Eternal Sacred King

Chapter 1901 - Domineering Suppression!

Chapter 1901: Domineering Suppression!

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The arrival of the figure attracted countless gazes.

“It’s Su Zimo!”

“Brother Su!”

“Hahahaha, Boss Su isn’t dead!”

Instantly, the entire Snow Wind Ridge was in an uproar!

Yue Hao and the others were invigorated.

“That’s Su Zimo?”

“I heard that this lad has the ability to kill above his level. Now that he’s back, there’s going to be many variables in today’s battle.”

“I don’t think so. No matter how strong that lad is, can he defeat Wind Flame and the other three Grade 8 Black Immortals?”

It was the first time that the leaders of the major factions had seen Su Zimo and they discussed.

“Su Zimo, you came at the right time!”

Ding Ye of Black Yin Mountain said murderously with a cold gaze, “Today, I’ll make you pay with your life for my son!”

“Su Zimo, you destroyed two bosses of the Evil Wolf Army and massacred thousands of my brothers. I’ll make you pay with blood today!” Wind Flame shouted as well.

“Blood for blood!”

The cultivators of the Evil Wolf Army were already bloodthirsty and roared with a massive might.


Suddenly, Su Zimo opened his mouth and let out a deafening roar towards the crowd below!

This was the roar of the Azure Dragon that was even more terrifying than the Dragon Phoenix. It contained a supreme will and a terrifying killing power of the sound domain!

The cultivators of the Evil Wolf Army and Goshawk Gang nearby Su Zimo shuddered!

The bodies of some Grade 4 and 5 Black Immortals were shattered by the roar and turned into blood mists!

Blood scars appeared on the faces of some Grade 6 Black Immortals as they fell to the ground with dull gazes and dim expressions—they were already dead.

Even many Grade 7 Black Immortals could not defend against it and bled from all seven orifices. They had tragic expressions and lost their combat strength completely!

Against that roar, close to 10,000 cultivators died on the spot!

Even dozens of the Goshawk Army in midair were killed on the spot!

The heightened morale of the 100,000-strong army was instantly suppressed by Su Zimo’s roar and dissipated!

In fact, there was a momentary silence on the battlefield.

The crowd was astonished!

“What sound domain secret skill is that? To think that it would possess such terrifying might!” The Hall Master of Thunder Shock Hall exclaimed in shock.

Although Thunder Shock Hall also comprehended a sound domain secret skill, it was far inferior compared to the Azure Dragon Roar.

Against that roar, his heart trembled slightly and he even had the urge to kowtow!

“That doesn’t make sense,”

The Gang Leader of Heavenly Scorpion Gang frowned and murmured, “It’s said that Su Zimo is only a Grade 6 Black Immortal. How can a sound domain secret skill be so lethal?”

“H-He doesn’t seem to be a Grade 6 Black Immortal…”

Right then, the Sect Master of Black Light Sect seemed to have sensed something and his voice trembled.

On the battlefield.

Although many Black Immortals further away from Su Zimo managed to escape, they had pained expressions as well.

Even Wind Flame and the other Grade 8 Black Immortals shuddered and felt a sharp pain in their minds, feeling dizzy!

“How scary!”

Wind Flame and the others were secretly alarmed.

If they were to fight head-on and Su Zimo suddenly roared, they would definitely be killed on the spot if they were distracted!

“You want to kill me with just a bunch of nobodies?”

Su Zimo glared at Wind Flame with a burning gaze and said coldly, “Die!”

Before his sentence was finished, the golden wings behind Su Zimo flapped and his speed increased exponentially, turning into a golden streak of light that charged towards Wind Flame.

“Stop him!”

Wind Flame was shocked by Su Zimo’s aura and shouted hurriedly.

“Body Immobilization Technique!”

“Wind Summoning!”

“Soul Devouring Palm!”

The four Grade 8 Black Immortals, Wind Flame, the Second Boss of the Evil Wolf Army, Cang Ya and the Vice Gang Leader of Goshawk Gang attacked together and lesser divine powers burst forth one after another.

At the same time, a few cold beams tore through the air.

The four Grade 8 Black Immortals released their Dharmic treasures in unison without holding back at all.


In Su Zimo’s consciousness, the Creation Lotus Platform shone with rays of light.

The power of the Body Immobilization Technique was dispelled by him the moment it descended and did not affect him at all.

The stronger the Essence Spirit of the cultivator, the greater the impact of the Body Immobilization Technique on the opponent.

However, Su Zimo’s Essence Spirit cultivation was already at Grade 9 Black Immortal.

The Body Immobilization Technique of a Grade 8 Black Immortal was completely useless against him!

As for Su Zimo, he released the Extreme Speed divine power of the Golden Roc. It was so fast that it even passed through the obstruction of the remaining lesser divine powers and Dharmic treasures!


Many lesser divine powers and Dharmic treasures missed and collided with a loud bang.

The Second Boss of the Evil Wolf Army who was blocking at the front was shocked. He watched helplessly as a golden light sped over and wanted to dodge.

However, the golden light was even faster than his thoughts!


The moment he wanted to escape, the golden light pierced him!

Blood gushed out!


The Second Boss of the Evil Wolf Army let out a tragic cry.

The next moment, the cry stopped.

The golden light was Su Zimo’s body and possessed a terrifying power that penetrated the Second Boss of the Evil Wolf Army. That power was enough to destroy him!


The body of the Second Boss of the Evil Wolf Army exploded on the spot and his Essence Spirit was destroyed!

Now that he was dead, the First Boss, Wind Flame, was next!

Sensing that the situation was bad, Wind Flame had long escaped from the spot and fled towards the army behind him.

He knew the lesser divine power, Invisibility.

If he could infiltrate the army and release his Invisibility, he would definitely be able to avoid Su Zimo’s senses and escape!

As though he sensed Wind Flame’s intentions, Su Zimo’s figure flashed and he vanished from the spot.

By the time he reappeared, he was already behind Wind Flame!

True Dragon Nine Flashes!

“That secret skill again!”

Some people who had seen Su Zimo attack in Dragon Abyss City exclaimed.

Back in the battle beneath Dragon Abyss City, Su Zimo’s powerful methods had already spread through the Dragon Abyss Star.

However, the leaders of the major factions present refused to believe it.

How could a Black Immortal release a technique that was similar to teleportation?

It was only when they witnessed it personally that the leaders of the major factions realized how terrifying that movement technique was!

Wind Flame was alarmed when he sensed the killing intent behind him.

He had also heard that Su Zimo possessed a movement technique similar to teleportation.

Sensing that something was amiss, he made a prompt decision and channeled his Essence Spirit, releasing a lesser divine power. He tapped gently towards a Grade 6 Black Immortal not far away and shouted,

“Nether Swap!”

The power of divine powers spread.

Suddenly, Wind Flame vanished from the spot and was replaced by the Grade 6 Black Immortal not far away!

Right in front of everyone, the two of them exchanged positions.

That lesser divine power did not have any killing power.

However, at that critical moment, Wind Flame managed to escape death by releasing Nether Swap. It was perfect and he barely avoided the calamity!

There was naturally a reason why Wind Flame could become the First Boss of the Evil Wolf Army and dominate for so many years.

His alertness and reaction had already surpassed many Black Immortals of the same cultivation realm.

Even the cultivators watching were stunned when they saw that!

Unfortunately, this was Su Zimo he was up against.

Just as Wind Flame made use of Nether Swap to leave his original spot, Su Zimo’s expression turned cold and his figure flashed as well!

He had already cultivated to Level 2 of the True Dragon Nine Flashes and could flash twice in succession!

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