is.”

Jiang He walked up and plucked one of the pods.


[Farm Points +5]

Jiang He was delighted. Normal pea pods would have only awarded him one Farm Point each, but they were now yielding him five times more points than before. It meant that even after deducting 100 points for the nitrogen fertilizer, he would have 900 points remaning, giving him more than enough to cover the 2,000 Farm Points he needed.

As he started plucking the other pods, he thought to himself, ‘If I’m getting five times the Farm Points, doesn’t that mean that the Pea Bomb will be five times more powerful’?

Soon, he had plucked every last pea pod, and the tree immediately crashed into the ground with a rumble, turning into a pile of black ash. Jiang He ordered Dumbo to spread out the ashes, while he returned inside his house and cultivated the Strengthened Nine Yang Manual.


[-2,000 Farm Points]

[Congratulations, Host. You have cultivated the Nine Yang Manual to First-Tier Mastery.]

The System notification rang in Jiang He’s mind, and soon, the First-Tier mnemonic chant of the Nine Yang Manual surged into his head. Soon, he felt his qi and blood stirring on their own, crashing through his various acupoints.

Bloop, bloop.

With nine echoes, his nine acupoints were forcefully opened. Those nine acupoints drew from the Universal Force. As the Nine Yang Manual worked in Jiang He’s body, it promptly changed that energy into the purest of true qi.

“Am I rank-four now?”

Excited, Jiang He soon turned his focus to his cultivation, empowering his Nine Yang martial arts and refining the Force, while feeling the true qi in his body become even more powerful.

Jiang He then realized that he had gained ‘Insight’. The true qi in his body flowed along his limbs, bones, and nerves, finally reaching his belly.

“That must be the martial artists’ home of qi… in other words, the Cinnabar Fields often mentioned in novels.”


Jing He only opened his eyes a full hour later. He could feel the invigorating and overflowing true qi swirling in his body. The sensation was as scorching as the sun. Something extraordinary happened as soon as he charged his true qi—it was as if a great sun was rising from his head.

Jiang He hence withdrew it, quietly musing his intention to assess his own power now.

“In the first place, the Nine Yang Manual is synonymous with powerful true qi, and my true qi is up to five times stronger than others of my same rank… In fact, I could be ten times stronger since this is a Strengthened version!”


“Moreoever, once I’ve cultivated the Nine Yang martial arts, I will possess an indestructible body, and needn’t fear underhanded martial arts or poison…”

“Most importantly, this martial art unleashes a person’s potential. When learned, normal punches and kicks will be bursting with great power, and other martial arts can be learned quickly. No wonder it is compatible with every other martial art under the sky…”

“Alright, I can’t make up more stuff! At the end of the day, it has only been ten days since I’ve come across martial arts. I’m a newbie for all intents and purposes, and everything I know about the martial arts hierarchy is from what other people told me. The old saying that ‘practice is the criterion of truth’ definitely applies here. I can only judge after I try it myself.”

Jiang He glanced at his system panel.

[Name: Jiang He]

[Cultivation: Rank Four Intermediate]

[Ability: None]

[Martial Arts Cultivation: Indestructible Diamond (Novice+), Strengthened Nine Yang Manuals (First Tier+)]

[Owned Land: 888m²]


[Farm Level: 2 (EXP 220/500)

[System Backpack: 6 Boxes]

[System Shop: Unlocked]


[Farm Points: 663]

Having 1,763 Farm Points at first, Jiang He had exchanged 100 points for a nitrogen fertilizer pellet to plant the strengthened peas, earning himself 1,000 points. Since cultivating the Strengthened Nine Yang Manual had cost him 2,000 points, he was therefore left with only 663 points.

“Not bad, I can cultivate the Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms a bit now.”

With that, Jiang He spent another 500 points to improve his Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms.

“Although there are eighteen different styles of Dragon Subduing Palms, the effect would more or less be the same… If five hundred Farm Points only cultivates one style, wouldn’t I have to spend nine thousand to cultivate all of them?” complained Jiang He, unable to hold back a chuckle.

After all, it felt amazing to have his power improving by leaps and bounds.

He then checked the time. It was past six o’clock. It would soon be night, and he had not even had lunch yet. The rice he cooked and the cucumbers he cut earlier were still there. By the time Jiang He finished his meal and washed the dishes, the skies were already dark.

Throwing himself onto his bed, he was swiping through his phone when his ears pricked up at the sound of faint taps on his roof. Dumbo started to bark wildly in the next second.


A sharp feline purr echoed just before the Three-tails Demon Cat that had been napping in the yard turned into a black blur and lunged above the house.

Jiang He was about to get up with a flip, but there was a loud crash before he could move!

The roof…


Punching out and sending the falling tiles flying, Jiang He leapt out of the hole on his roof to find that his Three-tails Demon Cat had turned into the size of a calf. It was dragging a black cat of equal size down from the roof to the yard, and was mauling it to death.

“A Feral?” Jiang He’s heart sank. “The beast-tamer of the Sky Demon Sect has come!”

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