Everlasting Immortal Firmament

Book 07 Chapter 199: Sa’s Legacy

Book 07 Chapter 199: Sa’s Legacy

Essence Genesis held the flawed immortal firmament’s Immortal Origin in one hand and a golden dragon in the other. He coldly matched gazes with the Six Paths Immortal.

When the Six Paths Immortal’s Heaven’s eye appeared, an overwhelming heavenly might surged forth.

When Essence Genesis’s heavenly eye appeared, it stared unyieldingly at the Six Paths Immortal.

The Immortal was the sovereign of the world and the noblest existence among all beings. No one should dare to oppose him.

Yet now, Essence Genesis showed no fear of the Six Paths Immortal. Even his speech was incendiary.

Kong Xuan, Long Wanqing, and Houqing watched from afar, finding the situation quite illogical. This was not a grudge like that between Mao Tianyun and Six Paths, nor was it a case of someone acting recklessly out of desperation. It was bizarre.

Gu Hai remained silent, as did the others, watching wordlessly.

Gu Hai sent those with insufficient cultivations into the Gu’s Immortal Firmament, as the commotion was too big. They would only be in danger if they remained. As much as possible, he wanted to keep the Six Paths Immortal from discovering the skeleton clone and Long Wanyu.

Even within the Gu’s Immortal Firmament, the skeleton clone could still release energy, which Gu Hai would then absorb into his body to repair himself.

Inside the Gu’s Immortal Firmament, Gu Hai had set up a zone where time flowed at the same rate as outside. This space allowed the people within to see the outside world.

“Is Essence Genesis trying to commit suicide by opposing the Six Paths Immortal?” the Mosquito Daoist asked in surprise.

“No, Essence Genesis has cultivated a heavenly gift!” Long Wanyu said solemnly.

“A heavenly gift?” the Mosquito Daoist parroted in surprise.

“Yes. Before I died in my previous life, I feared the Six Paths Veritable Lord would take all the spiritual light in the world, so I poured most of it into the Divine Continent, turning it into four heavenly gifts. The remaining one-fifth was undoubtedly refined by the Six Paths Veritable Lord into the fifth heavenly gift. Essence Genesis’s heavenly eye is a technique from the heavenly gifts! He must have obtained one!” Long Wanyu said solemnly.

“Ah? Are the heavenly gifts so powerful? What is this spiritual light?” the Mosquito Daoist asked curiously.

“Spiritual light is spiritual light!” Long Wanyu replied impatiently.

“But I don’t understand! How is spiritual light produced? Is it born of the world?” the Mosquito Daoist asked curiously.

Long Wanyu shook her head. “Lifespan, blessings, divine, cultural, and spiritual cultivation are all manmade. If Essence Genesis dares to confront the Six Paths Immortal, he must have cultivated his heavenly gift to a high level!”

“Huh?” Everyone was taken aback.

“You are Heaven Cang’s reincarnation, and you have regained your memory, right? Are you sure you’re not just making things up? Lifespan, blessings, divine, cultural, and spiritual cultivation are all manmade? How is that possible!” the Mosquito Daoist exclaimed in surprise.

“Of course, I’ve regained my past life’s memories. Why is that impossible? Where did lifespan cultivation come from?” Long Wanyu rolled her eyes.

“Uh…! Fuxi created lifespan cultivation, but the other four are impossible. How could they be manmade?” The Mosquito Daoist refused to believe.

“My previous incarnation created blessings cultivation,” Long Wanyu remarked indifferently.

“What? Impossible, you created blessings cultivation? The Dao of sovereigns? Blessings of the world?” Long Shenying, who had reverted to his original form, exclaimed in disbelief.

Long Wanyu glanced at Long Shenying. “Long Shenying, even though you are my uncle in this life, the old fogey Long Zhanguo was very polite to me. Do you know why?”

Long Shenying furrowed his brows. “Because…because Father respects Heaven Cang!”

“But why did the old fogey respect Heaven Cang? I had already been dead for hundreds of thousands of years when he was born, so why did he respect me so much?” Long Wanyu asked calmly.

