Eternal Sacred King

Chapter 2389 - 2389 Peerless Fiend King

2389 Peerless Fiend King

“Are you threatening me?”

Feng Cantian’s gaze was like lightning as he waved his robes.


The Startling Evil Spear transformed into a streak of lightning and shot into Zong Yan’s chest, pinning him to the ground!

What sort of a character was Feng Cantian?

Back in the Divine Firmament Immortal Domain, he was fearless and dared to challenge everything!

Even after being imprisoned for 400,000 years, he did not bow down!

Now that he had entered the Grotto-heaven realm, how could he be controlled and coerced by others?!

After his body was pierced by the Startling Evil Spear, countless power of thunder surged into his body. Instantly, Zong Yan’s Grotto-heaven phantom collapsed and his entire body trembled continuously, almost convulsing as blood foam spewed from his mouth!

Although Zong Yan was not dead, his cultivation was almost crippled.


Right then, a dry laugh sounded in midair.

Immediately after, a crack appeared in the void and a black-cloaked figure walked out. His aura was terrifying and was far above Feng Cantian!

The moment that person appeared, the skies darkened.

It was the Sect Master of Black Fiend Sect, Fiendcelestial Black Heaven!

“Sect Master! H-He…”

When Zong Yan saw who it was, he tried his best to raise the badge in his hands, as though he wanted to say something.

“Your cultivation is crippled. It’s useless to keep you.”

With a cold expression, Fiendcelestial Black Heaven merely glanced at Zong Yan and the latter’s body was gradually shrouded by a black fog.

After a few breaths, the black fog dispersed and Zong Yan turned into a dried corpse, dead!

Feng Cantian narrowed his eyes slightly with a grim expression.

“Let’s get straight to the point.”

Fiendcelestial Black Heaven looked at Feng Cantian and said slowly, “You’ve already entered the Grotto-heaven realm. I’ll give you two options. First, you can join Black Fiend Sect. I value your potential very much and can let you become the Deputy Sect Master of Black Fiend Sect!”

“The second option…”

Before Fiendcelestial Black Heaven could finish, Feng Cantian waved it off and interrupted, “There’s no need to say anything more. I won’t choose any of your options. I have my own option.”

“Then you are choosing to die!”

Fiendcelestial Black Heaven’s expression darkened as he said coldly.


Feng Cantian opened his palm and the Startling Evil Spear transformed into a streak of lightning, returning to his hand.

That action had proven everything!

Fiendcelestial Black Heaven smiled. “Don’t tell me you think that you’re qualified to fight me just because you’ve just entered the Grotto-heaven realm?”

“You’ve just formed your Grotto-heaven. How much of the Grotto-heaven realm’s power can you release?”

Feng Cantian remained silent.

Actually, Fiendcelestial Black Heaven was not wrong.

He had just entered the Grotto-heaven realm and had yet to comprehend the power of the Grotto-heaven realm carefully. He could not unleash the combat strength of the Grotto-heaven realm completely and was definitely not a match for Fiendcelestial Black Heaven.

Furthermore, even within the Grotto-heaven realm, there were major and minor Grotto-heavens.

Ordinary King experts could only condense minor Grotto-heavens.

Those that continued cultivating and are able to condense major Grotto-heavens are known as Supreme Kings!

He had just formed his Grotto-heaven and what he condensed was only a minor Grotto-heaven.

However, Fiendcelestial Black Heaven had been famous for many years and had long condensed a major Grotto-heaven that was far superior to his!

Even the Startling Evil Spear in his hands had yet to be nourished and nurtured in Thunder Grotto-heaven and transform into a Grotto-heaven Spirit Treasure.

Even so, Feng Cantian was fearless and his fighting spirit was torrential!

Indeed, he had not fully mastered the power of his Grotto-heaven. However, what else was a better opportunity to temper himself than now?

The battle against a Supreme Fiend King would allow him to control his Thunder Grotto-heaven faster and familiarize himself with the battles between Kings!

The only thing Feng Cantian was worried about was the Martial Dao Prime Body and the others.

