Everlasting Immortal Firmament

Book 6: Chapter 118: Fuxi’s Tribulation

Book 6: Chapter 118: Fuxi’s Tribulation

All Magnificent Island:

It had already been more than eight months, but Fuxi had not come out of closed-door cultivation, and there was no news of Gu Hai. The Supreme Wa felt very restless.

The Supreme Wa looked at Hetu. “Is there any news?”

“There’s none. I can’t divine it. The heavenly mysteries have been chaotic these days. However, Gu Hai should still be alive.” Hetu frowned.

“Elder Brother has been in closed-door cultivation. I don’t know how he is now.” The Supreme Wa glanced restlessly at the nearby hall.

“Milady, your emotions seem somewhat off these couple of days,” Hetu said with confusion.

“I’m not sure myself. I feel very frustrated. I suddenly feel very frustrated,” the Supreme Wa said gloomily.

“Is something going to happen?” Hetu asked in bewilderment.

Right after Hetu spoke, a loud sound suddenly came from Fuxi’s hall.


A powerful black shock wave spread in all directions from All Magnificent Island. It was like a nuclear warhead had gone off—no, it was even countless times stronger than a nuclear warhead’s explosion. The shock wave destroyed everything in its path.

A moment later, the shock wave arrived before the Supreme Wa.

“Protect the lady!” someone bellowed.

Zombie One rushed to shield the Supreme Wa with a group of zombies.


The powerful shock wave exploded the frontmost zombie.

However, the shock wave still blasted away the Supreme Wa and Hetu.


The two vomited blood in the air as the impact sent them flying away from All Magnificent Island.

“Master?” Hetu exclaimed.

“Elder Brother!” the Supreme Wa shouted in horror.

Rubble filled All Magnificent Island. Only Zombie One remained intact of the one thousand zombies; the others had all exploded.

The powerful shock wave rushed into the surrounding sea, kicking up overwhelming waves across the entire Eastern Sea.

Smoke and fog hung around the ruined All Magnificent Island.

“Sa? To think that you could divine that something major would happen in my immortal firmament and chose to use this opportunity?” Fuxi’s startled cry came from the rubble.

Boom! Woo! Woo! Woo! Woo!

At the same time, crimson clouds filled the sky, pouring down heavy blood rain. A sorrowful bugle horn rang out as a doleful atmosphere filled the world.

“Heaven died, and the world grieves? The laws sensed Heaven’s death. Has the Six Paths Veritable Lord returned?” Hetu’s expression changed.


An earthshattering report came from the depths of outer space. Powerful shock waves tore up large expanses of crimson clouds.

The Supreme Wa narrowed her eyes and looked.

“Old Mister Guan Qi? The Six Paths Veritable Lord?” The Supreme Wa’s expression changed.

However, the Supreme Wa returned her attention to All Magnificent Island the next moment as she was more concerned about her elder brother’s safety.

“Argh!” Fuxi yelled on the island.

“Sa?! Hahahaha! How strong! What a deep scheme! To think you picked the moment when the laws are bemoaning Heaven’s death to attack? If not for me, you would have broken this world! Unfortunately, you are just a split consciousness! I cannot defeat you, but I can destroy your split consciousness!” Fuxi roared.

The Supreme Wa and Hetu felt anxious.

“I have a bad feeling!” Hetu’s expression changed.

“Shut up!” the Supreme Wa shouted anxiously as she also had a bad feeling. However, she refused to accept it.

“Supreme Wa, take care of yourself! Go find your husband!” Fuxi roared sorrowfully. Then, he let out a despairing cry. “Die!”

A loud sound shook All Magnificent Island. However, it was not the island exploding. Instead, the previous explosion reverted.


The entire All Magnificent Island, the countless rubble, the boundless fog and smoke gathered together, coalescing into a ball that shrank and vanished.


The surrounding seawater rushed in, filling in the void. However, All Magnificent Island and Fuxi were gone.

“Elder Brother!”

The Supreme Wa rushed over as tears spilled from her eyes.

However, Hetu simply stood there, stunned. “That’s impossible! I cannot sense Master! I have a spiritual connection with Master! Master is gone? Master died?”

Fuxi died?

When the Supreme Wa heard her elder brother telling her to search for Gu Hai, she had known things were bad. Before Fuxi entered closed-door cultivation, he had told her to find Gu Hai if anything happened to him.

If anything happened to him? Go look for Gu Hai?

Elder Brother died?

“No! Elder Brother, where are you?! Where are you?!” the Supreme Wa wailed in grief and despair.


The surrounding seawater soared. However, not a trace remained of All Magnificent Island. It had vanished into thin air.

Fuxi died with Sa to stop Sa?

“Hetu, Elder Brother is still alive, right? Elder Brother is still alive, right?” The Supreme Wa flew to Hetu, crying.

She hoped to learn the truth from Hetu.

Hetu felt stupefied. Then, he said sorrowfully, “No. Master’s aura is gone. I can no longer sense him. I cannot sense him at all. Master might have…”

“No! You are lying! You are lying to me!” The Supreme Wa keened in grief.

At this moment, the world grieved, amplifying the sorrow. The Supreme Wa and Hetu burst into tears, feeling like the entire world had abandoned them.

Zombie One at the side felt slightly better.

“Milady, the master told you to look for Gu Hai before he died,” Zombie One said solemnly.

However, the Supreme Wa and Hetu were sunk in grief. They simply would not listen.

Zombie One raised his head and looked at the battle in the sky.

“The Six Paths Veritable Lord returned, and Old Mister Guan Qi went to fight him. Gu Hai must be there as well. I’ll bring you there.” Zombie One waved his hand.