“I…!” Long Shenying felt bewildered. Indeed, even if Long Wanyu was Heaven Cang’s reincarnation, what did that have to do with Father?

“Emperors who cultivate blessings condense a golden blessings dragon, right?” Long Wanyu asked, glancing at Long Shenying.

“Correct!” Long Shenying nodded.

“What does a golden blessings dragon look like?” Long Wanyu asked again.

Long Shenying was slightly taken aback. A golden blessings dragon was a golden blessings dragon. Was there a need to ask? Doubtful, he looked at the golden dragon in Essence Genesis’s grip outside, then raised his eyebrows because golden blessings dragons were very similar to the golden dragon outside, except one was immaterial while the other was material.

“Back then, I ruled the immortal firmament, commanding the three thousand Great Dao. I fused my body with the three thousand Great Dao and imprinted my mark on them. Therefore, the three thousand Great Dao would give the golden blessings dragon some special abilities. Blessings cultivation came into existence because of me. The emperors of the world have their golden blessings dragons became of me. Do you understand?” Long Wanyu said indifferently.

“Is…is this true?” Long Shenying asked in shock.

“It’s funny that those who cultivate blessings don’t know where blessings come from. Back when Long Zhanguo established his dynasty, he also cultivated blessings. He knew who I was and that it was thanks to me he had the Qian Heavenly Dynasty and those blessings filling the sky. Without me, there would be no such thing as blessings in the world. Wouldn’t Long Zhanguo be grateful to me? Wouldn’t he respect my previous incarnation?” Long Wanyu retorted indifferently.

“Uh…yes!” Long Shenying replied, slightly bitter.

Everyone else was stunned, including Gu Hai. So, the form of the golden blessings dragon came from Heaven Cang?

“I was Heaven Cang in my past life. Emperors are called the sons of Heaven because their golden blessings dragons are my marked clones. I am Heaven; they are the sons. I am the reincarnation of Heaven Cang, and I created blessings cultivation!” Long Wanyu declared proudly.

Everyone nodded in awe.

“Fuxi created lifespan cultivation, and Heaven Cang created blessings cultivation. What about the spiritual light you mentioned earlier? What about spiritual cultivation?” the Mosquito Daoist asked curiously.

Long Wanyu’s brows creased. “That person should be dead by now.”

“Oh? Who is he? Dead? What do you mean? Who is he?” the skeleton Gu Hai asked in surprise.

“His name is Sa!” Long Wanyu said, her brows furrowing slightly.

“Sa?” Everyone was puzzled.

Only the skeleton Gu Hai felt a chill, and the pupils of Gu Hai’s true body in the outside world constricted.


While others did not know about Sa, Gu Hai was all too familiar with this name.

The Six Paths Immortal Firmament corresponded to the Sa’s Immortal Firmament.

Sa was the absolute overlord of Earth, a place where even formidable beings such as Laozi and Siddhartha hid like mice in the immortal realm, never daring to show their faces.

Gu Hai had never met Sa, but he understood the terror that Sa represented from the attitudes of Laozi and Siddhartha.

Sa had once sensed the Six Paths Immortal Firmament and invaded it eight hundred thousand years ago. Back then, Fuxi died together with Sa’s consciousness.

Sa? Isn’t Sa the overlord of Earth?

How does Long Wanyu know about Sa? No, it should be the previous Heaven. She knew Sa? Had she met Sa before?

Spiritual light was the cultivation method left by Sa?

Everything sounded incomprehensible, leaving Gu Hai utterly stunned. However, he understood that this was not the time to delve into the topic of Sa. Once the crisis at hand was over, he would have a proper conversation with Long Wanyu.

“Essence Genesis cultivated the heavenly gift, so can he stand against the Six Paths Immortal?” The skeleton Gu Hai changed the topic.

Everyone turned their attention to the outside world.

“I don’t know. In truth, each school of cultivation is incredibly unique. I spent a long time studying spiritual light in the past but never truly understood it!” Long Wanyu shook her head.

