Eternal Sacred King

Chapter 41 - Stop The Foundation Establishment

Chapter 41: Stop The Foundation Establishment

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When Wei Mingcheng led the soldiers inside the city to aid the army, the 50,000 strong Cang Lang City army had already left in defeat. They had gradually disappeared at the end of the horizon.

Wei Mingcheng came before Su Hong, dismounted from his horse and knelt on one knee with cupped fists. “General, thank you for coming over to aid us. I am Wei Mingcheng, the deputy general of Jian An City.”

Su Hong dismounted, stretched out his arms to help Wei Mingcheng up. “I am just a commoner, I cannot accept the general’s praise.”

“General, it may be presumptuous, but can I ask what is your relationship with Lord Wuding?” Although Wei Mingcheng had roughly guessed the answer, he still wanted to confirm his guess.

“Su Mu was my father.”

Wei Mingcheng nodded.

If not, no one else would be able to command the black armored cavalry in this world and for that strong army to serve him willingly.

“Brother, this is Zhao Qian’s head, take it home to pay homage to father and mother, so that they can rest in peace.” Su Zimo came over, passing the head at his waist to Su Hong.

Su Hong took the King of Yan’s head and looked at Su Zimo, all sorts of feelings welled up in his heart.

16 years of forbearance, 16 years of planning, he did not expect that in the end, it was his younger brother who had to bear the burden of taking revenge for the Su family’s blood feud.

Su Zimo made no mention of the fight in the capital at all.

However, judging from his fatigued look and the blood stains on his body, Su Hong knew that he must have gone through a very violent battle in the capital. He had barely made it back alive.

“Is the king really dead?”

Wei Mingcheng stared at the head of the King of Yan and let out a soft mumble. His eyes suddenly lit up and he looked toward Su Hong, speaking in a serious voice. “General Su, since the King of Yan is dead, all of us are willing to aid you to become king in Jian An City. We can attack the capital, and clear Lord Wuding’s name!”

Although the King of Yan had covered up the tragedy 16 years ago, in the hearts of the soldiers, they did not believe that Su Mu would revolt.

Given Su Mu’s influence and status back then, if he wanted to revolt and take the throne, he had many other opportunities to do so.

Uncle Zheng and the rest jolted at his words.

If Su Hong wanted to take the throne, this was the best opportunity. The King of Yan was dead and the Country of Yan was in chaos. Su Hong could make use of this battle to build a good reputation in Jian An City.

After he took the throne, Su Hong could reveal his identity. Given Lord Wuding’s influence back then, there would definitely be someone among the 16 city lords in the Country of Yan who would genuinely submit to his authority. It might be possible to unify the Country of Yan!

At the thought of this, Uncle Zheng whispered, “Young Master, this is a rare chance.”

Liu Yu and the rest looked at Su Hong with anticipation, waiting for his reply.

Su Zimo made no comments. No matter what his brother decided to do, he would support him unconditionally.

Su Hong smiled after a brief silence, shaking his head. “I thank all of you for your support and love. I don’t have those ambitions. I am sorry to disappoint all of you.”

Uncle Zheng and the rest looked disappointed.

“General Su…” Wei Mingcheng wanted to persuade him, however Su Hong waved his hands to stop him.

Su Hong said, “When there’s an outbreak of war, those that suffer are the innocent people of the Country of Yan. By then, many people would be destitute and homeless, and separated from their families or orphaned. As Zimo said, if I sacrifice the lives of innocent people to satisfy my own ambitions, how will I be different from Luo Tianwu?”

Su Hong paused before he cupped his fists toward Wei Mingcheng, “General Wei, I have to return to Ping Yang Town to worship my father and mother. Let’s say our farewell here.”

With that, Su Hong mounted the horse and led the 5,000 black armored cavalry back to Ping Yang Town.

Wei Mingcheng and the other soldiers stood there for a long time staring at the back of Su Hong as he left.

Ping Yang Town, backyard of Su family’s residence.

Su Hong, Su Zimo and Su Xiaoning knelt in front of a grave. The King of Yan’s head was placed at the front.

Su Xiaoning had broken down in tears.

