Eternal Sacred King

Chapter 203 - Demon Beast Inner Core

Chapter 203: Demon Beast Inner Core

In just a few seconds, four spirit patterns had condensed on that flying sword!

That was a supreme-grade spirit weapon!

One more step and it would be perfect.

Spirit gathering was the most difficult step of weapon refinement. However, Extreme Fire Dao Lord made it look extremely easy.

One could be called an Advanced Weapon Refinement Master if they could produce a superior-grade spirit weapon.

Above Advanced Weapon Refinement Masters, there was the title of Weapon Refinement Grandmaster.

What title was Extreme Fire Dao Lord?

In order to let Su Zimo have a good look at his weapon refinement techniques, Extreme Fire Dao Lord removed his Weapon Tripod during the tempering and spirit gathering steps.

After condensing four spirit patterns, Extreme Fire Dao Lord showed no signs of stopping as he attempted for a fifth spirit pattern.


Right then, a warning flashed in Su Zimo’s mind.

The feeling of danger came from the flying sword that was heated to a scarlet red. It was a familiar feeling – the premonition of a failed spirit gathering!


When he saw that Extreme Fire Dao Lord had no intention of stopping, Su Zimo exclaimed instinctively.

Extreme Fire Dao Lord paused for a moment and eyed Su Zimo, murmuring, “That’s true. Even if I make you a perfect spirit weapon, you won’t be able to use it given your current cultivation realm.”

Given Su Zimo’s spirit energy, he would not be able to last long using a perfect spirit weapon.

Too much spirit energy would be drained if all five spirit patterns were activated.

Su Zimo heaved a sigh of relief and lamented internally, “The spirit gathering technique of Hundred Refinement Sect is indeed incredible. But even then, it does not have a 100% success rate. While my spirit gathering technique is slower, it’s guaranteed.”

In other words, if Su Zimo were to perfect the steps of material selection, smelting, forging and tempering, he would be able to create a perfect spirit weapon with 100% certainty!

If news of that were to spread in the cultivation world, Su Zimo would definitely become the most popular Weapon Refinement Master!

There was no exception.

“This supreme-grade flying sword is a gift for you. Take it.”


A sword beam flew by and pierced into the ground before Su Zimo.

“Sigh, I’ve managed to survive for 5,000 years, but it’s all futile…”

The tinge of green on Extreme Fire Dao Lord’s essence spirit was getting darker.

Su Zimo furrowed his brows, trying his best to repress the shock in his heart.

The brief moment of contact between Extreme Fire Dao Lord’s essence spirit and his body was when it flew out of his glabella – even then, it was tainted by the poison.

The potency of the poison was evident!

“Outside, in the… body of that wolf, there’s an… Inner Core. That’s a great tonic for you, don’t forget to take it out…”

Su Zimo’s eyes lit up.

In the path of immortality cultivation, cultivators that managed to form a core would condense a sparkling Golden Core in their dantian.

As depicted in The Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness, demons on the core path will also produce an Inner Core in their body.

Inner Cores and Golden Cores were similar – they possessed the essence of the cultivator.

However, Golden Cores were formed from spirit energy. However, Inner Cores were formed from the essence qi of the five organs.

As depicted in the Organs Refinement section, the five organs essence qi was produced after Organs Refinement into five varying essence qi that would spread inside one’s body. It will nourish the skin, flesh, tendons, bones and marrow, allowing the body to undergo a complete transformation.

Be it in terms of power or speed, there would be a significant increase!

When the body is at the peak of nourishment from the five organs essence qi, it would enter the next realm, Orifice Clearing.

Orifice Clearing does not produce much of an increase in terms of power and speed. However, the overall increase in a demonic cultivator’s strength is still clear and obvious!

What Orifice Clearing referred to was to open up one’s mouth, eyes, ears and nose using the five organs essence qi.

Once those seven holes were opened up, the five senses of the demonic cultivator would receive an immense improvement and their vision, hearing and smell would become extremely sharp!

That was only the changes on the surface.