“What? But you were Heaven Cang in your past life; how could you not understand it?” the Mosquito Daoist protested in disbelief.

“So what? Each path of cultivation requires something special. For example, my brother-in-law is exceptional at the Go Dao. If you were to practice it for a thousand years, or even ten thousand years, would you surpass him?” Long Wanyu retorted disdainfully.

“Ah, just the thought of the Go Dao makes my head ache. Even a billion years would not be enough for me to master it. But you were Heaven Cang in your previous life; you should have been omnipotent. How could you not understand spiritual light?” the Mosquito Daoist chuckled awkwardly.

“You don’t know a lot of things. I was Heaven Cang in my previous life, but I was not omnipotent!” Long Wanyu responded.

Long Shenying’s expression suddenly changed. “Oh no! Dahong has gone mad and is going to kill the people here!”

After a period of self-mutilation, Dahong began killing indiscriminately.

“It’s no use keeping him around. Destroy him!” the skeleton Gu Hai said casually.

“Don’t! Leave him to me! I want him! His resentment is beneficial to me!” the Mosquito Daoist interjected excitedly.

The skeleton Gu Hai paused, then nodded. “Go ahead.”

“Great! Don’t snatch him from me!” the Mosquito Daoist exclaimed in excitement.

A large number of mosquitoes swarmed the frenzied Dahong and began to devour his flesh and blood.

Everyone again turned their attention to the outside world.

Essence Genesis and the Six Paths Immortal were confronting each other, their heavenly eyes coldly locking gazes.

“Essence Genesis, have you considered the consequences of opposing me? From now on, there will be no place for you in this world!” the Six Paths Immortal said coldly.

With a flip of his hand, Essence Genesis pinched the golden dragon Hetu, immobilizing it instantly.

“Six Paths Immortal, this isn’t your immortal firmament. If I’m not mistaken, you are only a strand of consciousness now, right? Even your true body doesn’t qualify to deny me a place in the world, let alone your current mere strand of consciousness. If you’re that capable, why don’t you come here in person? If you dare to show up in person, I’ll reenact the feat of opposing Heaven from eight hundred thousand years ago. Only this time, it won’t be Heaven Cang who dies but you, Six Paths!” Essence Genesis said with icy coldness.

Essence Genesis’s words left people like Houqing gaping in disbelief. Is this a joke? Is Essence Genesis truly courting death?

“How audacious!” The Six Paths Immortal’s eyes glinted with a cold light.

“Audacious? You are just a consciousness here. I dare to be audacious because I am strong. I could destroy your consciousness with a flip of my hand. Do you believe me? In the end, you’re not the ruler of this world! You want to command me? You’re far from sufficient!” Essence Genesis’s voice was frosty.

“You’re the overlord of this Holy Heavens Immortal Firmament? Hah! How do you know I’m not the overlord here? I am the Immortal in the Six Paths Immortal Firmament, and here, I am still the Immortal!” the Six Paths Immortal retorted coldly.

“The Immortal Origin here is in my hands. How are you the Immortal?” Essence Genesis countered coldly.

“All beings worship me, and so I am the Immortal. In this flawed immortal firmament, all creatures are fervently devoted to me. I can harness the power of all life with a wave of my hand. Do you believe me?” the Six Paths Immortal said coldly.

“Oh?” Essence Genesis narrowed his eyes.

The Six Paths Immortal waved his hand, and a fifty-thousand-kilometer-long golden blessings dragon suddenly emerged from the void.


The golden blessings dragon let out a roar that resounded throughout the flawed immortal firmament.

“All life, listen to my command. I am the Six Paths Immortal. Raise your right hand and lend all your energy to me!” the Six Paths Immortal commanded coldly.


The dragon let out a roar, and his voice instantly reached the ears of all beings in the flawed immortal firmament.

Almost all beings felt a jolt and fell to their knees, overwhelmed with excitement. They had been waiting for the voice of the Holy Master for eight hundred thousand years, and they finally heard his response.

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