Eternal Sacred King

Chapter 2025 - He's A Fake!

Chapter 2025: He’s A Fake!

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In the main hall of the prince’s residence.

The night was dark outside.

More than ten maidservants surveyed the surroundings and were walking over, discussing softly.

“What’s wrong with Your Highness? Why did he bring down the surrounding palace walls?”

“I’m not sure. It’s been a while, right?”

“What else could it be? His Highness must have taken a liking to that lass and is prepared to take her in. Who knows, by the time the palace walls are up, she might already be one of our sisters.”

A maidservant chuckled.

Just as the maidservants were chatting and laughing, the door to the hall suddenly opened and two people walked out one after another.

The man in front was dressed in brocade robes and was extremely handsome. There was a hint of cynicism on his face as he smirked with a sinister smile.

The woman at the back lowered her head slightly. Her face was flushed and her hair was disheveled. Her clothes were torn and she followed behind the man obediently.

The man and woman were Prince Yuan Zuo and Tang Ziyi!

The maidservants hurried forward and knelt on the ground one after another, greeting respectfully, “Greetings, Your Highness.”


Prince Yuan Zuo nodded slightly and waved his hand casually. “You guys can leave first. I’m leaving the city, I have something to do.”

As he spoke, Prince Yuan Zuo slapped his storage bag and summoned his carriage from within, sitting in it with Tang Ziyi.

“Your Highness, don’t you need us to accompany you?”

A maidservant was puzzled and could not help but ask.

“There’s no need. I’ll summon you guys if there’s anything,”

Prince Yuan Zuo said coldly. His spirit consciousness moved and he activated the gigantic carriage, speeding out of the residence and disappearing from everyone’s line of sight before long.


After Prince Yuan Zuo left, a maidservant smiled and said, “What did I say? Although that Tang Ziyi has a stern expression and is cold all day long, she was still taken in by Your Highness.”

“That’s right. From the looks of it, the ‘battle’ in the hall earlier on was extremely intense.”

In the crowd, a maidservant frowned slightly and said thoughtfully, “Why do I feel that His Highness is a little strange today?”

“What’s wrong?”

Another maidservant asked.

“When he goes out usually, His Highness will definitely bring a group of us and make a grand entrance. Why is Tang Ziyi the only one brought today?”

The maidservant was puzzled and shook her head. “I can’t explain why, but I feel that there’s something strange about Your Highness today. He’s different from usual.”

“Don’t worry about it.”

Another person said, “Perhaps Your Highness is up to something. Given our status, it’s none of our business. Let’s not think too much about it.”


The maidservants chatted for a while more before leaving.

The Prince Yuan Zuo that the maidservants saw was transformed by Su Zimo using the Trinity Auspicious Jade.

Indeed, the maidservants who spent their days with Prince Yuan Zuo could not see through Su Zimo’s true self either!

Su Zimo brought Feng Ziyi and swaggered out of the prince’s residence in front of many guards before heaving a sigh of relief.

As he had expected, the guards of the prince’s residence did not even dare to look at his carriage, let alone stop it.

Just like that, Su Zimo and Feng Ziyi destroyed Prince Yuan Zuo’s clone and left the heavily guarded Green Cloud City openly without encountering any obstacles!

Su Zimo did not make use of the teleportation formation of Green Cloud City.

If he used the teleportation formation to head elsewhere, he would definitely leave traces and it would be easy for Prince Yuan Zuo to track him.

But now that the two of them had left Green Cloud City, no one knew which direction they had escaped to and their chances of escaping would be much greater.

After leaving Green Cloud City, Su Zimo arrived at an uninhabited forest. Dissipating his appearance as Prince Yuan Zuo, he removed his eye-catching carriage and fled with Feng Ziyi.

Actually, if Su Zimo was separated from Feng Ziyi, with the help of the Trinity Auspicious Jade, he could transform into any form he wanted and Prince Yuan Zuo would almost never be able to find him.

The Trinity Auspicious Jade’s ability looked similar to the supreme divine power, Myriad Transformations.

However, in reality, in a certain aspect, the Trinity Auspicious Jade even surpassed Myriad Transformations!

Myriad Transformations was a supreme divine power. As long as it was released, it would consume one’s Essence Spirit.

This meant that one would have to expend their Essence Spirit to maintain their conjured form.

No matter how condensed and pure one’s Essence Spirit was, it could not last long.

However, he would not have such considerations if he made use of the Trinity Auspicious Jade.

As long as the Green Lotus Essence Spirit wielded the Trinity Auspicious Jade, he could transform into another appearance without expending any energy.

The reason why Su Zimo did not separate from Feng Ziyi was mainly because the latter was still severely injured.

If he were to abandon Feng Ziyi now, she would most likely be doomed once they were exposed.

The night passed and day broke.

A young and handsome man arrived outside Green Cloud City with a dark expression. He ignored the guards in the city and charged towards the prince’s residence!

“Prince Yuan Zuo?”

“Strange, why didn’t Your Highness return in a carriage?”

When the guards saw who it was, they found it strange but did not dare to stop him.

“Your Highness, did something happen?”

A commander of Green Cloud City hurried forward and asked in a deep voice.


Prince Yuan Zuo was in a fit of anger and wanted to return to the residence right away to detain Su Zimo and Feng Ziyi and torture them.

He was naturally upset when he saw someone blocking him. With a wave of his robes, he struck the commander’s heart protecting mirror!


The heart protecting mirror shattered.

The commander was sent flying far away and fell to the ground. He spat out a mouthful of blood and his expression changed!

“Enemy attack! Enemy attack!”

Enduring the pain, the commander got up and shouted sternly, “Stop him!”

Thereafter, the commander took out a warning talisman from his storage bag and tore it apart.

The warning talisman exploded above Green Cloud City, causing the city to tremble as countless guards flew over!

The surrounding guards gathered rapidly and blocked in front of Prince Yuan Zuo.

“How dare you stop me?”

Prince Yuan Zuo was already furious after his clone was destroyed. Now that the city guards dared to stop him, he revealed a shuddering killing intent!

Many guards were a little afraid of Prince Yuan Zuo’s gaze.

Everyone was still at a loss.

A guard could not help but ask, “Commander Yuan, what’s going on? Why do you want us to stop His Highness Yuan Zuo? This…”


Commander Yuan glared at Prince Yuan Zuo and sneered, “He’s not His Highness at all. He’s a fake!”


The surroundings were in an uproar.

“Why do you say that, Commander Yuan? How could this be…”

The guards were even more puzzled.

Commander Yuan said in a deep voice, “As the commander of Green Cloud City, I’m a Grade 9 Heaven Immortal. Our Highness is only a Grade 7 Earth Immortal!”

“How can he injure me just by waving his sleeves?!”

“The power he released earlier on was clearly the power of a top-tier Heaven Immortal expert!”

The expressions of the guards changed gradually.

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