There would also be qualitative changes within the demonic cultivators.

The synthetic relationship between the five organs, skin, flesh, tendons, bones, marrow and five senses was equivalent to a minor Heavenly Cycle!

At mastery of Orifice Clearing, the body would be a fusion of toughness and flexibility and become one, increasing one’s coordination further.

When all five qi combine into one, that was the time to condense the Inner Core!

An Inner Core was the condensation of the bloodline and the five organs qi – the essence of the alpha’s entire lifetime’s worth of cultivation. That was way too important for Su Zimo!

By devouring that Inner Core, there was a high chance Su Zimo could take a critical step in cultivating his Organs Refinement section.

“The path of cultivation is a long one and is extremely difficult. One wrong step can cause one’s body and cultivation to perish. Pathetic, truly tragic…”

Extreme Fire Dao Lord’s essence spirit slowly floated down and laid on the ground, muttering softly as his brows exuded boundless ancientness. Finally, his eyes gradually closed.

At that moment, as though he could empathize, Su Zimo felt a little sad as well.

Extreme Fire Dao Lord was many times more powerful than him, but he still ended with such an ending.

What was Su Zimo’s future and how far could he go?

Furthermore, the path he was taking was even more difficult and bumpy.

“Thank you for saving my life, imparting me the Dao and giving me treasures, senior.”

Su Zimo bowed deeply in the direction of Extreme Fire Dao Lord’s corpse.

By now, Extreme Fire Dao Lord’s essence spirit had already turned bluish black with hardly any life signs – it was clear he couldn’t survive any longer.


Su Zimo sighed and came to the bed, preparing to put away the storage bag left behind by Extreme Fire Dao Lord.

Because the storage bag was locked by the spirit consciousness left behind by Extreme Fire Dao Lord, Su Zimo was unable to open it with his current cultivation.

Even so, it was worth looking forward to.

As a Dao Lord of one of the four dissident groups, how many treasures were there in his storage bag?

Su Zimo put away the storage bag and placed the supreme-grade flying sword on the ground into his storage bag.


Su Zimo muttered softly.

The moment he closed the storage bag, he vaguely felt a strange change in that longan-sized Buddha Bead in his storage bag.

He took the Buddha Bead out.

The moment he touched it, Su Zimo frowned and he was even more confused.

The Buddha Bead actually felt warm to the touch!


Ever since he obtained the Buddha Bead from the stone coffin, there had never been any changes to it – this was the first time.

Su Zimo looked around his surroundings in deep thought.

If he was not wrong, this cave abode or something in here had a connection to the Buddha Bead!

Holding the Buddha Bead in his palm, Su Zimo walked around the cave abode.

After taking a few steps, he suddenly paused and squatted down, looking at Extreme Fire Dao Lord’s essence spirit that was lying not far away. He frowned in silence.

A moment later, Su Zimo attempted to straighten his arm and move the Buddha Bead closer to Extreme Fire Dao Lord’s essence spirit.


A streak of light.

Under Su Zimo’s gaze, Extreme Fire Dao Lord’s essence spirit was suddenly sucked away by the Buddha Bead and disappeared in the blink of an eye.


Su Zimo’s expression changed and he tossed the Buddha Bead on the ground hurriedly.

Extreme Fire Dao Lord’s essence spirit was tainted by the poison as well. Now that it was inside the Buddha Bead, the bead would most likely be tainted by the poison too.

After observing for a long time, Su Zimo discovered to his shock that the Buddha Bead had not changed at all.

He did not dare to be careless, picking up a stone rod on the ground to poke the Buddha Bead.

There was no change in the stone rod as well.

This meant that the Buddha Bead was not tainted by that terrifying poison.

Su Zimo heaved out a sigh of relief.

It was no wonder he had to be so cautious – that poison was truly way too powerful.

Even a cultivator as powerful as Extreme Fire Dao Lord had to meet with such an ending after enduring for 5,000 years… Su Zimo had to be careful.

He picked up the Buddha Bead and studied it for a while before putting it back into his storage bag.

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