Once the battle broke out, he would barely be able to fend for himself and could not protect the Martial Dao Prime Body and the others.

As a supreme Fiend King, Fiendcelestial Black Heaven had countless powerful methods.

There was a high probability he could even condense a major Grotto-heaven and envelope all of them!

“Brother Feng, if you want to fight him, fight with all you’ve got. Don’t worry about us.”

Right then, the voice of the Martial Dao Prime Body sounded in Feng Cantian’s mind.

Feng Cantian thought that the Martial Dao Prime Body was merely comforting him.

The Martial Dao Prime Body continued, “I have methods that can lead the others to break through the void and leave this place to hide.”


Feng Cantian was shocked and looked at the Martial Dao Prime Body in disbelief.

Breaking through the void and leaving was a power that could only be released by a King of the Grotto-heaven realm. Perfected Immortals could not do it at all!

However, he knew that this was no small matter and the Martial Dao Prime Body would definitely not spout nonsense.

In reality, the Martial Dao Prime Body truly could not break through the void and leave this place with his own strength.

He needed to make use of the power of the Hell Suppression Tripod to penetrate the void and escape into Avici through his connection with it, returning to the latter to hide.

After ensuring that the Martial Dao Prime Body and the others would not fall into danger, Feng Cantian was relieved!

“Have you considered it?”

Fiendcelestial Black Heaven asked slowly.

Feng Cantian smiled casually and his gaze intensified. Just as he was about to accept the challenge, a voice sounded in midair on the other side.

“Black Heaven, you’re really too much of a bully.”

The void split open and a yellow-robed man appeared. He strode over with turbid, yellow eyes that emitted a strange glow.

“Villa Master Yellow Springs, what are you doing here?”

A wary look flashed through the depths of Fiendcelestial Black Heaven’s eyes when he saw that person.

The yellow-robed man glanced at Feng Cantian and was about to speak when he caught sight of the Hell Suppression Tripod in the hands of the Martial Dao Prime Body from the corner of his eye and his pupils constricted.

However, the yellow-robed man returned to normal before long and continued, “This person entered the Grotto-heaven realm and became a Fiend King. Naturally, I have to come and congratulate him.”


Fiendcelestial Black Heaven sneered, “Don’t think that I don’t know what you’re up to. This is the territory of Black Fiend Sect, not Yellow Springs Villa!”

“I know that.”

The yellow-robed man smiled. “I don’t want anything in your territory either. However, you can’t be in charge of me recruiting Feng Cantian, right?”

“You want to kill him, but I want to save him. That’s all.”

Feng Cantian frowned slightly.

After the yellow-robed man appeared, the situation suddenly changed.

Furthermore, he did not know the yellow-robed man at all and did not have any relationship with him.

Black Heaven Fiendcelestial sneered again, “Do you think Feng Cantian will submit to you just because you saved him? This person is extremely ambitious and you won’t be able to tame him!”

Right then, another crack appeared in the void and a golden-haired, blue-eyed man walked out. He was tall and was filled with golden light.

“Godfiend Ridge!”

When Fiendcelestial Black Heaven and the yellow-robed man saw that person, they frowned.

This was the Territorial Lord of Godfiend Ridge. He was someone from the God race who cultivated the fiend Dao and established a faction in the heartland of the Fiend Domain. He was extremely famous!

The Territorial Lord of Godfiend Ridge smiled. “If the two of you can’t tame him, I can give it a try.”


Another burst of laughter sounded in midair.

A breeze blew past and a fourth Fiend King descended!

“Feng Cantian established Zephyr Thunder Palace so he must be specialized in some wind Dharmic Dao. In my opinion, why don’t you join Wind Fiend Sect? I can impart the Dao personally and raise your combat strength to another level!”

The Sect Master of Wind Fiend Sect appeared and said.

Black Fiend Sect, Yellow Springs Villa, Godfiend Ridge and Wind Fiend Sect were all heaven-grade factions and all four of them were supreme Fiend Kings!

Although the four supreme Fiend Kings came from different sects and factions, they only had a single goal for this trip—to subdue Feng Cantian!

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