Zombie One flew into the sky while dragging the two.


A field in the Divine Continent:

Jiangchen frowned slightly as he looked to the east. “Fuxi? That Sa is truly that powerful? Even you could not stop him?”

“Uncle Chen! Uncle Chen! Red rain is falling from the sky! Let’s quickly go home! Let’s go back and play?” A young child tugged on Jiangchen’s hand.

Jiangchen shook his head. “Little Six, you all go back first. I won’t be going with you.”


“Go on!” Jiangchen waved his hand.

The group of young children could only leave helplessly.

Jiangchen stood in the crimson rain. However, the crimson rain strangely avoided him.

A guard stood respectfully behind Jiangchen.

“Veritable Master, Six Paths is back,” that guard reported deferentially.

However, Jiangchen did not look to the sky. Instead, he stared with narrowed eyes at the east. Then, he slowly closed his eyes, trying to sense something.

“There is no aura left at all? Fuxi, did you really die?” A grave look flashed in Jiangchen’s eyes.

“Even you died. Is this world unable to stop Sa?” Jiangchen opened his eyes slightly. However, his expression suggested that something troubled him.

Jiangchen shook his head and sighed softly.

Then, he raised his head and looked at the sky.

“Veritable Master, are you going?” the guard asked deferentially.

Jiangchen shook his head. “There’s no need. I’m going to the Eastern Sea to investigate Fuxi’s death.”

“What about Six Paths in outer space? The Immortal Origin is here. Perhaps…,” the guard said worriedly.

“It does not matter whether I go or not. The things that are destined cannot be changed easily. Furthermore, I have already done what I should. Right now, I’m more concerned about whether Fuxi died or not,” Jiangchen said seriously.

After Jiangchen spoke, his figure flashed, and he vanished.


A brookside in the Divine Continent:

“Big Brother Flame Monarch, thank you for searching for my husband these days!” Murong Yan looked at the Flame Monarch with gratitude.

“Yan`er, don’t say that. I have no regrets accompanying you these days.” The Flame Monarch looked at Murong Yan happily.

Although the Flame Monarch had betrayed Jiang Lianshan, he felt that it was all worth it if he could accompany Murong Yan. This was how he felt. No matter how far away he watched, he felt satisfied.

Boom! Woo! Woo! Woo!

As the two chatted, blood rain fell from the sky, and a sorrowful bugle horn rang out. A doleful atmosphere spread out, startling the two.

“The Six Paths Veritable Lord has returned?” The Flame Monarch’s face sank.


A loud sound rang out in outer space, tearing the crimson clouds.

“That is?” The Flame Monarch’s expression changed.

“Big Brother Flame Monarch, what do you see?” Murong Yan asked anxiously.

The Flame Monarch remained silent for a while, not knowing what to say. However, he smiled bitterly when he saw Murong Yan’s anticipation. His time alone with Murong Yan had come to an end.

“It’s Old Mister Guan Qi and the Six Paths Veritable Lord. They have already started fighting,” the Flame Monarch replied with a bitter smile.

“Really? Husband appeared?” Excitement flared in Murong Yan’s eyes.

“Do you want to go?” The Flame Monarch looked at Murong Yan. Some anticipation flashed in his eyes, the hope she would shake her head.

However, Murong Yan immediately nodded and said, “Sorry to trouble Big Brother Flame Monarch.”

The Flame Monarch forced a smile and nodded. “Alright. I’ll bring you over.”


The two rushed toward outer space.


Phoenix Island:

The White Emperor looked at outer space in shock.

“Your Holy Eminence, Old Mister Guan Qi is fighting with the Six Paths Veritable Lord? Look!” the Scarlet Emperor said excitedly.

“That is the Immortal Origin? Is that the Immortal Origin?” the White Emperor said in shock.

Jiang Lianshan sat by a stone table, drinking alone. He raised his head and looked at outer space. After Murong Yan left, he seemed to have become much more haggard.

“The immortal firmament? Only by ruling the world can one change everything? By bringing back everything?” Jiang Lianshan muttered to himself.

Crack! Jiang Lianshan shattered the cup in his hand.

“Your Holy Eminence, are we going to compete too?” The White Emperor looked at Jiang Lianshan.

“We are. We must compete. This Immortal Origin must become ours!” Jiang Lianshan suddenly said ferociously.

Jiang Lianshan’s determination allowed him to show no concern for anything else.

“Let’s go!” Jiang Lianshan shouted.


Jiang Lianshan immediately soared up.


Myriad Age Daoist Sect:

Sect Master Supreme Ascendant and Heavenly Access saw the battle in outer space.

“Is Second Senior Brother still in closed-door cultivation?” Heavenly Access frowned.

“He is in closed-door cultivation. Leave him be. It would be best if he does not get involved with this karma. If anything happens to us, the Myriad Age Daoist Sect can continue at least. Let’s go,” Sect Master Supreme Ascendant said seriously.

“Alright!” Heavenly Access nodded.


Spirit Mountain Sect:

Ji Dihong, the Huang Heavenly Emperor, had already found a group of his officials. Right now, they stood in front of the Spirit Mountain Sect’s Hall of Great Strength.

The Three Lives Buddhas held their palms together as they looked at outer space.

“What must come finally came!” Ji Dihong said with narrowed eyes.

“Huang Heavenly Emperor, let’s go with what you said. Shall we go?” The Present Buddha looked at Ji Dihong.

Ji Dihong nodded. “Alright.”


The group became like meteors soaring into the sky, heading to the battlefield in outer space.

All the powerful experts in the world headed for that battlefield. The final battle of the Revival Convention—Old Mister Guan Qi vs. the Six Paths Veritable Lord—would soon have a result.

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