Su Hong was in tears as well.

All these years, Su Zimo had never seen his older brother shed a single tear.

Even when he failed to assassinate the King of Yan, Su Hong was only disheartened, but he never shed a single tear.

Now that they had taken revenge, the hatred and resentment that Su Hong had been carrying with him for the past 16 years was finally released and he could not help but get emotional.

Su Zimo did not shed tears. After taking some time to worship his parents, he got up quietly and left the Su family’s residence, returning to the cultivation field right away.

There was a flash of disappointment in Su Zimo’s eyes upon entering the cultivation field.

It was empty in the cultivation field. Die Yue was not around.

Su Zimo stood in the same spot for a long time before taking a deep breath. He seemed to have made a decision. He returned to the backyard of Su family’s residence, giving a glance to Song Qi, and turned to walk outside.

Song Qi noticed it and quickly gave chase.

“Second Young Master, is there anything that you want to tell me?” Song Qi asked softly.

After a brief silence, Su Zimo took out a golden badge and handed it to Song Qi, saying, “This is Sky Treasure Gold Badge.”

Song Qi was startled.

To him, Sky Treasure Gold Badge was something that was unattainable!

Many Qi Refinement Warriors would not be able to have a Sky Treasure Bronze Badge until the day they died, notwithstanding a Sky Treasure Gold Badge that was two grades higher.

“Second Young Master, what is the meaning of this?” Song Qi hurried to ask.

Su Zimo said in a grim voice, “After my older brother is done with the worship of my parents, bring everyone in the Su family to Cang Lang City and hide in Sky Treasure Pavilion for the time being. Don’t come out for now! As for the 5,000 black armored cavalry, break them into smaller groups and disperse them for the time being. Don’t stay together.”

Song Qi had never seen Su Zimo being so grim and serious, speaking in such a deep and solemn tone.

Song Qi was uneasy as he asked. “Second Young Master, did something happen? Does the Su family have some other more powerful enemies?”

“I killed several Qi Refinement Warriors and offended a clan in the capital. The clan will find their way here in no time.”

Su Zimo did not choose to hide the truth.

The reason why he could escape from the capital was because there were no Foundation Establishment Cultivators from the Joyful Clan.

Now that the Joyful Clan had suffered such a big loss, it was impossible for them to take things lying down. Perhaps, some Foundation Establishment Cultivators had already set off for Ping Yang Town and were already on their way!

Song Qi was aware of the seriousness of the situation.

If a mortal offended the cultivation clans, one would either die a light death or implicate the entire family!

“Second Young Master, where are you going? Isn’t it better for you to come with all of us to Sky Treasure Pavilion and hide there for the time being?” Song Qi asked.

Su Zimo remained silent.

Song Qi’s heart sank. He suddenly thought of a possibility and exclaimed in shock. “A-are you going to stop the Foundation Establishment Cultivators from the cultivation clan?”

Su Zimo said softly, “If I don’t die, the cultivation clan will never give up. The Su family can’t possibly hide in Sky Treasure Pavilion for their entire lifetime. Once the Su family appears, they will be hunted down and no one would be able to escape.”

“Moreover, seven days have passed since the death of the King of Yan. Given the walking speed of the Foundation Establishment Cultivators, they might have already reached. If no one stops them, they will catch up to us even before the Su family reaches the Sky Treasure Pavilion at Cang Lang City.”

“But, Second Young Master…”

“Brother Song, don’t be sullen. I may not die. I might even annihilate the clan.” Su Zimo smiled, putting up a strong front.

Song Qi sighed, saying no more.

Song Qi knew very well that Su Zimo had made the right decision. But this was in fact using his own life to protect everyone in the Su family!

To stop the Foundation Establishment Cultivators, it was tantamount to courting death.

Su Zimo had no hopes of surviving.

Su Zimo took out a storage bag from his clothes. This was taken from the one-armed Qi Refinement Warrior. He handed it to Song Qi, patting him on the shoulder, saying in a low voice. “I will leave… the Su family to you.”

With that, Su Zimo turned to leave.

It started snowing.

This was the first snow in the early winter.

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