Eternal Sacred King

Chapter 2148 - 2148 Empty Tomb

2148 Empty Tomb

Tianhuang Mainland, Cang Lang Mountain Range.

In accordance to Ji Yaoxue’s wishes, the Martial Dao Prime Body buried her here. He did not leave and instead guarded her quietly for almost a year.

Actually, for the Martial Dao Prime Body, there was nothing worth longing for in the lower worlds.

However, he did not leave.

That was because there was something that he could not figure out.

How did Ji Yaoxue die?

Ji Yaoxue’s talent was not extremely poor.

On the contrary, she possessed a heaven spirit root right from the start of her cultivation and was definitely someone with exceptional talent.

Even if her talent was extremely poor, the Martial Dao Prime Body had given her countless treasures, immortal pills and elixirs through Tao Yao all these years.

It could even be said that the Martial Dao Prime Body had sought out all treasures that could possibly be found in the lower worlds for her to consume.

With so many treasures, even a mere mortal with an ordinary body should have broken through to the Void Reversion realm in 3,000 years.

However, Ji Yaoxue’s cultivation remained stagnant.

The strange thing was that although Ji Yaoxue’s lifespan decreased day by day, her face did not show any signs of aging.

What was the reason for that?

For the past year, the Martial Dao Prime Body guarded Ji Yaoxue’s grave and pondered over all possibilities.

Could Ji Yaoxue have been silently cursed by someone when she was alive?

Suddenly, a thought flashed through the mind of the Martial Dao Prime Body.

That was indeed possible.

The power of a curse was sinister and terrifying—it could indeed have such an effect.

However, the Witch race had long been destroyed by Die Yue.

Where did a curse like this come from?

Furthermore, he had checked on Ji Yaoxue’s condition previously and did not discover anything unusual.

The gaze of the Martial Dao Prime Body landed on a tomb not far away.

After pondering for a long time, he decided to open the tomb and check on Ji Yaoxue’s corpse.

Although this action was disrespectful to the dead, the Martial Dao Prime Body would definitely not allow Ji Yaoxue to die without understanding why!

Over the years, he had obtained many Essence Spirit Stones from the God realm. Coupled with the Dao Fruit of King Yun You that he refined, he had already cultivated to the eighth level of the Fate Ring realm!

Back then, he could not detect anything unusual. Now that his cultivation had advanced, he decided to check again.

If there was truly anyone who casted a curse in secret to kill Ji Yaoxue, he would capture that person even if it meant death!

The Martial Dao Prime Body advanced and waved his robes, tearing through the mud on the tomb and revealing the coffin within.

This coffin was created by the Martial Dao Prime Body cutting down a stalk of Soul Nourishing Wood and could last for 10,000 years without rotting.

The Mingwang Prayer Beads were made from the Soul Nourishing Wood.

The Martial Dao Prime Body extended his palm and curved his fingers. He grabbed gently through the void and lifted the lid of the coffin.

The moment the coffin lid fell, the Martial Dao Prime Body was stunned.

Even with his temperament, his eyes were filled with disbelief and shock!

How was that possible?

The Martial Dao Prime Body took a few more steps forward and took a deep breath. Closing his eyes, he focused his gaze.

The result was the same.

The coffin was empty!

Ji Yaoxue’s corpse had vanished!

The only thing left in the coffin was the robe that Su Zimo had made for her; it was so old that it was almost pale now.

However, Ji Yaoxue’s corpse was gone!

The Martial Dao Prime Body had not expected such an outcome after opening the coffin.

Ji Yaoxue passed away right in front of him and he buried her here personally.

For the past year, the Martial Dao Prime Body had not left her side at all.

There was no way anyone would take away Ji Yaoxue’s corpse.

However, the truth before him was that Ji Yaoxue’s corpse had vanished right under the nose of the Martial Dao Prime Body!

In fact, he did not even notice it!

The Martial Dao Prime Body walked forward and picked up the clothes in the coffin.

There was still a faint fragrance lingering on the clothes.

The Martial Dao Prime Body put away the clothes and stood in deep thought.

He had roamed countless worlds of the lower worlds and witnessed many strange and mysterious powers, but he could not explain what was happening before him.

Initially, the Martial Dao Prime Body wanted to unravel the mystery of Ji Yaoxue’s death. However, he did not expect to fall into an even greater mystery.

“Heavenly Wolf,”

The Martial Dao Prime Body summoned a drop of blood from his storage bag with a single thought.

That drop of blood contained a spirit consciousness from the upper world.

The Martial Dao Prime Body knew that one day, he would ascend to the upper world.

Therefore, he did not kill Heavenly Wolf. Instead, he kept it by his side for the time being and it might be of use when he ascended to the upper world in the future.

Heavenly Wolf knew a lot. However, it was extremely stubborn and refused to reveal many things.

After the Martial Dao Prime Body controlled the Karmic Flames, Tribulation Fire, Martial Spirit Fire and Dragon Phoenix Flames and tortured him continuously, he gradually submitted.

The origin of the Hell Suppression Tripod was also revealed by Heavenly Wolf.

“Great master, what can I do for you?”

The drop of blood in midair transformed into the appearance of a tiny wolf demon with a humble expression. It lowered its head towards the Martial Dao Prime Body with a pandering gaze.

Heavenly Wolf could not defend against the four flames of the Martial Dao Prime Body and had already acknowledged him as its master.

The Martial Dao Prime Body recounted the disappearance of Ji Yaoxue’s corpse before asking, “Do you know the reason?”

Heavenly Wolf was confused as well.

“I don’t know either,”

Heavenly Wolf said, “If the corpse is decomposed, it will definitely leave traces in the coffin. Of course, it’s impossible for the corpse to be moved from under your watch as well, great master!”

This matter did not involve any secrets and there was no need for Heavenly Wolf to hide anything.

The Martial Dao Prime Body did not use his flames to burn Heavenly Wolf either.

He stood in front of the empty coffin and was silent for a long time before suddenly asking, “Is there reincarnation and the netherworld in the upper world?”


Heavenly Wolf replied immediately with a firm tone.

“No matter what living being it is, after they die, they will enter the Six Paths of Reincarnation and leave their marks in the netherworld.”

“Some experts of the upper world can even leave their soul imprints after cultivating to Level 3 of the Perfected One realm. They will be able to pass through the Six Paths of Reincarnation without their imprints being destroyed!”

“If they are reborn in the future and guided into cultivation, they might even be able to awaken their memories of their previous life after reaching the Perfected Immortal realm.”

The Martial Dao Prime Body nodded.

In the years that the Green Lotus True Body roamed the upper world, he had heard of some legends of reincarnated immortals but he had not met them yet.

To think that the conditions to become a reincarnated immortal were so stringent.

It was only possible if their cultivation were at the Perfected Immortal realm in this current lifetime!

There was naturally no way Ji Yaoxue could have any soul imprint after her death.

However, as Heavenly Wolf had said, no matter what living being it was, they would leave traces in the netherworld after they died. One day, he should head to the netherworld to take a look.

That was probably the only way he could resolve this mystery about Ji Yaoxue.

The Martial Dao Prime Body heaved a deep breath and waved his robes, burying the empty tomb as he murmured, “Let’s go. It’s time to leave.”

“Where to?”

Heavenly Wolf asked.

“The upper world!”

The Martial Dao Prime Body replied.

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