Everlasting Immortal Firmament

Book 3: Chapter 003: Casual Betrayal

Book 3: Chapter 003: Casual Betrayal

Tom did his best, using all his strength. However, the saber in his hand did not budge despite Gu Hai only pinching it with two fingers.

“No!” Tom yelled agitatedly.

[TL Note: The “no” above was in English in the raws.]

This doesn’t make sense! I am the Hell Bladesman! Although Gu Hai occasionally works out, how can he compare to me? How could he catch my reaper’s blade with two fingers? This does not make sense!

Tom was like he had seen a ghost as Gu Hai continued pinching the saber firmly.

“Tom, you said that I vanished for five years? I had paid you for ten years, buying your services for ten years. Hah! This is how you receive me?” Gu Hai narrowed his eyes, a cold glint flashing in them.

Tom suddenly trembled. He had seen Gu Hai’s gaze many times before. This was the look of a man who wanted to kill.


Tom quickly released his saber and drew his handgun.

“You demon!”

Before Tom could aim the gun at Gu Hai, the handle of his saber had landed in Gu Hai’s hand at some point in time. Gu Hai set the saber’s tip on Tom’s throat.

“That is enough fun already, right?” Gu Hai said, his voice sinking.

The cool blade against Tom’s throat made his hair stand on end. This is Gu Hai before me?

“No! This is an illusion!” Tom roared in disbelief. He continued raising his handgun to point it at Gu Hai.



A shriek rang out as Tom’s left arm, which was holding the handgun, flew off.

After that miserable cry, Tom suppressed the pain with his strong willpower. As he gazed at Gu Hai in horror, he stammered, “You-you…”

“Alright. Time to speak. What happened in the five years I was gone? Why did you try to kill me immediately after seeing me?” Gu Hai coldly eyed Tom.

“Sorry, Boss!” Tom cried out in fear.

[TL Note: Tom spoke in English in the raws here.]

“Speak in my language!” Gu Hai said coldly.

“Right, sorry. Boss, many things happened after you left. Master Si betrayed you. He worked with Hassan, and Master Si paid me double, so…,” Tom pleaded.

“Master Si? Hassan?” Zang Yulian echoed in curiosity.

“Little Si? Hah! That insignificant thing, truly an ingrate. His brother sacrificed himself for me; that’s why I let him follow me. As for Hassan? He is a pirate boss in these parts. I’ve beaten him before, destroying two of his pirate ships. He has never fought me on land. He is not permitted near my spice gardens. Humph! Little Si is colluding with him?” A cold glint flashed in Gu Hai’s eyes.

“Boss! Spare me. I was wrong! I’m dying! I’m still bleeding!” Tom cried out in horror.


At a manor a distance from Gu Hai’s location, a red-clad man held a telescope in one of the large buildings, looking at Gu Hai’s location.

“Master Si, look! Is that…is that Gu Hai?” one of the subordinates at the side cried out in horror.

Master Si showed an uncertain expression as he held the telescope. “It is indeed him. Humph! He returned? So what if he returned? Now, everything here is mine! Call over the two elite snipers in the manor.”


Soon, two elite snipers lay prone on the ground beside Master Si.

“He’s the one in black. Kill him,” Master Si commanded coldly.

“Master Si, don’t worry. It’s just one thousand two hundred meters away. He will die for sure,” one of the snipers said with a cold smile.

“Oh? That girl is quite pretty. Master Si, that girl is mine!” the other sniper suddenly said excitedly.

“That girl belongs to whoever kills Gu Hai,” Master Si said coldly.

“Alright!” the two said excitedly.

One of the snipers pulled the trigger.


A bullet shot towards the distant Gu Hai.

Gu Hai was interrogating Tom when he suddenly turned his head and extended his left arm. His hand moved very quickly—so quickly that Tom’s expression changed at the sight.

Although Gu Hai’s hand did not hold a saber, Tom could see how fast it was. It was even faster than when Tom swung a saber, presenting only an afterimage. How can Gu Hai become this strong in five years?

Also, why is Gu Hai moving his left hand?


A dull sound rang out. When Tom could see clearly, Gu Hai now held a bullet between his index finger and thumb. The bullet tip seemed to be red. This…this is a sniper bullet?

[TL Note: I did a bit of research and found that there are no standards for marking bullets. However, it is common for bullets with red tips to be hollow-point, civilian hunting rounds with red plastic tips to preserve an aerodynamic shape for shooting long distances. Another common one is tracer or incendiary rounds in military ammunition. Given that snipers are using this, I suspect it is a hollow-point, civilian hunting round, as it would fly farther and cause more damage to the body when the bullet expands.]

Gu Hai caught a sniper bullet?

That can’t be, right?

Tom goggled to the point where his eyes nearly popped out.

“What?” The expression of the first sniper in the distance changed.

The other sniper likewise goggled. “No!”

[TL Note: The “what” and “no” exclaimed by the snipers were in English in the raws.]

“What happened?” Master Si glared, feeling confused.

The two snipers did not know what to say. This is impossible. Did I see a ghost?

“I don’t believe it. Again!” the sniper who shot earlier said, flustered.

The sniper picked up his rifle and looked through the scope at Gu Hai. However, he saw the distant Gu Hai looking back at him coldly.

He’s one thousand two hundred meters away. He can’t be looking at me, right?

That sniper did not believe it. He aimed at Gu Hai and prepared to fire when he saw the distant Gu Hai gently flick his finger, sending out the sniper bullet in his hand. That sniper immediately had a bad feeling.



The bullet that Gu Hai flicked out burst that sniper’s head.

“Oh no! Gu Hai brought snipers with him!” Master Si’s expression changed as he immediately took cover.

After one sniper died, the other sniper showed despair in his eyes, as he had seen everything through his scope. Now, he trembled in fear.

Master Si, who had his head down, called out, “Hurry! Hurry! Quickly shoot Gu Hai. Kill him, and the girl is yours! Hurry! Aren’t you the Amazon Sniper King?”

“No!” the surviving elite sniper immediately refused, his eyes wide with horror.

[TL Note: The sniper spoke in English in the raws here.]

“What? Didn’t you duel with ten snipers in the Middle East? The sniper that Gu Hai brought is no match for you. Quickly finish him. I’ll double your pay—no, ten times more!” Master Si called out while glaring.

“No! No! No! He is a demon! I’m going home! I quit! I quit!” That sniper tossed his rifle aside and made to flee.



Master Si shot that sniper, killing him.

“Humph! Isn’t it just Gu Hai? Everyone, load your guns. Kill Gu Hai later!” Master Si roared while glaring.

“Yes!” Many mercenary-looking people started laying traps around the manor.

Far away, Gu Hai turned his head back to look at Tom again after blowing up that sniper’s head.

“He got scared into bleeding from his seven facial orifices?” Zang Yulian said in confusion.

Tom suddenly recalled something and cried out, “Poison. My saber is poisoned. Boss, save me. Save me. I need blood serum! Inject blood serum into me. I’m dying! Hurry! This is king cobra venom. Save me! Save me!”

“Let’s go. I’ll let you experience a car.” Gu Hai smiled.

“No! Boss, don’t leave me behind! Save me!” Tom cried out in horror.

Gu Hai ignored Tom. If not for his great strength and abilities, he would be dead already.

Zang Yulian appeared curious as she sat in the car with Gu Hai.

The terrain was rugged, and there were many turns. The two drove off, heading for the distant manor.

“It’s very slow.” Zang Yulian frowned.

“It is very slow. However, I really miss it after not driving for a long time. Alright. We’ll arrive at the manor soon. We will be entering their range of fire. Let’s get off and walk,” Gu Hai said with a smile as he got out of the car.

Everything here was new and fresh, so Zang Yulian listened to Gu Hai in everything.

The two walked towards the distant manor. At this moment, the manor was surrounded by a sea of flowers, looking extremely beautiful.

“What are these flowers? There are so many of them. They look pretty!” Zang Yulian said, marveling at their beauty.

“These are poppy flowers. They are nothing good. Haha! Back then, I planted spice here. I once issued a strict order that anyone who dared to dabble in the drug trade would die,” Gu Hai said coldly.

“Oh? Drugs? Is this poison? Where is this place?” Zang Yulian looked at Gu Hai.

“The poorest and most chaotic nation of Earth, Somalia,” Gu Hai explained.

At this moment, in a distant building, Master Si glared as he commanded, “They are in range. Hurry! Fire the rocket launchers!”

A mercenary beside Master Si held up a rocket launcher and aimed at the distant Gu Hai and Zang Yulian.


An RPG immediately shot towards Gu Hai, approaching in the blink of an eye.

“Hahahahaha! Die!” Master Si guffawed.

“Master Si is being too anxious. Why do we need to turn up in full force for just two people?”

“They are dead for sure. An RPG will kill them without a doubt!”

“They can’t run in time, even with four legs!”

“Huh?” Just as the mercenaries were celebrating, everyone suddenly stopped laughing. They saw Gu Hai holding the RPG by the tail.

The explosive component of an RPG was the warhead. That had not touched anything, so it did not explode. Now, Gu Hai held that projectile in his hand.

“Is that RPG fake?” Master Si said with doubt in his voice.

Then, he saw the distant Gu Hai fling the RPG back at the building.

Whoosh! The RPG flew towards the mercenaries.






Screams rang out as many of the mercenaries died.

Master Si’s eyes nearly popped out from the shock.

“Fire again! Fire again! Fire again!” Master Si roared.

The distant Zang Yulian felt slightly startled. “These things explode?”

“Yes. It is called a firearm.” Gu Hai nodded.

“We are passive. I don’t like it. I’ll help them explode everything,” Zang Yulian called out.

As Zang Yulian spoke, she stomped, shattering a rock. Then, she kicked lightly.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Many rock fragments shot forward like bullets, accurately striking the tips of the RPGs in the hands of the distant mercenaries and detonating them.

“Nani?!” Master Si glared.

[TL Note: Nani is “what” in Japanese and has been adopted into English and Chinese as slang. The raws here used Chinese characters with the same pronunciation.]

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Explosions rang out everywhere. All the RPGs, explosives, and gasoline tanks blew up. Fiery light flashed everywhere, fire engulfing most of the large buildings in the manor.

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